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Bunny Biology Part II

So the 2 different litters of bunnies continue to grow and the differences are quite apparent and obvious. At this point, genetics is playing a huge role in their physical appearances and it is very easy to identify which is has the potential to grow up as a promising show Holland Lop. Still there is no guarantee and we all know the story of ugly duckling.

At 12 days old. I can hardly hold the kit on the left with just one palm while the one of the right fits easily.

After 16 days. The kit on the left have a rounder head while the kit on the right is a little narrower. At this point, I prefer to have their ears still up but as can be seen here, the kit on the right has already started lopping.

It is rather interesting to observe closely the development of these youngsters. Having a smaller herd allows me to make better judgment and observation as I take the time to grow them out. Also, I get to learn more about the herd’s compatibility among the bucks and does.

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Bunny Biology

Biology is the word given to the study of living things and very often, we are unaware that throughout our lives, we have engaged in some form of biology work. I just realized that I have been working on Rabbit Biology since I more than 20 years ago. I believe getting to know the rabbit’s proper diet and other needs in itself can be considered a study of the animal.

Sometimes we study our pets alone and other times, we exchange notes with a fellow enthusiast as well. There is just so much to learn about rabbits that we all are unable to experience everything alone.

During one of our discussions and knowledge sharing sessions, a bunny friend told me that he was able to see “promising rabbits” on the day it is born. I have come across this statement from the past but I was still surprised by his statement. It was indeed a revelation hearing such comments. Later did I find out that it is not difficult to identify the “X-Factor” in newborn bunnies. I learned that you only need to spend enough time observing, just like any other studies done on other animals. Observation remain a large part of conservation efforts throughout the world. We must first gather as much information as we can through observation.

With all the resources I have at hand, I embarked on a journey to proof this concept. I also hope that this post will act as a proof of concept regarding the matter of Genetics (not Genesis but FYI, they are all on Genesis feed).

We are often told that a good Buck makes a lot of difference in a breeding program. My observation actually tells me that a good Doe is also an important part of the equation.

My journey started with breeding the same buck to two different does. When they share the same due date, I will be able to get kits of the same age to perform an apple to apple observation.

I chose Tru-Luv’s Miracle to be the buck in question and the does are Tru-Luv’s Sibylla & Tru-Luv’s Byss. The good thing about this combination is that, Miracle is related to Sibylla on his sire side and is related to Byss on his dam side. In other words, they are compatible based on papers.

In case you do not know how they look like, here are their pictures:

Tru-Luv’s Miracle

Tru-Luv’s Byss

The outcome of the breedings are 2 kits from each of the does. I have chosen one from each litter for the comparison.

Byss’ kit

Sibylla’s kit

At this moment, it is quite obvious that Sibylla’s kit is a little narrow compared to Byss’ kit. Byss’ kit look slightly chunkier than Sibylla’s kit.

Then I proceeded to take the head shots of both of these kits.

Byss’ kit

Sibylla’s kit

Looking at the shapes drawn in red and blue, we can see that Sibylla’s kit has a narrower muzzle compared to Byss’ kit. And there is a slight difference in the head shapes on both of them as well.

Honestly, there are still young and I will not make a concrete conclusion out of my observation so far. Their physical appearance will change drastically as time goes by. There are just so many factors to consider before we make a final conclusion. Genetics are so diverse and tricky in nature.

We shall continue with this observation from time to time. I shall keep everyone posted with pictures as well.

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I am very excited to announce my debut as a featured writer on’s newly launched online magazine – WAGazine!!! If you have not already read it, click here to read. This is part 1 of a series of articles that I will be writing all about rabbits! I hope everyone enjoys the article as they are written based on my experiences raising rabbits in Malaysia.

On the other hand, most of you might have heard that Tru-Luv Rabbitry is going through a major herd reduction. I will post pictures of rabbits available. I have also sold a set of 3 feet cages together with the shelf unit. What a hot item it was.

Please do not misunderstand this for a sell out. I am not selling out of rabbits but instead it is a downsizing exercise. I shall explain the reason why I am downsizing and also why I will never sell out.

I am sure some of you might have experienced the “light bulb” moment. A sudden surge of awareness or sometimes referred to as wake up call. I experienced not only once but a few “wake up calls” during the past few months. Many incidents that took place somehow enlightened me and I shall share them with you.

