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What is quality anymore?

boolean bQuality = false;

if (BunnyPrice == Expensive) {
     bQuality = true; // bullshit imho
} else if (Breeder == Famous) {
     bQuality = true; // more bullshit imho
} else if (Breeder == SweetTalker) {
     bQuality = true; // even more bullshit imho
} else if (Breeder == DumbBimbo) {
     bQuality = true; // a truckload of bullshit imho
} else if (BunnyParents == GrandChampions) {
     bQuality = true; // not necessarily
} else if (Buyer == Blur) {
     bQuality = true; // good victim for all the above
} else if (Rabbit == Imported) {
     bQuality = true; // even humans have different grades

Wow, the possibilities are endless but nuff said…


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Changing For The Better


I am currently assisting a dear friend to re-home two very special bunnies. These two bunnies are to be re-home together because they are a bonded pair. They are neutered and enjoy roaming freely in the house. Very suitable for apartment living. The following are (not so) recent photos of them:-



Interested to give these two a good home? Please email

On to another unrelated topic…

It feels like I have abandoned this weblog for a very long time. It is so difficult to juggle with so many things in life which is actually a very good thing because that proves that I have a life – ROFL. My life does not only evolve around rabbits and I really love the vast varieties of experiences in life. The many commitments in life often take my mind off my rabbits but somehow, someway, when I least expects it, something will turn up and remind me of them.


I was traveling (again) recently and I encountered this “symbolic” reminder that my rabbits exist. Funny how rabbits seemed to be attracted to me or should I say, I am attracted to the bunnies. For most part, life is wonderful at this point of time and I am grateful for every part of it. I have a couple of young ones growing up in the rabbitry and the numbers are kept at a controlled level (thank goodness!).

I have been wanting to write about a particular topic for quite some time now but did not really have the luxury of time to do it. Now that I have some time to spare, I would like to write about a particular situation that tends to happen to pet lovers in general (me in particular).

I remembered that back in the old days, I tend to keep “herds” of rabbits. Due to the reason that there was no one particular breed back then, I have a variety of individual mixed breed rabbits in the herd. There was once that my father visited a friend who coincidentally kept rabbits as pets and brought back a couple of rabbits to add to my “collection”. These rabbits have since passed on but I remembered one incident in particular and it serves as a very good reminder to me to be cautious when adding a new rabbit to the herd. The “ecosystem” in my rabbitry is very important for me. I try my best not to “contaminate” the environment. The incident took place more than 10 years ago when I was keeping a particular herd of rabbits. All of them are very healthy and one fine day, I was told by a close friend that her friend raises a “new dwarf” breed. Naturally, I was interested and after bringing the little bunny home, I discovered that new kit on the block was infested with mites. The herd went through a full blown mites infestation and much was spent to eradicate the problem.

What I am trying to say is that, there tend to be an “evolution” in the rabbitry where new rabbit(s) will be added to the herd occasionally. We have to be very careful from where we obtain the new individual(s) from and on the other hands, we can never 100% eradicate mites as their presence is everywhere. We can only control their numbers by taking some precautionary steps.

We tend to go through “evolution” by adding and removing pets throughout our lifetime. Some of us need such experiences before settling down with the most suitable pets. I do not mean to encourage “testing” out pets but keeping them to their full lifespan before venturing to the next breed/species. Most important to remember is that “evolution” means to evolve for the better and not for the worst. We want to improve our hobby for the better not the other way around. In order for us to make things better, we must make good decisions.

Happy Evolving!

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The Unnatural Intervention

Kudos to the people at Bunny’s Journal for another successful bunny gathering that is still ongoing as I write this piece. I am happy to see that the committee is on auto pilot now having had a lot of experience organizing such events. Due to other commitments, I was only able to stay for the Bunny Clinic by Dr. Nor Azam from Global Veterinary Sdn Bhd.

A good session by Dr. Nor Azam.

A good session by Dr. Nor Azam.

The Bunny Clinic session was very good especially for those who are interested and with rabbits needing medical concerns. I did ask a couple of questions and Dr. Nor Azam was more than willing to share his knowledge.

One topic that got everyone perked up was regarding reproduction problems and today we were introduced to a couple of Vitamins and drugs that can help in inducing ovulation. It seemed as though most of us present are facing reproduction problems especially in does – low libido and uninterested to mate seemed to be on everyone’s minds. At the back of my mind, I was asking myself “Why induce ovulation when rabbits are already induced ovulators themselves?”. What that means is that going through the act of copulation triggers the does to release eggs. And that got me wondering if ovulation can rouse the interest of does to copulate.

I guess we have to test it out to know if the reverse will be successful.

Testing it out or not is really besides the point of what I want to write today. The question is whether it is worth the trouble and is it right naturally to exercise such “unnatural intervention”. I feel that there is a reason why the rabbits are acting that way and even with human intervention, the low production traits will be inherited genetically.

If need be, I would really like to try out the hormone shots on the bunnies but at the same time I still hold on to the objective/goal of producing strong and versatile rabbits here in Malaysia while still retaining competitive physical traits. That is for me, I am not sure about you.

The BJ Mascot and me.

The BJ Mascot and me.

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