Over Sensitivity

Just wanted to pen down my thoughts today about character assassination and marriage of convenience.

For most of you who have been following this blog, you will notice that I often write about my thoughts and some of which agreable while others may irk you. At the end of the day, whatever I write remains as my observations and plainly put, opinions. There is a saying that goes, “Opinions are like assholes. Everybody’s got one and everyone thinks everyone else’s stinks.” And I cannot agree more. But notice that the saying is not calling someone else an asshole but instead, it is referring to the opinions. See how different it is between the issue versus the person?

As of late I feel that there has been fanaticism surrounding the hobby here. I believe that over idolizing something can bring much harm to humanity. To be passionate about rabbits is very different from wishing harm upon someone else because of rabbits or any objects that inspire the action. I do not think any person with the right frame of mind would slander someone else just because of rabbits. For one to go to that extreme, it is quite apparent that it must be motivated by something else perhaps money, fame or some sort of sadistic fetish. It makes me wonder what can be so bad to make people who are supposedly educated, hold position in religious establishment and public office or even the educators can go to he extent of defaming and slandering someone else. It speaks a lot about their character and upbringing even. No one can ever blame the religion because humans tend to work around the religion to suit themselves.

I count my blessings because of the many oppotunities to work with successful people and how they discuss issues and not people. For me, I take special interest in wanting to know the psychology and motivation behind the actions. Again, I am interested to know about issues.

I do not remember at any point of time publicly naming names of people who have wronged me. I leave that to the politicians during their pitch for office speech.

We are all matured enough or should be matured enough to utilize our reasoning skills to differentiate between issues and people. That’s if we do have a brain of our own. I cannot deny the fact that there are more followers than leaders in this world and that brings me to the topic of how followers leverage on each other to gain strength – marriage of convenience.

If you have ever deal with bullies in school, you should know that individually, they are cowards. Cowards gain strength from each other because they do not have the courage to act alone.

Wikipedia defines marriage of convenience as follows:-
A marriage of convenience (plural marriages of convenience) is a marriage contracted for reasons other than the reasons of relationship, family, or love. Instead, such a marriage is orchestrated for personal gain or some other sort of strategic purpose, such as political marriage. In the cases when it represents a fraud, it is called sham marriage.

Based on the definition, you can see where “hypocriticism” comes from. Well, why is it not hypocritic? I don’t really enjoy being in your company but heck, you have got what I want.

Birds of the same feather flock together and let me tell you, it really is a snake pit waiting to explode into a huge brawl when someone snaps.

After all that has been said and done, what has it got to do with rabbits? It has the world to do with rabbits because we will not be able to resolve the issues without first recognizing them.

So what is your focus?
1) Satisfaction of owning a pet/companion
2) Feeding your ego knowing that you own a “branded” living creature
3) The trophy which may promise a fortune with the right marketing gimmick (not applicable to hobbyist seeking to break even)
4) Enjoying the stages of development of a pet
5) Socializing with people of similar interest
6) Just to fit in
7) Just to prove someone right
8) Just to annoy someone
9) Give other people something to copy and paste
10) Just doing something until you figure out what to do

Is it your rabbit’s needs or simply your enormous expectation, aspiration, motivation or simply infatuation?

To each his own and did I tickle your tiny little over sensitive nerve? If yes, that is your problem not mine because someone I adore once told me, you can never offend anyone but it is one that chooses to be offended or not.

I have a brain of my own with its own preferences and making them known is by no means trying to indoctrinate or impress upon others what I believe.

I only wish that you have a brain of your own that functions well in the department of reasoning and do not be influenced by my thoughts.

Happy Bunday!


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