The World of Expectations

One thing that I find myself encountering on a daily basis is expectations. We are expected to get things done within a certain timeline or, we ought to behave in a certain manner failing which we will face the wrath of a bunch of very angry mob. These are a couple of real life examples.

Simply put, when the expectations are not met people tend to get agitated,  or may even start a riot. Unmet expectations can also turn one into a fanatic, go berserk and utter the most extraordinary accusations one can imagine. In extreme cases, I have reasons to believe that killers and serial rapists are products of unmet expectations.

The show world is nothing and will never be short of expectations. Expectation to win aside, there are definitely a lot of expectations imposed on the competing object be it a cat, a dog or whatever that is in the fancy.

Priorities being priorities, after witnessing strange behaviors exhibited by a certain few (human, mind you), I started to wonder what is the focus point of the big picture. I almost lost sight being surrounded by all the “chaos”, erratic behaviors and suddenly I saw it. A bunny’s teeth. I slowly step back and get a good view of the rabbit. The chaotic thoughts slowly vanished and I thought to myself. If I were a pet bunny, what would my expectations be of my owner?

I believe being just a simple being, a rabbit wouldn’t ask for much and things aren’t as complicated. I sat down and illustrated my thoughts in the picture below:-


I strongly believe that with just these 3 items, a rabbit will thrive and they are all the basics a pet rabbit can ask for.

Now let’s compare our human expectations of our rabbits if we allow our crazy dreams and aspirations to go wild:-


Conclusion, so much expectations lah….


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