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Do Not Let Goodness Fade Away!

WOW is the word to describe DreamWorks’ latest animated movie Rise Of The Guardians and I shall not be a spoiler by disclosing the details. But what I would like to write about is my interpretation and the many positive points to take away from this amazing film.

I am sure you have noticed how much I am attracted to rabbits (or should I say, rabbits are attracted to me) and the first thing that caught my attention when I first saw the movie trailer was the Easter Bunny! I tend to believe now that any movie with a bunny in it is sure worth watching and my bunny instinct was absolutely correct (LOL)!

However, in my opinion this movie is not all about the Easter Bunny or any of the characters but I felt a connection with the many hidden messages behind the story line.

In the real world today, it is a constant struggle to balance between the good and evil. We sometimes believe so much in the evil and allow the good to fade away. In the end we loose hope, faith, trust, joy and many other good virtues that sustain us.

Look around us today, and we can see that there are so much hatred and resentments. Perhaps it is because we feel that we as individuals do not have the power to overcome evil and we continue to allow bad behaviors to dominate us. We are afraid to stand up for what is right and just thus, paving way for what is wrong to be turned into right under the pressure of the majority in favor.

It matters not our race, creed or religion as any beliefs with good conscience does not teach its followers to be bad. We need to constantly remind ourselves how can we contribute to our community and how can we assist in allowing the good to manifest itself.

Santa Claus asked Jack Frost a very good question in the movie and this question was exactly what I asked myself lately. When Santa asked Jack “What Is Your Center?”, it hit home for me because it reminded me how much we need to find ourselves in this world today. The question is almost equivalent to asking “What Is Your Passion?”. I am a strong believer in passion and it is better for one not to do what he or she is uncomfortable with rather than doing it halfhearted.

I came to know about Jack Frost when I was about 10 years old. I had bought a book entitled “My Christmas Book of Stories & Carols”. In it, the story of Jack Frost was written and he was a character with a lot of self doubt.

After more than 20 years, this book has been tested through time. Although a little old, I am glad that I have kept it for so long and now, my children enjoys the wonderful stories and pictures!

Of all the elements, he felt that he was the least appreciated without knowing that he had a role to play like any other. God did not make useless people and like Jack Frost, we all have our own talents and capabilities. We are able to contribute no matter how big or small through using our talents and capabilities. The moment we find our passion, there is no limit to what we can contribute to the world at large.

As for me, I have the passion for many things but the one thing I love most about myself is my talent in writing. I love sharing my views through writing and hope through what I write, I am able to touch and help others. I am glad that many have came to know about this show rabbit raising hobby through this blog and that is in itself an achievement for me. And not only I am able to share my experiences through this blog, I find that many people are much more knowledgeable in caring for their pet rabbits.

What Is Your Center?

This is a must watch movie!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the pictures and video posted on this blog post. They were obtained through various websites namely http://zayzay.com and


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Slavery Is Real!

I guess the lack of updates on this blog goes to show how little I have to share lately but the truth of the matter is, I have been really busy living life (like the other parts of my life that is). That reminds me of an email I received this week that made me laugh a little. In the email, the sender addressed me as “Rabbit Seller”. It was funny because it sounded as though I am like a butcher selling meat but in this case I sell rabbits to make a living. Again, the fact remains that this is just a hobby that I enjoy and I do not sell rabbits to make a living (thank God for that!).

I believe I am not the only one who keeps rabbits as pets and hold a day job at the same time. For some of us especially those with a family, the week days seemed to have less time. As age catches up, I do feel that movements tend to slow down and it takes more time to get things done around the house. With so little time on hand, we barely have enough time for our pets let alone posting long blog entries (LOL!).

So what happens to the bunnies?

I am glad that I do not keep as many rabbits as I used to. At one point of time, it seemed to be a burdening chore and I was doing nothing but cleaning rabbit pans & litter trays. Not something that I was hoping for in a hobby and less attention was given to each individual rabbit. In situation like this, problems tend to go unnoticed.

A couple of months back, I anticipated how hectic my life would be and started downsizing to a number which is very comfortable for me. Unfortunately, even with such a small number, laziness gets the best of me and I do feel like a bunny slave. I sometimes find myself wishing that my rabbits will start cleaning their own litter trays. Call it hallucination but I am sure doing bunny chore will be the last thing on your mind when you come back home after a long day at work. That is as real as it gets.

A bum for you until it is squeaky clean…

Just like life, there are ups and downs, there is no exception when it comes to raising rabbits. The moment I start getting my hands dirty, I feel recharged again when I get to see each rabbit with their unique antics and personalities. It is like they brighten up my day all over again and it made what seemed to be a chore enjoyable all over again. I conclude that we have to remind ourselves that this is a hobby or our favorite past time and at the same time being aware of the responsibilities that comes with keeping animals as pets.

I am not going near that dirty litter tray!

