But In Vain


For once, today’s post will be in favor and may even come as good news for irresponsible/unethical breeders. Based on my observation, 90% of problems raised by concerned pet rabbit owners regarding their pets are done AFTER the purchase/adoption of their rabbits.

Most of us who have gone through the conventional education system depended heavily on research based learning and obtaining our qualifications. An example of that is in the form of assignments and coursework. We were given topics to deliberate before producing results in a form of thesis.

Likewise, we get to learn through seeking knowledge when something unexpected happens to our pets. Only when something out of our knowledge arises that we start to seek out information through Google, forums, Facebook or asking the professionals.

Therefore, it is safe to conclude that, if you are selling a rabbit, as long as you get all the terminologies correct and are convincing in your sales pitch, most likely you will make a fortune selling rabbits. The buyers on the other hand have to put up with many after sale problems such as excessive vet fees and endless of worries.

I guess that’s because it’s “BUSINESS”. Who cares about repeat sales right? It is better to slaughter first and worry later in a “competitive” environment because if the money does not come into your pocket it will eventually get into someone else’s.

But there are a few who are careful and do their homework before embarking on the journey of owning a pet. You really have to respect those with good judgment!

Six (6) years on writing post after post to educate through this blog and I cannot stress enough that research is key to a fulfilling experience owning a pet rabbit. You just cannot be careful enough in a market where supply well surpluses the demand. You are at the mercy of many who in it plainly for the earnings.

Therefore, all I have to say is that, happy buying and happy selling. I wish all those buying without proper research, THE BEST OF LUCK!


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