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Coping With Death

Death is an inevitable event in both humans and animals alike. Throughout the years, I have experienced and felt the sorrow of losing my pet rabbits. Every pet owner will go through it because we usually outlive our beloved pets. The pain is harder to handle especially with those we have bonded for a number of years.

How do I usually cope with bunny death?

It was really hard for me initially but I have found a way to console myself. Many people believe in the Rainbow Bridge – a paradise for dead animals they say. I do believe there is a paradise for animals when they die. I believe that beyond the Rainbow Bridge, is a place where each dead animal finds a forever human companion.

I imagine everyone in heaven have a pet of their own. Every child in heaven have an animal keeping him or her company. It is the most wonderful thing anyone can imagine.

The pet and its human companion is inseparable. It goes wherever the human soul goes even though there are no danger in Heaven. Sometimes, a human soul can have multiple pets. There are no cages or “rabbitry” in Heaven so to speak, and every bunny is free to roam safely.

Each time I lose a bunny, I would console myself knowing that someone up in heaven will be receiving another beautiful companion.

On another (totally unrelated) note, there is a new movie entitled “Frozen” that is being screen in the cinemas. I highly recommend it for both young and young at heart. I am recommending it because I am quite bias in the sense that the words “True Love” were two frequent used words and that is exactly what the movie is all about.

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Rabbit Nutri-Drops

Rabbit Nutri-Drops is one the best supplements available and have known to save lives! While it can be used as a remedy for rabbits going off feed, it is as effective when used as a daily supplement.

I personally wish I had this wonderful supplement when I first started raising Holland Lops so that I could have a chance to save my favorite bunny from succumbing to G.I. Stasis. Since I have found Rabbit Nutri-Drops, I have saved numerous rabbits in my rabbitry and by making it available to fellow rabbit lovers, it has helped numerous pet rabbits recover and stay alive.

One good example is the story of Pixie Blue.

Those who have used and seen the results swear by Rabbit Nutri-Drops and I highly recommend it to all rabbit owners. Please read testimonials here.

Buy Rabbit Nutri-Drops NOW!

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Recommended Reads consists of static pages and articles posted in chronological order. To date, I have written 1,349 posts on this site. Though I love to keep a journal of my journey in this hobby, the only issue I have with chronological blogging is that readers tend to miss some posts if they do not visit the site often. In this post I will share some of the top posts and my favorite posts written throughout the years.

Readers’ Favorites:

Here is the Top 5 list of posts and static pages that are most frequently read by our readers:

1) How Should A 8 Weeks Old Look Like

2) Essential Information

3) To cull or not to cull…that is the question

4) Normal, True Dwarf & Peanut

5) The Types Of Breeders In Malaysia

My Personal Pick

Here is my hand picked Top 5 posts that I feel might be worthwhile and informational for my readers:

1) The History of Holland Lop

2) Road To Grand Champion!

3) What Happen To The Points?

4) The 1000th Post

5) Who Would Have Thought?

These are but a few of the many articles written based on my thoughts, opinions and observations. Again, they are my own journal that I shared publicly and some may raise serious debates, disputes or mere interesting discussion topics. Either way, I hope my readers especially those who have just found this site and started following the newer posts, will take time to browse through the archives which date back to year 2007.

Happy Reading!

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The feeling of seeing cute things can be hard to describe but we cannot deny the fact that they usually tickle a part of our heart. I am a sucker for cute things and that is one of the reasons why I find Holland Lop rabbits attractive.

I am thankful that throughout my life there has been a constant supply of cute things.

As Thanksgiving Day draws near, can you recall the cute things that you are grateful for?


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You know Christmas is near when…

Tis the season to be jolly! It’s time of the year again that we have Christmas photoshoot at Tru-Luv Rabbitry.

I cannot believe that it will be another year in the hobby and it is always wonderful to take Christmas portraits for the bunnies.

The rainfall does help a lot with cooling them down and they are mostly in good condition at this time of the year.


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Passion Shapes Destiny

I am still in awe and disbelief how wonderful life has been since I started this hobby. Counting the years since I befriended so many wonderful people and it has been eight years of friendship for a few. Along the way, there has been times when there were less communication and that could give way for doubts to creep in. Just like in marriages even if couples are close by, lack of communication may result in many issues and what more with friends living far apart from each other.

There has been times when I started doubting and felt that many of friends have drifted away. The trip to the USA proved that I was so wrong. The fact is, rabbits are just one part of our lives and the reality is that we all have other commitments and priorities to attend to. As we grow older, multi-tasking seemed to be a little more difficult and finding time to reach out to one another can be a challenge.

I must admit that we all need to have a recharge once in a while to renew the spark of our friendships and love for each other as friends and family.

“You do not need rabbits to belong”

The depth of our friendships goes beyond the rabbit hobby. The friendships are so deep rooted that even if there is no more rabbits on earth, we are still a close knitted family.

This year at convention, I could clearly pick out the sincere and true friends. I did not visit with as many compared to when I was at Indy 2010. It was strange because to some, I seemed invisible and people I once knew no longer able to recognize me. That was totally fine by me whatever reason it may be. I am just as happy to go about having a great time with those who I truly love and adore. Another strange thing I noticed is how people can be all vocal and friendly on Facebook and when in person, seemed like total stranger. Clearly, epic failure of “social media” in my humblest of opinions. Like why even bother “being friends” when you do not want to talk face-to-face.

As for all the wonderful things that has happened thus far, I attribute it to PASSION. I believe the passion I have for the hobby has shaped or changed my destiny. Every single step I make and at the most unexpected place, a little rabbit would appear. Perhaps I am a little more in tuned of my surroundings and I am happy to have all these little signs that encourage me to take steps moving forward.

A couple of friends approached me and asked if I have stopped raising rabbits. I do not think I will ever quit raising rabbits because I just cannot live without having rabbits in my life. But sometimes, the question that we really need to ask ourselves is whether the rabbits can live without us?

Does a rabbit have aspiration? A future to look forward to?

Does a rabbit have aspiration? A future to look forward to?

Do they yearn freedom in the great outdoors?

Do they yearn freedom in the great outdoors?

To be wild and free?

To be wild and free?

But I am sure as human, we want every bit of that to explore, learn and grow…

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