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In a blink of an eye, this weblog is entering its 6th year. Who would have thought that this hobby can endure for such a long time, I for one did not know it can when I first started. I guess once you are bugged, you will be stuck with it for life. Raising animals as pets can be quite an addiction because of how attached we become and it feels awkward without a furry friend beside us.

It has been a while since I posted photos of my rabbits. It is mainly because how busy work life can be and other parts of life that need my attention.

The one thing that I am glad and also the reason why the hobby is sustainable after 6 years is how manageable it is. I believe the reason is that it has remained nothing more than a hobby for me. Which means, I keep both my day job and the hobby. There is no pressure in worrying if it is profitable or otherwise.

I am also grateful that for more than 2 years now that TinyCritterz.com has become a platform for wonderful products to be shared among rabbit enthusiasts here in Malaysia. It feels wonderful to be able to provide such a service beside from educating rabbit owner through this blog. My wish is for TinyCritterz.com to continue providing rabbit owners easy access to good small animal products.

So where are we now after 6 years?

Of course there are more to learn and share. Experiences may repeat but there are always opportunities to learn new things.

For almost 6 years, this blog has acted as an information portal for many bunny enthusiasts both local and abroad. I have shared details of my every experience. To be honest, when I first started blogging about my rabbit raising experiences, it was not intended to benefit anyone except myself. I have difficulty remembering things and needed a journal to pen down my experiences so that I have a point of reference. Little did I know that from that simple function, truluvrabbitry.com has grown to be a reference site for many new comers in the hobby. Sometimes when I hear certain terms and ideas, they do sound familiar to me. Certain advice shared among rabbit owners sounded familiar as well and sometimes I do feel tickled knowing very well where the information come from.

Then there are those moments when you read slogans, tag lines or even promotional quotes that sound way too familiar e.g. Quality Holland Lops, We Breed Out Of “LOVE” and etc. These are but a few that make the hair at the back of my neck stand because I feel so touched how much impact this weblog have on those lacking creativity. It can be devastating to know that these terms are used (or should I say abused) for all the wrong reasons.

As much as I enjoy this hobby there are a few things that I dislike witnessing and the top 10 things I love to hate hearing and observing are:-

1) Irresponsible breeders selling sick rabbits to new comers in dark places to hide problems

2) Irresponsible breeders selling pets at show quality prices dubbing the term “potential”

3) Rogue breeders treating rabbits like commodity without any interest to developing the breed for the better

4) Breeders advocating that imported stocks equates to the best quality. I feel sadder for the buyers not knowing that even imported rabbits can be of inferior quality.

5) Breeders who imitate and use the lingo to cheat new comers.

6) Wannabe breeders who does not know better passing on the wrong knowledge to new comers like themselves.

7)  New comers that moves around the bunny circle asking the same questions and quoting comments causing misunderstandings among breeders.

8) New comers that choose the wrong “mentors”.

9) New comers that are lazy to do research before embarking in the hobby.

10) Fakers that are full of praises just because they need help or advice.

So as I close my eyes today to make a wish, I wish that Tru-Luv Rabbitry will continue to be at the forefront in terms of raising quality Holland Lops here in Malaysia. When I say quality, I mean the styles, the overall type, the color, disposition and health that I like to see in my rabbits.  In short, I want Holland Lops, MY WAY…

Have you found yours?



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