The Day I Quit Show Rabbits

I am a sore loser, I am this and I am that. You know what? I am whatever you think I am. The truth of the matter is, I don’t give a sh*t and I know who I truly am myself and that is what matters. It was definitely not easy to come to this point in my life but I am glad that I am here at this very moment with this exact thoughts.

For the past 6 years many events have taken place, crazy situations unfolded and of course the many changes that have resulted from good and bad decisions. It would be a shame if throughout the 6 years nothing have changed and most importantly if nothing has grown, improved and progressed. We all do seek for achievements and improvements in life else, we are merely existing.

Seeing so many out there who are just trying to be someone else makes me feel that I am very lucky to have found myself throughout the challenges life has thrown at me. Not many have the opportunities to do what they like and enjoy thus, they seek to imitate someone else hoping to achieve the same “feel good” rewards. Let me tell you, it never feels the same.

I for one have never liked imitating others and I shun from doing the things others do for the simple fact that being a follower, you are only limited to things you can follow. When a follower sees someone else admiring art, they tend to want to get their hands on a piece of art and go “goo goo gaa gaa”. But the question is, do you actually or really admire the art or it is just another passing novelty for you?

Throughout the years I have posted about how fun raising show rabbits are and have defined the meaning of what show rabbits really are. The glamorous Pedigree, Ribbons and Grand Champions. Some of my friends looked at me as if I have lost my mind. To a certain extent, I did.

Behind all the glamour, was a person lack the confidence and self-esteem. Behind all the glamour, was the yearning for affirmation. Let me give you an example of thought process for people who lacks and yearns for affirmation. This is something related to me by a friend who is single and yearn to be loved by someone of the opposite sex. People who are yet to find their other half or spouse usually have many self doubts and the question most asked, “Am I that bad not to deserve someone to love me?”. That is a very real example of one lacking the emotional affirmation.

What has that “emotional affirmation” got to do with rabbits you may ask? It has nothing to do with rabbits generally but, it has a great deal to do with some who call themselves “Show Rabbit Breeders”. I am not denying the fact that there are breeders who are truly working with the betterment of the breed in mind. Truth is, THERE ARE! I know of the rare rabbit breeders who are working their butts off trying to revive breeds that are soon going extinct. But on the other side of the extreme happens to be among those in the fancy breeds.

A lot of these breeders are chasing after their own acclaim and glory. Behind the pretences of “betterment of the breed”, “social networking” and “meeting the standards”, there is this darkness that consumes them – affirmation. It is plain sense of belonging, being accepted and recognized!

I must admit that during this time of vulnerability, one can easily succumb to falling prey to those who seek to take advantage of others and I had been in such situation many times. In the end it was a learning process that I have to go through and learn. I realized that I have allowed those situations to happen and have since empowered myself not to allow that to ever happen again.

To think of it, it is rather sad how we have diminished ourselves in order to get that “nod” for a rabbit we own. And the irony is that, the rabbit do not change us a bit and we are still the same person inside and out. The hypocrisy really is, the judges and people around us are saying that the rabbits are beautiful, not the owner!

Today, I celebrate all the Holland Lops and friends in this hobby who have helped me discover who I truly am. I raise my cup in a toast for all my rabbits that have bring out the best in me. I thank each and every one of them for teaching me priceless life lessons – love, responsibility, patience, kindness, simplicity and many many more…

So what becomes of Tru-Luv Rabbitry?

We are still the same like always, Tru-Luv Rabbitry remains a rabbitry built on the foundation of two (2) words – True Love. Are we still raising show rabbits? Of course, “show rabbits” are only mere words that represent our commitment for quality of life we provide our rabbits with. No matter, each rabbit deserves the best from us, the steward and for only as long as they live.

Sometimes, it is not the rabbits that need improvements but it is ourselves who are in dire need of help. Help to put us in perspective and even help to wake us up from a certain hallucination.

For the day I stopped being a Show Rabbit Breeder is not the day I stopped placing my rabbits on the table but in actual fact, THE DAY I QUIT SHOW RABBITS WAS THE DAY I FOUND MYSELF…

The Grand Canyon sure can put you into perspective!

The Grand Canyon sure can put you into perspective!


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