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Thank You

I want to take some time to thank some of you that have written to me on the matter of adoption. Unfortunately, most of your inquiries were replied with a disappointing “no”. I found it quite ironic because there were times when I have a huge number of rabbits available for adoption without any takers. These were young and healthy stocks mind you but apparently people seemed to be conditioned to believe that “there is no free lunch”. In that sense, I found it quite funny.

I appreciate all the inquiries so far and I try my level best to accommodate them.

For those of you who have rabbit(s) available for adoption, please feel free to email me your contact – truluvrabbitry@gmail.com. Perhaps I can start off an adoption drive on this weblog. My terms would be that the rabbit(s) should be for free, healthy and free from diseases. I will only act as the mediator between adopter and the person seeking adopter for his/her rabbit(s). I will share contacts between the two and you will have to make all the necessary arrangements yourself. I will not be responsible for any disputes that may happen thereafter. I am extending my invitation for you to utilize this weblog as a channel to find a pet rabbit as well as offering a pet rabbit to someone else.



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