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Don’t Fuss

Howdy! How are ya’ll doing?

It really has been a long long time since I last posted something worth reading on here. I guess life’s been quite hectic for the past couple of years and it still is. But today, something made me think about what I used to enjoy doing over the weekends. Taking photos of my bunnies, of course! And that’s exactly what I did for the past couple of hours. I kind of miss bunny blogging as it turned out.

While taking photos of my bunnies, I thought about what caused most of the problems I had in the rabbitry. One of the reasons we pet owners and breeders tend to overlook is fussing over the rabbits.

I must admit, through the years fussing over the rabbits have caused more harm than good. I am not sure why but perhaps for two reasons. One, when we fuss over a certain rabbit too much, we tend to take notice of the tiniest of details. So much so, we become paranoid and in turn, causes stress on us as well as the poor rabbit. Two, I have reasons to believe that some bunnies are attention whores and tend to get way too manipulative. In fact, we trained them that way – fussing over them and each time they act up, we give them all the attention just like a wailing baby. Doing that often sort of makes it habitual and the bad cycle repeats itself.

In all honesty, my longest living rabbit is one I fuss over the least.

Hope ya’ll having a good weekend!



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Fruit and Veges

It doesn't get any better than this look on his face. It's him saying 'Thank you!'

It doesn’t get any better than this look on his face. It’s him saying ‘Thank you!’

Nom Nom Nom...

Nom Nom Nom…

Nyum Nyum Nyum

Nyum Nyum Nyum

Chomp Chomp Chomp...

Chomp Chomp Chomp…

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Bunny Luv

They call this bunny luv, surely?


My eldest came to me this morning and said, “Daddy, I think you should go look at the bunnies. I guess that is how rabbits love each other”.

Truly, it is how they love each other.

Just look at the love birds. Oops, I mean love buns….


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Weekend Again

I some times wonder how time affects a rabbit. Do they feel how fast or slow time passes? Do they ever get bored doing nothing?



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Love Your Soul

I have to admit that in many occasions, I have been tempted to give up on a lot of things in my life just to accommodate the busy schedule. I believe it is a natural reaction to simplify life or to “de-clutter” when we lose clarity in life. Giving up something that you are passionate about can be very difficult. Passion is what feeds the soul and to give up only means that there will be a dent on your soul.

We can sure be overwhelmed by other commitments and priorities but just like any other feelings, what you are feeling it is temporary and will go away after some time.

As a dear friend puts it, “never make rash decisions that you will regret later and that will ultimately hurt your soul”.

So, whenever you are feeling bogged down and need some revitalizing, take a step back, relax and breath in all the cuteness your pet have to offer…

Luv Me

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Journeying Through Life

We are born into this world, we grow up, we get married and we have kids. These are the major milestones of our lives as human beings, at least for most of us. Five years in this rabbit raising hobby, what are the things I treasure most besides the rabbits you might ask.

I can only say the people and their friendships. I do have a few friends that I met through this hobby. Most of them are people who acquired rabbits from me and others are people who follow my blog.

Some of the friends I have known since before I got married and then it was their turn to get married. Then my children came into the picture and so did theirs. Until this day, most of them still have the rabbits they got from me and I am glad we still keep in touch. I also get to visit those who are nearer. And to be able to journey together in life is indeed a wonderful experience.

Another Christmas is upon us and soon we will be making new resolutions to usher in year 2013. It has been a wonderful 5 years raising rabbits and I will continue to have them as my precious pets.

I just want to take this time to congratulate all my friends (you know who you are), who are either getting married or awaiting the birth of their precious child. It feels wonderful to be able to be part of your life’s journey and I pray for a wonderful journey ahead.

We are all made through love and to love…

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Slavery Is Real!

I guess the lack of updates on this blog goes to show how little I have to share lately but the truth of the matter is, I have been really busy living life (like the other parts of my life that is). That reminds me of an email I received this week that made me laugh a little. In the email, the sender addressed me as “Rabbit Seller”. It was funny because it sounded as though I am like a butcher selling meat but in this case I sell rabbits to make a living. Again, the fact remains that this is just a hobby that I enjoy and I do not sell rabbits to make a living (thank God for that!).

I believe I am not the only one who keeps rabbits as pets and hold a day job at the same time. For some of us especially those with a family, the week days seemed to have less time. As age catches up, I do feel that movements tend to slow down and it takes more time to get things done around the house. With so little time on hand, we barely have enough time for our pets let alone posting long blog entries (LOL!).

So what happens to the bunnies?

I am glad that I do not keep as many rabbits as I used to. At one point of time, it seemed to be a burdening chore and I was doing nothing but cleaning rabbit pans & litter trays. Not something that I was hoping for in a hobby and less attention was given to each individual rabbit. In situation like this, problems tend to go unnoticed.

A couple of months back, I anticipated how hectic my life would be and started downsizing to a number which is very comfortable for me. Unfortunately, even with such a small number, laziness gets the best of me and I do feel like a bunny slave. I sometimes find myself wishing that my rabbits will start cleaning their own litter trays. Call it hallucination but I am sure doing bunny chore will be the last thing on your mind when you come back home after a long day at work. That is as real as it gets.

A bum for you until it is squeaky clean…

Just like life, there are ups and downs, there is no exception when it comes to raising rabbits. The moment I start getting my hands dirty, I feel recharged again when I get to see each rabbit with their unique antics and personalities. It is like they brighten up my day all over again and it made what seemed to be a chore enjoyable all over again. I conclude that we have to remind ourselves that this is a hobby or our favorite past time and at the same time being aware of the responsibilities that comes with keeping animals as pets.

I am not going near that dirty litter tray!

