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Thursday Bunsitive Quote Of The Day

“Hypocrites get offended by the truth.”
― Jess C. Scott, Bad Romance: Seven Deadly Sins Anthology




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Bunsitive Quote Of The Day

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. ~ George Carlin


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What’s The Point Of This?

When we attended school, the one thing that we are most afraid of is examination. We go through all the topics for a particular subject and at the end of the semester, we are tested through an examination or perhaps an assignment based on the topics covered. There is always fear surrounding the examinations that I believe can be attributed to the fact that it is natural for us humans to shun or avoid defeat. The peer pressure does not make it any better because our pride will be greatly damaged if we fail a particular subject.

I guess the entire ecosystem is taking examination the wrong way because now that I have gone through most of the “theoretical” examinations, I am indeed going through all the “practical” examinations life is throwing at me. Do I succeed in all so far? Of course not but I get to learn from mistakes! I believe whether it is a theoretical or a practical exam, the main objective of an examination is to gauge how well you know a certain subject or how well you are equipped for a particular skill. Each failure provides us with a new opportunity to sharpen the knowledge and skill needed to pass.

Like an examination, I look at rabbit shows as a time of examination or a platform to gauge how well one has harnessed the skill of breeding show rabbits. Technically, your rabbit is not competing with the rabbits in the judging coops beside it. It is judged against the Standard Of Perfection or at least that is how it should be. The closest to the Standard Of Perfection, the higher it places in the entire group. But of course it is not as mechanical as it seemed since there is human factor involved in the judging process. So perhaps a little dent or bald spot on your rabbit become the one factor it was placed 2nd.

Placing high or low is besides the point here. Again, it is an examination if you are going the correct direction in achieving what the Standard of Perfection is asking for. For show breeders, their rabbits are critically judged in many levels. The rabbits musts be first judged by the breeder himself or herself before deemed “showable”.  They are then placed on the official show to be judged by the qualified judges. This can be seen as one sitting for the A Levels Examination as foundation and moving on to his or her Diploma examinations.

Whatever it is, examinations or rabbit shows are there for us to gauge our progress in the certain knowledge or skill we are trying to obtain.

Truth be told, my observation (and others as well) tells me that is not the case when it comes to rabbit shows in Malaysia or perhaps in other countries as well. Someone I know even shared his observation on rabbits being imported before shows. It is happening so rampantly that so much so, importation news can be taken as indication of a rabbit show coming soon. I do not have anything against importation since we need imports to improve our herd. Most imports if not all are very good breeding materials of course but I was hoping that breeders have a little more faith in their rabbits.

I like over analyze things so just to make sense out of it all, I would like to rationalize and put into writing the reason for this phenomenon. No one have to agree with me and I do not expect that. Just my thoughts thrown into my own writing space.

Examination Theory

Using the same examination theory that I have put forth earlier. Placing imported rabbits on the show table seemed a little weird for me because one seemed to be yearning for affirmation if he or she imported the correct stock. Knowing well that different judges seemed to have inconsistent opinions, what if your imported rabbits are placed at the bottom? That is such a hard blow to the resources spent. But the point really is, what would you like to gauge showing imported rabbits? I can only think of the following:

  • Did I import good rabbits worthy as breeding stock? Isn’t that too late now that the rabbits have arrived?
  • Are my imports winning materials? If I am spending that amount of money, I better be sure to win but there are just too many variables to fulfill in order for someone crown your rabbit a winner.
  • Are my imports better than his/her imports? There is no point competing on the human level. You will soon be outplayed by millionaires who have money to burn.

There is a misconception surrounding rabbit shows as of late. Winning seemed to determine everything for a breeder. More rabbits and rabbit products sold just because the breeders are in the business and ride on the win to promote certain products they carry. More than meets the eye in my opinion.

The real reason in my humble opinion for any new acquisition of rabbits be it purchasing locally bred or import is to improve whatever traits that are lacking in the current herd.

And to conclude, it makes sense to me that to show my home grown rabbits to gauge of my progress and if I am happy with the placement, I am confident that is an affirmation telling me that I am on the right track and I should continue doing what I am doing to improve my rabbits further.

Two good examples I have in my rabbits that I have harnessed the skill and am now ready to move forward with life.


The first is Murdoch the broken tort buck that was placed 1st and last by two different judges. That proves that there tend to be inconsistencies between judges. I am indeed happy with how Murdoch turned out to be and as his 1st level judge, I passed him with flying colors.


