Do Not Let Goodness Fade Away!

WOW is the word to describe DreamWorks’ latest animated movie Rise Of The Guardians and I shall not be a spoiler by disclosing the details. But what I would like to write about is my interpretation and the many positive points to take away from this amazing film.

I am sure you have noticed how much I am attracted to rabbits (or should I say, rabbits are attracted to me) and the first thing that caught my attention when I first saw the movie trailer was the Easter Bunny! I tend to believe now that any movie with a bunny in it is sure worth watching and my bunny instinct was absolutely correct (LOL)!

However, in my opinion this movie is not all about the Easter Bunny or any of the characters but I felt a connection with the many hidden messages behind the story line.

In the real world today, it is a constant struggle to balance between the good and evil. We sometimes believe so much in the evil and allow the good to fade away. In the end we loose hope, faith, trust, joy and many other good virtues that sustain us.

Look around us today, and we can see that there are so much hatred and resentments. Perhaps it is because we feel that we as individuals do not have the power to overcome evil and we continue to allow bad behaviors to dominate us. We are afraid to stand up for what is right and just thus, paving way for what is wrong to be turned into right under the pressure of the majority in favor.

It matters not our race, creed or religion as any beliefs with good conscience does not teach its followers to be bad. We need to constantly remind ourselves how can we contribute to our community and how can we assist in allowing the good to manifest itself.

Santa Claus asked Jack Frost a very good question in the movie and this question was exactly what I asked myself lately. When Santa asked Jack “What Is Your Center?”, it hit home for me because it reminded me how much we need to find ourselves in this world today. The question is almost equivalent to asking “What Is Your Passion?”. I am a strong believer in passion and it is better for one not to do what he or she is uncomfortable with rather than doing it halfhearted.

I came to know about Jack Frost when I was about 10 years old. I had bought a book entitled “My Christmas Book of Stories & Carols”. In it, the story of Jack Frost was written and he was a character with a lot of self doubt.

After more than 20 years, this book has been tested through time. Although a little old, I am glad that I have kept it for so long and now, my children enjoys the wonderful stories and pictures!

Of all the elements, he felt that he was the least appreciated without knowing that he had a role to play like any other. God did not make useless people and like Jack Frost, we all have our own talents and capabilities. We are able to contribute no matter how big or small through using our talents and capabilities. The moment we find our passion, there is no limit to what we can contribute to the world at large.

As for me, I have the passion for many things but the one thing I love most about myself is my talent in writing. I love sharing my views through writing and hope through what I write, I am able to touch and help others. I am glad that many have came to know about this show rabbit raising hobby through this blog and that is in itself an achievement for me. And not only I am able to share my experiences through this blog, I find that many people are much more knowledgeable in caring for their pet rabbits.

What Is Your Center?

This is a must watch movie!

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