Luv One Another

In exactly another week, we will be going to the polls in what is dubbed the most crucial general election in the history of Malaysia.

It is through LUV that this hobby came about. The core reason why Tru-Luv Rabbitry came into existence is to prove to the world that responsible/ethical breeding is not only achievable but can be fun at the same time.

To say it is non-political would be inaccurate because when we stand for something, it is crucial to share the principles to fellow like-minded friends.

We all know what is at stake in this general election and for many of us, it is not for ourselves but our next generation. Like how I would like to leave this world with healthy and beautiful rabbits but that is beside the point and petty even.

Our country must be liberated with good education for our future generation so that our country will move forward in unity.

I am going to leave the political ceramah to the experts but all I hope is to see all my fellow Malaysians make an informed decision despite all the biased reports on the mainstream medias.

Vote for one that can tell you their plans and how they want to execute it. Vote for people who can bring forth good ideas.

Make a decision out of the LUV for Malaysia.

Ini Kalilah, UBAH!


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