The second is Blaze the solid tort buck that was placed top 5 by two different judges. Extremely happy with his development and as his 1st level judge, I also passed him with flying colors.

Am I praising myself? Sure and of course. This hobby can get really self glorying at times and who better to praise you other than yourself, right? You need that much confidence to be able to be courageous enough to put your own rabbits on the show table most of the time.

Beyond the technicalities of the standards, and above all, rabbits like Murdoch and Blaze are first and foremost my pets. I treat them like my little children and they deserve all the care an owner can provide.

And what does all the ribbons and trophies mean to me? Rightly so, they belong here…


Ribbons and trophies will never match the worth of joy, friendships and companionship these rabbits have provided to my family and I.

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I did not have to try so hard

Call me arrogant but I cannot help but to realize how hard some people try in this “hobby”. Besides from spending a lot of money, one has to work extra hard to get media attention to boost fame and fortune.

I have always acted myself in my natur state. I need not send official invitation or solicitate for media coverage. I guess I must be the luckiest guy on earth being at the right place at the right time. The lunar year of the rabbit a couple of years back proved to be a year that I will cherish for the rest of my life. The requests for interviews kept on knocking at the door and they were absolutely amazing!

Today through my observation, I see people trying very hard to organize big events to get attention. For the fame or money, I do not know but either, I can only sympathise.

Whatever the reason or agenda, the main objective of the hobby seemed to be distorted most of the time. It takes some good thinking for one to come to realization that at the end of the day, this hobby is meant for enjoyment and past time.

I still stand by my belief that rabbits or animals should not in anyway be used as a tool to glorify oneself. It just do not work. There will be many who will surround you but most are fakers who expect “freebies” from you.

And my advice to people in this hobby, if it makes sense in all that you do, try harder and good luck to you…

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Next Chapter

The interesting thing about a book is that, as long as you have not finish reading it, the story continues. For the past 6 years the story of Tru-Luv Rabbitry enters into many different chapters. At this juncture, it is entering yet another chapter and the story evolves.

With the recent sale and adoption post, many have approached me with offers and I appreciate each inquiry. All but one have returned to their respective homes and I am sure they will be well taken care of.

Throughout the years I have learned many lessons while raising Holland Lops and most of which are related to human behavior. If there is one thing I learn about handling humans in this hobby, it is definitely the skill of keeping a straight face and whatever you do, you must not allow your emotions show.

But time and time again, I am reminded that it is not really about the people but instead it really is all about the hobby. Which is, my rabbits and I.

We should always learn from the past and move forward with all the good lesson learned but I for one can get stuck at a certain point of time reminiscing the wonderful events the past has to offer.

I remembered that in the past, I have all the time in the world to spend grooming and handling each and every one of my rabbits. Then I realized that back then, I only have a handful and that was when the impact of the thought hits. Twenty five (25) rabbits just do not make sense and when I think of it right now, I ask myself how the hell did it get out of control like that!

Just imagine a room filled with battle droids like how it is in a Star Wars movie. Every single one look identical but somehow different. It really comes to a pointless situation whereby I start asking myself why am I cloning so many rabbits that looks the same while missing the real point of having a pet?

I believe we tend to loose focus sometimes and somehow need to be reminded of the meaning of raising animals as pets.

Through the years I have encountered many people who are captivated by the beautiful pictures of cute rabbits posted on the internet. It came to a point where everyone wants a Holland Lop. Unfortunately for some, after having the rabbits for a couple of weeks realize that it is not as interesting as it seemed to be. The rabbit tend to avoid human contact, less interactive and poops a lot!

Even though there are many different opinions among rabbit owners, there are many who cares a great deal about their rabbits and the benefactors here are of course, the rabbits – which is a good thing.

What is the point of this post anyway? I guess my mind is so random on this one that I am straying away from the main point.

I guess what I am trying to say is that, many sees this as the end of Tru-Luv Rabbitry. There is lack of updates, contents and almost nothing interesting.

The story does not end here. It only closes the chapter to another chapter. But is this the chapter whereby the good old simple days are mentioned? Or perhaps a time of reminiscing of the past?

It is indeed bittersweet to bid them farewell. Like the day gives way to night, every hour passed to give new horizon to the next hour. We do move on from time to time. It is memories that last until the end of time.

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