All these wake up calls evolved around the word VALUE and thus, the title of this post.

Back in the days when I first started raising my first pet rabbit, I only had one rabbit and we both became best buddies. Somehow when you have just one pet, you tend to get very attached and the pet will also be very attached to you. I believe most breeders will tell you that somewhere among the many rabbits that they have, there is sure to be one “heart” bunny. The special one that we all get attached to.

My first wake up call came a couple of weeks before the rabbit show in June. The rabbit show was organized in conjunction with the pet fair. One of the pet product supplier approached me and asked if I can loan him my “smartest” rabbit. That caught me off guard and made me think for a while. What should we expect from a smart rabbit? Must it be able to solve puzzles?

Now, I am sure that if a rabbit spend enough time, get enough attention and training, it can do some sort of tricks. I did train chickens to fly unto my hands when I stretch them out when I was just 9 years old. Chickens have the brain and I strongly believe rabbits do too. Looking at the rate how the rabbit hopping hobby is growing there is no doubt that rabbits are trainable. I did mention about Tinga and Tridus being habitual “food beggars” in my article as well.

The 2nd wake up call came when I was asked to judge the fun show at the recent rabbit gathering. I did mention the interesting judging criteria i.e. creative movement, obedience, following instructions and etc. These are possible although I do not think I will make an effort to do all that.

And that got me wondering what is lacking in my hobby. The problem I realize lies in the number of rabbits that I have to care for. There is not enough time to bond with my pets. With so many, it has become a chore more than an enjoyable past time. How in the world did I get to this point? Simply because I was trying so hard to produce that one “perfect” rabbit according to the standard. And that made me miss out on the fun of truly enjoying my pets. I spend more time cleaning up than interacting with my pets.

If you look around you, there is something that you will surely notice – DIVERSITY. In a litter of rabbits, every kit is different for that reason. And unfortunately, by subscribing to adhere to strive for the one “perfect” standard, we are discarding what we are taught to be undesirable. I have learned to accept that this “perfection” will never come about simply because how mother nature intends to be diverse. Going against mother nature is like trying to make earth turn the other direction. I am not only referring to the case of rabbits but any pets in the “show” world in general.

When I look at show animals in general, this image comes to my mind…

A goldfish?

The goldfish is a type of ornamental fish. The ornamental fish market makes up quite a huge percentage in the pet industry. Fishes in a well decorated tank can be a very relaxing sight to behold after a hard day’s work. If you ask a fish to swim on command, most probably you will get much disappointment.

That is how it is when you have too many rabbits in cages. They just look like ornamental rabbits and sit in cages looking pretty. I believe that when we keep animal as pets, there should be interaction.

Thinking back about how things used to be, I was able to share on this blog the different personalities that I see in my rabbits. I no longer able to do that because I realized that I do not spend enough time to notice them anymore. That is not how it suppose to be.

It is funny how sometimes we contradict ourselves. I am sure you have come across “REASONS NOT TO BREED YOUR …” articles and one of the DON’T is not to breed if you think your pet is the best and you want to produce another one like it. But if you take a step back and think about it, that’s exactly what most breeders are doing. They are trying to produce that “best” to replace the “bests” before the “best”.

Now the question is, will I still breed? Of course I will but I shall breed for what I like in terms of health and general disposition.

What about wanting to win at show?

I have come to realize that my pets are LARGER than the shows. They are much more valuable than the fee I pay to enter them into shows and have a judge or two spending just 2 minutes looking at them and conclude they are worthless! I am very contented that I have produced show worthy rabbits.

And do allow me tell you how valuable my rabbits are. Each time I decide to cut the numbers down in my rabbitry, those left behind are the old barren does or the 3 years old bucks that I have grown to love. Why do I keep those that have no “production” value and pass along those that can still produce? That really boils down as to what is the objective of you wanting to keep these animals as pets.

The hardest decisions for me really is when I have to pass along the imports. These rabbits have sentimental values that I hold dearly to my heart. Each time I look at them, it reminds me of those who sent them to me. I have met each one of them and have hugged them in person. Having these rabbits with me is the closest I can be with these lovely people. This is the only reason why I will never sell out. Perhaps when all my favorite bunnies have left for rainbow bridge, that could be the day I will declare that I am done.

What I am trying to say is that, you can never put a price tag on a rabbit that means a lot to you. They are not just soft toys on the shelves that you can pick and pay at the counter. Each and every one of my rabbits are invaluable to me.

