Retrospective 2012

Here we are again, the end of year 2012 and in another 10 days, we will be celebrating Christmas. It is the time of the year when I reflect on all the achievements and shortcomings throughout the past year.

Year 2012 is a pretty uneventful year as far as Tru-Luv Rabbitry is concerned. A couple of shows placing well even though with very low number of entries was the biggest deal for me this year (ROFL). The shows were fun and that’s about it I guess.

The best thing that has happened in the local rabbit world is having access to Genesis Ultra Premium rabbit feed. This is the best feed I have ever used for my rabbits by far. The results are far too obvious not to be missed!

Not many rabbits born this year in the rabbitry due to other parts of my life – work, family and everything in between. I have a strange preference for wanting to be around for my does when they kindle. I have not been around much throughout the year.

It is scary sometimes to have the priority switched back and forth between the many commitments I have in life. At times, having so many rabbits start to make no sense. Truth be told, this is a real thing that goes through every hobbyist’ mind. The mind starts to play tricks on you especially when you are busy with other appointments and it is bunny chore day!

At times like these, you will slowly start to realize that there are more important things in life than to wrap yourself with all things rabbit and you become sane again. As for me, rabbits seem to pop up everywhere I go reminding me of my commitment towards those little furry critters under my care. With less to care for, it is some sort of enlightenment and you feel very liberated. You are able to breath a little easier.

During most clean up days, I tend to have less desire and reluctantly, I will pick up the cleaning utensils and start to complete each bunny chore. While cleaning, a sudden renewed feeling flows through my entire being and the love for the hobby rekindles.

It is then I realized that it is a conscious decision we make to love a particular thing or another living being. If it is based on only feelings, I am sure many unfortunate rabbits would have been abandoned.

The very moment we make the decision to start on something, we must make that conscious decision to pull through it under all circumstances. And with conviction, I am sure the hobby will last a lifetime.

Tru-Luv is a decision and journey, many possible destinations.

You can never disappoint that cute little face!

You can never disappoint that cute little face!


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