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Take A Bow, Thank You Very Much!

As 2012 comes to an end, so does my tenure as the ARBA District 9 Representative for Malaysia.  I was appointed the 1st ARBA Foreign Representative back in 3rd December 2010. I remember clearly exactly where I was when I received the good news.

Two years has passed and recalling all that has happened since then, it was bitter sweet. I truly enjoyed reporting about all the bunny events that has happened throughout the past two years and I must say that Malaysia ARBA members are pretty much independent/resourceful.

In a relay run, the baton must be passed to the next runner and so it is for me. I am sure that the Show Rabbit Circuit here in Malaysia will only grow in numbers and there will be more enthusiasts/hobbyists that will join in the fun.

I am really glad to have given the opportunity to serve as an ARBA Representative and I would like to thank my boss and District 9 Director, Dr. Jay Hreiz for a wonderful two years. It has been a great pleasure working alongside Dr. Jay and I have learned a lot under his guidance. I would also like to thank all those who I have the opportunity to work with during my tenure as an ARBA Representative.

In Bunnies We Trust, and God Decides…

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