It is sure nice to obtain a Grand Champion leg or two in this lifetime but Grand Champion rabbits come and go in droves. Even the best bunnies will have to die eventually. What do you make out of all the papers?

How much we lose ourselves when we lose focus on what matters.

For me, what matters most is being able to share unique bunnies to individuals who truly appreciates the joy of having them as pets. Being able to build friendships that last a lifetime. Being able to travel across the globe to hug a bunny friend. Going through life’s ups and downs encouraging each other and sharing the joy.

The truth to the matter is, there will be no rabbits without the people to share with. And the value of things is in where we prefer value is to be placed.

The following rabbits are available and please email me at for more information. Thank you!


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Pouring Out My Creative Juice

Once in a while I feel the urge to sketch something. My mind will have very vivid images of what I should be drawing and today was one of those days. I cannot be blamed because my father is an artist and to a certain extent, I am sure it is an inherited gene. I believe that the images that appeared on my mind today are very much linked to what I hear over the business radio station.

After following the business station for a while now, some terms seemed to be stuck to my mind more than others. Two words in particular came in strongly as my mind thought of the images – branding and marketing. We know that in order to thrive in the business world, branding is a process of establishing a business name. We hear a lot of about how certain brands become household name for example, we refer to diaper as “pampers” not knowing that “pampers” is a brand name.  That is how powerful a brand name can be if good marketing strategy is used.

Then a question popped up in my mind – What if a particular brand is unable or incapable of producing its own quality products?

I believe one of the strategies that can be used is to “REPACKAGE” an established product under one’s brand name. I believe this is not uncommon in the market. Unfortunately, my mind did not allow me to stop and rest here but instead, gave me the wild (even absurd) idea of asking another question – what happens to rabbit breeders who are incapable of producing their own quality rabbits and at the same time needed to infuse their rabbitry names in the “market”?

Can repackaging be applied?

I believe you can and my mind has helped me illustrate the entire process in a very clear picture…

Not too bad of a drawing isn’t it? Please click on it to enlarge.

Need an explanation?

O.E.M. stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer and it means “an organization that makes devices from component parts bought from other organizations”.

So as you can see, there is the PRODUCTION LINE, EXPORT DEPARTMENT (packaging), LOGISTICS and lastly, the ever convincing SALES & MARKETING.

That’s Bunny Business 101 I guess….

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Bunny Frenz @ The Park

Rabbit enthusiasts came together for a fun filled afternoon at Titiwangsa Lake Garden, Kuala Lumpur for the Bunny Gathering Event organized by Bunny Frenz. It’s been a long time coming that such event is being organized. We have seen many rabbit shows that emphasizes on pedigree rabbits but today, it was a very laid back event where everyone come together to enjoy and admire their pet rabbits. It was really nice to arrive at the venue seeing rabbits running around freely!

Free And Easy Rabbit Gathering

Coming together to have some fun exchanging views and knowledge

Kudos to Mr. Amza and his team (Bunny Frenz) for their effort in putting up such a wonderful event. I believe everyone went home feeling happy.

The event kicked off with a stripped down version of a rabbit show where three judges has been invited. It was a great pleasure to be invited as one of the judges. When I was briefed about the judging criteria, I was pretty surprised and it totally caught me off guard. The criteria were very unique and made me wonder how it can be achieved. The judges are required to give points for the following:-

1. Creative Movements

We are suppose to rate the movements of the rabbits.

2. Obedience

We are suppose to rate how well the rabbits take instructions.

3. Action Difficulty

We are suppose to rate based on how dangerous the act is (no rabbits were harm in this process).

4. Activeness

We are suppose to rate based on the perkiness of the rabbits.

5. On Owner’s Instruction

We are suppose to rate based on the special instructions the owners give to their rabbits (i.e. whistling).

First up for the Bunny Show is a very beautiful black otter Netherland Dwarf. All three judges were a little stiff because we have no clue how to judge based on the criteria stated above. I tried handling the rabbit wondering how I can make it show a creative move. I successfully made him give me a little flying kick but no somersault. After a while of looking at the rabbit blankly, I suggested to the organizing team that we will be judging the rabbits based on their overall condition and they agreed. I further explained to the crowd of our judging criteria and not based on any standards as this is an event for pet rabbits. We then agreed to go through each rabbit to ensure they have clean ears, good teeth, fur with good lustre, good temperament and free from any ailments.

