The Joy Of Christmas

December is usually a joyful month here mainly because it is the school holidays and everyone seemed to be in the holiday mood as well. It goes to show just how much the festive seasons influence one’s mood. Another week has gone by and I can no longer take photos of the two little bunnies together. They look awkward being together.

Based on our “probably inaccurate” guesses of their genders, we have reasons to believe that they are a boy and a girl. We named the boy Otto and the girl Ophelia. In case they have a natural “sex change” along the way, we will have to other suitable names.

I just want everyone to pause and recognize their cute looks at the moment. Have a mental note how a four (4) weeks old baby rabbit looks like. This is usually how most rabbits being sold at the pet stores look like. The cutest age and yet most crucial that they are not to be separated from their mother. They look rather mature but internally, still depend very much on their mother’s milk. Don’t be fooled by their looks and please do me a favour by not patronizing a pet store or any breeder trying to sell you cute baby rabbits at this age.

IMG_6405 IMG_6420 IMG_6423

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