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They Are Just Animals

Nothing beats spending time in a room with free roaming rabbits while taking turns to groom each and everyone of them on a Sunday afternoon. That was exactly what I did about an hour ago. The dustbin is now filled with fur, nails and whatever in between. Today was a little special because Faith gave me a little bunny hug. She likes doing that all the time. I was just sitting down with her on my lap after giving her a pedicure and manicure session. I believe she was thanking me for loving her and spending some “quality time” with her so she decided to stand up and with two from paws on my chest, gave me a peck on my neck. I hugged her in return and I could feel that she appreciated that very much. She’s a gem!

As the bunnies roam free and having each other for company, I went about grooming each and everyone. When it was Murdoch’s turn, a thought suddenly came over my mind. Something, somewhere and somehow spoke these words – “How can I make this bunny delicious?”. A great shock came over me and I was awoken by that thought! I do not think I was hungry after having had a good packet of Chicken Rice for lunch.

Chicken Rice….hmmmm…..

What makes Chicken Rice okay and Rabbit Rice not? I am sure some of us know that little hare that hangs over the fire and that could easily replace that piece of chicken in your Chicken Rice?

Just to clear the air and let my dear readers know that I have nothing against meat eaters or vegetarians, those who cannot eat certain meat due to religious obligation or those who have preference for exotic meat. I am writing this piece while trying to reason how one can make a smooth crossover from a Chicken eater to a Rabbit eater or from a meat eater to a vegetarian. Perhaps I am just writing this “just for f***s”, and in short just for the fun of it.

Personally, I do not think I will ever swallow a piece of Murdoch, Faith or Dimsdale for the matter. I believe everyone can relate to me that when you give a pet a name, it has an identity and becomes a part of the family. I cannot bring myself to “cannibalizing” my own family member. It is just weird don’t you think saying, “I ate little Houdini last night for dinner” and your friend goes, “You ate who!?”. Just too freaking strange…

But in all seriousness, what difference does it make eating Chicken? Just because you do not know the name of the chicken how does it make one feels okay to eat a chicken drumstick? I believe that we do it so often that we do not over analyze what we put into our mouth. The thought of a lively chicken going into our mouth just do not cross our mind. I for one will never be able to swallow a piece of the chicken if I have seen it alive before being slaughtered and cooked (seriously!). And the way it is slaughtered will definitely make it much worse for me.

Perhaps it makes us feel better knowing the fact that “They Are Just Animals” and being a type of food source seemed to be the sole purpose of their existence. I really do not know but am trying to figure out the thought process.

Whatever it is, edible meat whether it is pork, mutton, beef, chicken (poultry) or rabbit, they are all valid food sources and the fact of the matter is, even I prefer some over others, I do not have the rights to judge others’ preferences since it is personal what one chooses to eat.

My preference in order – Pork, Chicken, Beef and Mutton. Nothing more and nothing less and please do not tell me the name whose thigh I swallowed for my lunch, thank you!

Gollum eats rabbit too!


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