Being briefed by Mr. Amza about judging criteria. This was when my mind went blank.

Cikgu Syah, Mr. Brandon and I going through each rabbit and making some tough decisions.

It is difficult to pick the best rabbits because each have merits of their own.

The second activity of the day was the Fancy Bunny Contest where owners dress up their rabbits. All who are present are required to cast a vote for their favourite bunny in its costume. I fell in love with a few and take my hats off their owners for such elaborate costumes!

The Little Director!

The Little Pink Princess

A plain white T would do…

I spotted Alvin the Chipmunk’s shirt on a bunny!

Ever wonder how Sherlock Holmes look like if he’s a bunny?

Mr. Kamal with his beautiful bunny princess

Very lady like…

The Aloha Bunny!

The Ultraman Bunny!

The Director again. He’s my favourite bunny of the day!

The third activity was the Bunny Clinic where the three judges were tasked to give talks about certain topics. Once again, I was flattered to be invited to give a talk about the topic of Palpation & Tattoo. I sincerely hope that everyone learn something with what I have presented.

Cikgu Syah demonstrating how to groom a rabbit.

Tattoo and Palpation

Mr. Brandon talking about Common Rabbit Disease and Treatment

After the talks, there was a lucky draw with many wonderful prizes. And the prize giving ceremony followed.

Bunny Show 3rd Prize Winner goes to Rayyan Rabbitry. Prizes sponsored by Genesis &

Bunny Show 2nd Place Winner. Prizes sponsored by Genesis and Golden Pines Rabbitry.

Bunny Show 1st Place Winner. Prizes sponsored by Genesis. And the winner took home a cute live rabbit!

The wonderful event came to an end after Mr. Amza gave us a beautiful souvenir each.

Thank you for the beautiful souvenir!

A mug for me to enjoy my tea!

Thank you very much to everyone for putting up such a wonderful event. I hope there will be more of such an event in future. Have a good week ahead everyone and everybun!

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Charlie & Megacolon

The case of Megacolon is on the rise as we speak because there has been an influx of homozygous spotted rabbits being produced in the market. And no, Megacolon is not the name of a Transformers robot. It is a digestive system disorder caused by genetic, the “En” gene to be exact.

In the Holland Lops, the English Spot (“En”) gene was introduced to produce the Broken pattern rabbits that we have today. When we breed two broken rabbits together, there are chances of us producing “charlies”. Charlies are mostly white with only a small amount of colored pattern and with an obvious Charlie Chaplin “mustache”.

Unfortunately, the Charlie phenomenon can happen to any breed of rabbits. A research paper regarding the relationship between Charlie rabbits and Megacolon has been written – Pathophysiological and functional aspects of the megacolon-syndrome of homozygous spotted rabbits, by Bödeker et al.

As we know anything that is caused by genetics cannot be cured. I am not a medical expert but I believe that if the rabbit has difficulties absorbing certain nutrients that it needs, perhaps feeding food that assists in absorption may be able to help.

Our initial experiment on a rabbit with Megacolon by feeding it Genesis Ultra Premium rabbit food has yield a positive result. We are getting less irregular sizes poop which is an indication that there has been better food absorption.

Here are some photos of poop indicating that a rabbit is suffering from Megacolon:

Poop in irregular sizes is one of the symptoms of Megacolon

Huge poop

Irregular and sometimes foul smelling

Charlie marked rabbits can be very cute because they do look like little panda bears when they are young. That is the reason why many people have developed a liking for them not knowing that they are potential time bombs.

My advice is, try to avoid breeding two Broken patterned rabbits.

This is an example of Charlie marked rabbit:

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Want Versus Can

I have written a lot about pet ownership especially to consider carefully before getting a pet rabbit or any other type of animals as a pet. I came across this very interesting article and once more, matching your lifestyle to a suitable pet seemed to be paramount when making the decision to own a pet.

I have heard about people getting large dogs as pets but had to give them up for adoption because they were offered jobs that require them to travel or work at irregular hours. We have many priorities in life and sometimes have no choice but to discard commitments that are lower in the priority list. Sadly, one of the items at the lower end of the priority list happens to be our pet.

