Save Up To RM 6 Today!!!

What goes up and never comes down? You might answer that prices of things normally increase but we beg to differ for Genesis Ultra Premium Rabbit Pellets. We have come to a point where we are able to reduce the prices to some of the packages we offer. This is only possible due to the constant good demand from our regular customers. We hope you can share this good news to fellow small animal owners so that we can further bring the prices down when there are more people feeding this wonderful feed.

Save up to RM 6 for these 3 kg packages. Free shipping for Peninsula Malaysia.

Price Table:

Item Price Before Price NOW
Genesis 3 Free Shipping – Package A

(3 units Timothy)

RM 85.50 RM 79.50
Genesis 3 Free Shipping – Package B

(3 units Alfalfa)

RM 79.50 RM 73.50
Genesis 3 Free Shipping – Package C

(2 units Timothy 1 unit Alfalfa)

RM 83.50 RM 77.50
Genesis 3 Free Shipping – Package D

(2 units Alfalfa 1 unit Timothy)

RM 81.50 RM 75.50

Click the link below to make FREE SHIPPING purchases:-

Customers who purchase small animal products for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs & Chinchilla can now request for FREE SAMPLES!!! Email for FREE SAMPLES TODAY!!!

Free Samples upon request!

You read it first hand here, that the more people buy, the cheaper it will be.  So please spread the word and help each other share out the cost and everyone (and everybun) can be happy!


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