Lessons Learned In 2012

Just before we close year 2012, I just wanted to share my thoughts about certain things that I noticed in the rabbit world lately.

A lot of people in this world cares a whole lot about what others think about them. Due to that many interesting events have unfolded. It is really interesting to see all the funny behavior and I have witnessed first hand, how far people will go just to gain others’ affirmation.

I noticed some people get into the competition to seek affirmation and also tries to downplay another breeder through manipulations. Their every action is targeted to be noticed by the competitors and they will be thrilled if it generates any form of response. In fact, the competitors that are put into such situations should be very happy instead knowing how much these people go through just to get their attention hoping that they will feel the “pinch”. To me, these are nothing but some tickles that provide me with some laughter.

Truth be told, I don’t give a *hoot* what they are doing. They are in fact the least of my concern.

I am happy for all that has happened, all the screw overs and lies, all the hypocritical behaviors that has happened for the past 2 years. It really shows how weak humans are. Even rabbits are stronger and are beyond all the small talks and actions.

I believe that it is not good bringing negativity into the new year and this is exactly why I am throwing out all the negativity on this post. As soon as I am done, there shall be new year resolutions and better things to look forward to in year 2013.

The one thing I am very please with is how unpretentious rabbits or any other pets are. You will not get your pet smile in front of you and bite your @$$ the moment you turn around. You do not have to put on a mask and be careful what you say or not to say to your pet.

Another interesting that I noticed is how some breeders tend to like all the rabbits in the world except their own. It is said that “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. We should always be thankful for the rabbits that are in our homes  rather than seeking and hoarding all the rabbits from all over just to be assured the best are at hand.

I believe that GC is the abbreviation that will kill the show rabbit world in Malaysia. Things are made worst with misinformed people that goes for all these titles. People have to understand that genetics is very diverse and even a rabbit with 1000 GC Legs have tendencies to produce the worst off standard offspring. Again, “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” and you must believe only what meets the eyes, not based on a fancy document that states the numerous titles. By the way, documents can be fabricated and changed as and when one deems necessary. There are sure some shady things going on recently as far as documentation is concerned. Last year, we have a case of a breeder providing stud service. Turned out, what promised was not what delivered. The breeder used another buck and claim it was the promised buck that did the deed. The shit hit the fan the moment the kits were born.

Truth be told, this breeder is still at large and looked upon as an expert and adorned with praises. Based on this incident, I learned that humans love to be lied to. Truth does not work anymore in this world. But am I going to change for the sake of how the world works? NO! I am the last person on earth that will kiss @$$es for the sake of praises, recognition & affirmations.

So I shall end my rantings with $crew yourselves, hypocrites!

Now, moving forward to better things…

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As for Tru-Luv Rabbitry, I look forward to the future…



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