It is easy for us to want many things in life but we often forget if we can have them. We cannot really classify keeping a pet as a need so it really it a matter of can we have one or not. But I really can understand if the want overpowers the can.

Who can resist this charm?

Way beyond cute!

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Come Join The Fun!

Dear friends,

Please join me, Suggies At Home & Golden Pines Rabbitry this Saturday, 31st March 2012 from 9 am to 6 pm for a meet & greet session. We will be offering our products, services and advice for those who needs more information about Rabbits, Sugar Gliders and other small animals. If you need help with nail clipping and learn how to give your rabbits a simple grooming session, please drop by with your bunnies.

Due to space constraints, we will not be able to bring too many supplies so please let us know if you have anything specific that you need so that we will include them in our sales kit. See you there!

For more information please visit the organizer’s facebook page –

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What Can Your Children Learn

As we all know, there are now 2 sides to this rabbit hobby namely Just For Pets and Rabbit Showing. For the adults or in the OPEN it can be extremely competitive among serious breeders and it got me thinking what will the youth or young children learn from this wonderful hobby. Here’s my take on this topic:

Sense of responsibility

Having pet rabbits as a hobby does teach our children to be responsible for another living being. It also teaches them discipline as their pets must be watered and fed on a fixed routine. They have the opportunity to watch and learn the life cycle of a pet from young till death. There are many things that they will learn from keeping a pet healthy at all time.

Social skills

When they get into the Rabbit Showing sport, they will be introduced to other children their and also with the same hobby. They will learn how to socialize and at times learn how to be tactful in handling emotions of other children. As children always learn from their elders, we just have to be careful and to ensure they do not get entangled in the adult world. When they are good at honing social skills, that will help them handle human interaction issues better.

To be honest, having pet rabbits on its own is far more less damaging than having children in the showing sports. Introducing them to the showing sports would mean introducing dynamics and complexity into the hobby for them. Yes, he or she may not be in the run to win it but it does not mean someone he or she knows isn’t as well. And it all really depends on how much you want to protect your children.

The reason why I am writing this is because, I was able to see for myself the heartache in a child when he/she did not do well with his/her rabbit. The disappointment that shows on the face really tears my heart and that is something I will definitely not forget the next time I ever organize any rabbit competition.

The show arena is definitely somewhere to toughen up your kids!

AVAILABLE|Buck|DOB: 13 June 2011|Interested please email:

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What Happen to the Points?

Let’s start off with the question – WHAT IS THE OBJECTIVE(S) OF A RABBIT SHOW?


The reason why rabbits entered in show must not be neutered, is because, sound specimens must be reproduced. The conformation show emphasizes and even amplifies this fact. A show indirectly promotes the breeding of the best animals and therefore, a rabbit that is disqualified (DQ) must be made known so that the breeder will not be lead to believe that it is alright to breed his/her rabbit. The saying, “be cruel to be kind” holds true here. In my opinion, a judge should be extremely honest though it may make them unpopular. If a judge is really for the betterment of the breed(s), being popular should be the last thing on his/her mind.

The main objective of a rabbit show or any sort of shows e.g. dog & cat is none other than CONFORMATION to the STANDARD OF PERFECTION. I am sure most of us have the Standard Of Perfection booklet by now and let’s take a look at the latest Standard Of Perfection for the Holland Lop breed. Each breed comes together with its schedule of points:

General Type….84 Body
Color & Markings….4

And now let’s look at a typical ARBA show result slip:

Another question, where are the points?

I am not saying that this is the practice by only certain judge but I believe this is a common practice in any ARBA show at the moment (please correct me if I am wrong). I am also not sure if the point system has ever been used. Please bear in mind that I am not trying to challenge the integrity or worthiness of judges here but I believe by just stating one’s opinion is not justifiable in selecting the best rabbit. If the win is not justifiable, it makes no difference of just organizing a rabbit beauty pageant where no merits are given to adherence to standards.

The point system would satisfy nay-sayers like me when it comes to justifying a winning rabbit. The only reason I can think of why the point system has since be obsolete is because of time constraints. But I also believe that there is a reason why we have RAMRODS (writers). Instead of standing around looking pretty and writing a few lines on each result slip, the job of the ramrod should also include calculating the points for each rabbit. But do we risk jeopardizing the quality of rabbits in exchange for convenience? How can a judge possibly have a number crunching brain capable of storing the scores for hundreds of rabbits that he/she touches and feel? Even if he/she have the super natural power, let’s try to think of an instance where there are 2 very identical rabbits.

