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Why I So Like That?

Twenty days has passed since my last post. Time just flies when you are having fun or when you are busiest. Honestly, it is very difficult to find inspiration to write about bunnies these days or should I say how much can one write about rabbits?
I feel that I have came to a very comfortable position with my rabbits because (touch wood) they are all in good health and I am not facing as much challenges with the way I am raising them at the moment. I count that as a success for a hobbyist of seven years.
Besides from getting a few inquiries every other day, it is (bunny) business as usual in the ravbitry these days. Quite mundane sometimes just to do bunny chores in between the busy work schedule. Age is also catching up and every move seemed to be slowing down.
Every once in a while I take a peek at what is going on in the local rabbit world and things are still the same. Same old habits, same old problems and same old dramas.
When you are too involved and in the know of all the happenings in the rabbit world, human behaviors can often be the most draining factor in the hobby. That is the reason why I have taken a step back and refocus my attention on my rabbits.
It is not something new that people will undercut you and cheat you outright but I must say that all these experiences will mould you into a different person from when you start off in the hobby.
The funniest incident that stood out among the rest that I can recall clearly is how a young teenager was trying to be a broker by advertising my rabbits for a higher price. His intention was to strike a deal double my listed price and obtain the rabbit from me. I thought that was a very smart move coming from a young kid.
I am glad that I no longer need to advertise any rabbits for sale because of many reasons and one of which is that I have a long list of prospective adopters.
So if you ask why some breeders behave the way they do, it is because of all the bad experiences they have gone through dealing with people who take advantage of them and I for one have no time to deal with all the bullshit some of these people dish out.
And yes, it is only rabbits and our rabbits’ welfare should be our top priority and focus.
Have a good Bun-day!


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