While many in this world do not even have the basic necessities to live through life, keeping rabbits as pets really is a luxurious hobby. I am grateful that I am able to have such privilege in this lifetime. There are indeed so many things that we tend to take for granted and while many friends across the globe celebrate Thanksgiving Day, I would like to give thanks for this wonderful hobby and the people it has brought into my life.

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all celebrating!

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Come Support Us At MAHA

Genesis Ultra Premium Rabbit Food will make its debut at the Asia largest & most comprehensive Agricultural Show, MAHA (Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture & Agrotourism International Show)!

The Genesis booth is the first from the entrance of Gate 3 arrival area. It will be quite easy to spot it!

Rumor has it that there will be an amazing promotion going on during this massive expo that lasts for 10 days!

Your pets cannot speak but they sure can tell you if they are healthy by their physical appearance!

Also available is the green and fresh Timothy Hay!

Come join and support us at MAHA!

Venue: Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang, Serdang

Date: 23rd November 2012 until 2nd December 2012

Time: 10 am to 10 pm

We will be giving out samples of the much anticipated Genesis Ultra Premium Guinea Pig food as well (while stocks last)!!!!


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Photos & Article

Just before I begin, I would like to inform everyone that another article has been published over at’s Wagazine. Click here to read. I would like to invite all readers to provide me with some feedback (if possible) or even some questions regarding rabbits that you would like to be addressed. If I find these questions interesting, I will be writing an article on the topic asked. I am indeed a pet lover first and I started off like any other. In fact, the disappointment brought about by irresponsible breeders was what inspired me to be a breeder myself. I am inspired to be a reputable breeder and be a testimony that it is possible to uphold ethical breeding (forget about profitability). This article highlights some of the ways in which new comers can avoid bad breeders. I hope everyone will enjoy and pass the link around to friends who are considering getting a rabbit as pet.

On the other hand, I cannot remember when was the last time I took photos of the rabbits but since Christmas is approximately 2 months away,  I thought of testing out some sort of Christmas scene with the bunnies. I enjoyed the photo session very much and it gave me some time to groom every bunny. I am sure they enjoyed the little pampering with me giving them a good brushing, pedicure and manicure (ROFL!).

Here are some pictures that I took today. Hope you like what you see!

Carmel is now 6 years old. My little golden girl in the rabbitry.

He is my favorite homegrown and I am so happy to have produced this little wonder…

Byscuit is a very cute little doe. Hope she will continue to grow into a beautiful senior doe.

Murdoch have finally grown into his own and he looks like a little plush puppy right now. He is very consistent throughout his growth and the thing I like about him is how effortless he poses each time I place him on the table.

Ziero is truly a tanker and I am sure she makes a very good brood doe. Cannot wait to work on the sable point color project with her.

Little Dimmy is going through a major molt at the moment but nonetheless, he’s the boss of the rabbitry. No bun messes with Dimmy!

Faith is also going through her major molt but she still looks stunning!

Huge head and Big bum, that’s how Roscoe balances himself!

I love everything about this doe just like how I love all my bunnies!

Last but not least, our resident Mini Rex. Drogo is a very charming bun, he have won over everyone’s heart in this house!

I just heard another song that uses the words “True Love” and this time around it is from one of my favorite recording artiste – Ne-Yo. I’ll end this post by leaving you with the music video entitled Let Me Love You.

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Hard work pays!

The 89th ARBA Convention at Wichita, Kansas has just concluded. Technology has made it possible for us living near and far to get almost instant updates on all that was happening which made it more bearable not being there in person.

I am sure the feeling of being present on location is very much different from looking at photos and watching videos. Certain things like the intensity, energy and massiveness of such an event can only be felt on the ground.

Though I have made a promise to myself to try and attend the ARBA Convention yearly with the sole intention of visiting my beloved bunny friends, God had a different plan for me this year. I was blessed with the opportunity to briefly visit 3 different states in the USA and one of which is one of the 7 wonders of the world. Until today, I am still awestruck by how massive it is and its energy is beyond the imagination. Photos are unable to describe how majestic this place is.

The size of the people on the edge only shows how huge this small section is.

This is but only a very small part of The Grand Canyon.

It really feels like I was at the top of the world and the feeling is impossible to describe, simply out of this world. And that was one of the things I was preoccupied with when most rabbit breeders were busy preparing for Convention.

Nice as it may seems, there were hard work involved in everything and in everything there is a price. That brings me to the next part of the intention of this post.

I have known the wonderful family over at the Three Little Ladies Rabbitry since the initial days of my rabbit raising journey. Though younger, the girls have been raising rabbits (seriously) for much longer than me and their collective years of experience surpasses me by many miles.

After such a long time, their hard work finally paid off at this year’s Convention when one of their Jersey Woolly rabbits was crowned Best Of Breed in Open. Their win inspires me as it is a good testimony of how hard work and perseverance can bring about sweet victory. I can always remember that tiny little girl holding one of her rabbits in that news article and I am sure that little girl has grown to be much taller than I am.

Congratulations to the Usakowski family especially Taylor & Jessica!

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