Space and Time

Looking at photos of rabbits spending their time sleeping in their quarters made me ponder how they actually feel in terms of relativity. I wonder how long is an hour to them and if they are able to keep time. Most of us spend our time away from home and our pets tend to have very long waiting time. Measuring in human hours, I would be bored to death doing nothing but waiting. As humans, we are able to find things to occupy ourselves especially now that we have the internet on our palm most of the time.

How does it actually feel as a rabbit, a dog, or a cat staying home all day long waiting for our owner to be back home?

Taking the definition of hobby, I guess that’s how it is – only in our free time. It seemed that we’ll only have time for our pets whenever we have extra time to spare unless we ensure that we make time for them daily.

Out of the twenty four hours a day, I am sure we will be able to find at least an hour or two to spend with our pets. Then again, we will never be able to feel and know if animals have a sense of relativity – space and time that is….



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  1. I think about this too. I feel horrible when I leave my bunny home all day and then come home late at night and am too tired to spend more than 10 minutes with him. I wonder if he’s lonely and if I should get another bunny so that he’ll have a companion. But then again, I often take my bunny on vacation with me and traveling with 2 bunnies might be tough. And I heard that bunny bonding isn’t exactly easy… Anyway, I do think that bunnies have a conception of time and space and I think a lot of them do get bored if they don’t have toys to play with. I know mine will chew things that he’s not supposed to just to get my attention 😛

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