Bunny’s Journal Gathering 2.0


Looking at my schedule today, it was practically impossible for me to make it for the gathering but after a wonderful 1st gathering organized by the Bunny’s Journal team, I could not resist and decided to make some changes to my plans.


The Bunny’s Journal gathering is a spin-off from a Facebook group started by En. Amza a.k.a. DaddyQas a.k.a. DaddyRock and a group of bunny friends. The main intention of the group is to bring together all bunny owners regardless of breed and creed.

Sam, the bearded dragon greeted me at the registration counter

Sam, the bearded dragon greeted me at the registration counter

Bunny’s Journal gathering is always vibrant with fun activities for both owners and rabbits alike. The gathering includes a Bunny Clinic where sharing of information takes place, a fun rabbit show, games and lucky draw. The Bunny’s Journal gathering also provide a platform for those considering keeping rabbits as pets, new rabbit owners and experts to share experiences.

Looks like I have a fan.

Looks like I have a fan.

Today I was given the honor to conduct the Bunny Clinic and judge in the fancy show. I always enjoy an unstructured and interactive session so I was speaking in a very open environment. The breezy Saturday morning under the trees also provided everyone a conducive  environment to interact during the talk.

Going through the rabbits during the fun rabbit show.

Going through the rabbits during the fun rabbit show.

The wool breeds did well for the fancy show. I noticed that they are very well kept and most have very nice coat. Perhaps it was because of their coat, owners tend to pay more attention to them.

Such beautiful eyes!

Such beautiful eyes!

Either way, all the rabbits present were healthy and did not have any major issues. We caught a few with fungal, mites and sore hocks but these can easily be treated.

Overall, the event was wonderful and the turn out was great. There were a good constant flow of participants as some including myself have other appointments and could not stay for the entire event.

I would like to thank the organizing committee for the honor given and it was a great pleasure doing the little bit that I am able to support this wonderful event! Special thanks goes out to En. Amza, Bart & Eisha (Babat Rabbitry), Vsa Jean, Galaxy Kelinci and everyone (apologies for missing out anyone) involved in making this a wonderful day for me! Most photos in this post are courtesy of Mohammad Amir Al-atiq Zailan.

Happy Bunny People!

Happy Bunny People!


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