If rabbit A has the same crown as rabbit B, under the point system, both should have the same points! And if that is written down and tabulated, it will give a clearer justification where one of the rabbit loses out. It just doesn’t make sense to me to hear the judge telling his writer, “This is a fine representation of the breed, such an amazing doe” but the rabbit gets the 1st place from bottom up – LAST so to speak!

I am sure by now, you get the point that I am trying to put forth and I wonder if there is any plans of re-enforcing the point system judging which promotes better transparency and leave no room for “favouritism”. Or is it?

I feel that it defeats the purpose of having the Standard Of Perfection schedule of points if the points are not being used during judging.

I was once told that if the judge wants you to lose, he/she will ensure you lose. I wonder what other ways we can help improve the system so to promote real “CONFORMATION” for the betterment of the breed rather than the relationships. If a relationship can’t last beyond winning or losing, it is a relationship not worth having!

Just my 2 cents worth.

Why so complicated when they are not?


Apakah objective mengadakan pertandingan arnab?

Tiada jawapan lain kecuali PENGESAHAN.

Ia adalah pengesahan bahawa arnab yang terbaik diagung2kan. Dan tahukah anda, mengapa arnab yang bertanding dalam Show ARBA tidak dibenarkan kembiri?

Ia adalah kerana arnab yang paling dekat mewakili standard yang dikemukakan oleh ARBA digalakkan digunakan dalam program pembiakan rabbitry.

Saya rasa judge sepatutnya memberi pandangan yang jujur dan tidak segan dibenci kerana pandangan yang bernasnya. Maklumlah, ada kala judge ni nak jadi popular maka tidak berani mengatakan arnab kawannya sudahpun DISQUALIFY. Untuk saya, kalau disqualify lebih baik diberitahu kerana kalau tidak, pemilik arnab tersebut akan berfikir arnabnya wajar dibiak apabila ia mempunyai masalah genetik yang akan diwarisi, sejaligus tidak menolong pemilik tersebut meningkatkan kualiti arnabnya malah memburukkan seluruh program pembiakannya.

Jom kita semua renung apakah yang dikemukakan oleh ARBA dimana setiap baka diberi jadual markah asing2. Di bawah adalah jadual markah untuk baka Holland Lop:

General Type….84 Body
Color & Markings….4

Apa kata kita lihat slip keputusan pertanding arnab pula:

Dimana pergi markahnya?

Saya tidak bermaksud untuk mengatakan bahawa kita semua telah dikelentong oleh para penganjur atau judge yang hadir untuk show kita kelmarin akan tetapi, ini adalah amalan am di mana2 pertanding arnab ARBA (kalau tak silap saya). Saya lebih gemar dengan sistem markah jikalau ia pernah diamalkan seketika dahulunya. Kalau tidak, apa gunanya Standard of Perfection kan?

Alasan yang dapat saya fikirkan mengapa sistem markah ini tidak digunakan adalah kerana kesuntukan masa semasa pertandingan. Akan tetapi, semasa show kan kita ada penulis markah. Selain daripada jadi model yang cantik mungkin penulis markah ni boleh buat perhitungan markah untuk setiap slip keputusan?

Dengan mengabaikan sistem markah untuk kemudahan tidak wajar malah menjejaskan objective kita untuk menggalakkan pembiakan arnab yang berkualiti. Tidak mengguna sistem markah seumpama judge main tikam sahaja dalam memilih pemenangnya sekaligus memberi ruang kepada penyalahgunaan kedudukannya sebagai seorang pengadil yang sepatutnya adil dan saksama.

Tidak masuk akal pabila judge mengatakan arnab ini sangat cantik tetapi apabila melihat slip keputusan, arnab tersebut dapat Nombor 1 dari belakang (belakang mali ke? terakhir namanya). Dan ia tidak masuk akal langsung kerana di dalam lebih ratusan arnab, pengadil boleh ingat markah secara maya dalam otaknya. Tidak mungkin dan oleh kerana itu, sistem markah sepatutnya digunakan.

Saya rasa tidak perlu adanya buku Standard Of Perfection jikalau sistem pemarkahannya tidak digunakan. Pengadil terus tunjuk dengan jari sahaja yang mana pemenangnya.


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