While many in this world do not even have the basic necessities to live through life, keeping rabbits as pets really is a luxurious hobby. I am grateful that I am able to have such privilege in this lifetime. There are indeed so many things that we tend to take for granted and while many friends across the globe celebrate Thanksgiving Day, I would like to give thanks for this wonderful hobby and the people it has brought into my life.

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all celebrating!

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I Love Coincidences!

I was at the mall today and my wife pointed out to some cute cabinets and waste paper baskets. These days, anything bunny would draw her attention and she in turn will try to get my attention as well. As I walked closer, I saw cabinets with cute bunnies on them.

Aren't they cute!?

As I turn my eyes away from the cute characters, the wordings on the cabinet gave me a little shock.

I immediately turned to my wife and told her (jokingly) that someone is “hacking” my brain waves. I have always believed that when you have an idea and a thought, there is a possibility that somewhere out in this world, someone may pick up these thoughts and ideas. The words “True Love” and “Friendship” was so spot on and it came rather timely.

Can’t wait to see everybunny this weekend!

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Stompie In The House

Since young, I have always taken interest in keeping pets. I have different experiences raising many different kinds of domestic pets. My daughters has taken the interest in small animals as well. Like when I was much younger, watching the TV can inspire a child to be curious and inquisitive about a particular pet. In the case of my eldest daughter, she has been watching Nickelodeon’s Little Bill and on some occasions, she gets to see Elephant – Little Bill’s pet hamster.

Back when I was younger, I have raised Syrian Hamsters and they are good pets to have for about approximately 3 years, which is their usual lifespan. Now, there are so many variations of hamsters and just like rabbits, they have developed into a few different breeds. As I was toying around with the idea of getting my daughter a little pet of her own (besides her Sea Monkeys), I came across a very cute capsule that I thought was a perfect little enclosure for her own “Elephant”. She was so excited to get her little “Elephant” and decided to name him “Stompie”. Lucky thing “Elephant” is a male hamster and I would prefer my daughter to get a male hamster as we do not wish to have any accidental babies. I have been told of instances where female hamsters bought from the pet stores where both genders are kept together with the male produced little pinkies after they are being brought home. We do not want that to happen so we have decided to get a boy instead.

The very Cute Apple Land Hamster paradise. Only RM 25 at

Stompie is a very pampered little Roborovski Dwarf Hamster. It is known to be a quick runner so I had to teach my daughter to handle him carefully. Currently we are using Versele Laga’s Hamster Nature and Hamster Crispy food. Like the Versele Laga Cuni Nature, there is a lot of mixture of ingredients making it very interesting for little Stompie. We also purchased a couple more interesting Hamster food for Stompie as treats as well.

Hamster Crispy is such an interesting mix!

We also got Stompie a little cooling sofa. It is pretty neat because the back of the sofa can be opened so that a little ice pack can be placed underneath the sofa, keeping little Stompie cooler during warmer days.

That's Stompie sitting on his COOLING THRONE!

So in the end we have a few happy campers. Both little Stompie and my girl is happy to have each other. And Stompie has been inducted into the Tru-Luv family.

The Smile on that face - PRICELESS!

Products Featured here can be purchased through the following link:-

1) Hamster Apple Land Enclosure –

2) Versele Laga & AB Hamster Food –

3) GEX Cool Sofa for Hamster –

*NOTE: If you have any suggestions for Hamster products that I should use and carry at, please feel free to email me at

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A Lot Of Cleaning Up To Do

I can really see how much damage and good the year of the Rabbit has done in the local level. The good is that many has come to know and love this wonderful animal. At the same time, the damages are aplenty. I shall not divulge in the negativity but trust me, we really have a lot of cleaning to do after this aftermath. The good thing is that, there are many good breeders out there who knows what they are doing or at least knows how to seek proper advice.

I really like knowing newcomers who are eager to learn and at the same time have a mind of their own. They have good logic and sometimes would ponder and ask very reasonable questions about the hobby. Unfortunately, not many are like that. The problem really lies in how one is resourceful. I really cannot blame most of them because how most our lives has been “manufactured” and “prepacked”. We are so used to fast food and anything in between that is instant. We prefer conveniences to a point that a robot that feeds us would be a hit in the gadget departmental store.

Due to our lack of knowledge, we tend to follow the majority. Like many of us “foodies” (those who hunt for good food), the best indicator for a good restaurant is the one with the most patrons. But in this hobby, it is a very wrong perception. Don’t flies hang around the smelliest poop? Not knowing does not give us the reason to be ignorant. When you do not know, you tend to get more opinion and I do not mean that you should not but you must be able to reason on all the opinions gathered and make your own conclusion. In short, WE MUST NOT FOLLOW BLINDLY.

It is very easy to fall into the trap of Character Assassination. The real question is, have you deal with me before? Have you ever thought and reason why people spread those rumors about someone else in the hobby? Why not approached the person in question to clarify? There is indeed a reason for everything.

What I have learned in this hobby is that, like anything else in this world, there tend to be conflicts, jealousy and discontentment. There are many things other breeders do that I may not agree one of which I hate the most are dishonest breeders. These are the breeders that can easily fool you when you are not equipped with proper knowledge and sad to say, they are thriving.

I guess, you will only believe when it happens to you first hand and I will still be glad to help you pick up the pieces to move ahead.

On a happier note, the mother of all Rabbit Show is coming up. The 2011 ARBA Convention at Indianapolis! I just cannot wait to see the outcome of this amazing show with thousands of rabbits under 1 roof racing towards Best In Show!

2005 ARBA Convention Image taken from

Tru-Luv He-Man. Going to his new home soon...


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