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A Lot Of Cleaning Up To Do

I can really see how much damage and good the year of the Rabbit has done in the local level. The good is that many has come to know and love this wonderful animal. At the same time, the damages are aplenty. I shall not divulge in the negativity but trust me, we really have a lot of cleaning to do after this aftermath. The good thing is that, there are many good breeders out there who knows what they are doing or at least knows how to seek proper advice.

I really like knowing newcomers who are eager to learn and at the same time have a mind of their own. They have good logic and sometimes would ponder and ask very reasonable questions about the hobby. Unfortunately, not many are like that. The problem really lies in how one is resourceful. I really cannot blame most of them because how most our lives has been “manufactured” and “prepacked”. We are so used to fast food and anything in between that is instant. We prefer conveniences to a point that a robot that feeds us would be a hit in the gadget departmental store.

Due to our lack of knowledge, we tend to follow the majority. Like many of us “foodies” (those who hunt for good food), the best indicator for a good restaurant is the one with the most patrons. But in this hobby, it is a very wrong perception. Don’t flies hang around the smelliest poop? Not knowing does not give us the reason to be ignorant. When you do not know, you tend to get more opinion and I do not mean that you should not but you must be able to reason on all the opinions gathered and make your own conclusion. In short, WE MUST NOT FOLLOW BLINDLY.

It is very easy to fall into the trap of Character Assassination. The real question is, have you deal with me before? Have you ever thought and reason why people spread those rumors about someone else in the hobby? Why not approached the person in question to clarify? There is indeed a reason for everything.

What I have learned in this hobby is that, like anything else in this world, there tend to be conflicts, jealousy and discontentment. There are many things other breeders do that I may not agree one of which I hate the most are dishonest breeders. These are the breeders that can easily fool you when you are not equipped with proper knowledge and sad to say, they are thriving.

I guess, you will only believe when it happens to you first hand and I will still be glad to help you pick up the pieces to move ahead.

On a happier note, the mother of all Rabbit Show is coming up. The 2011 ARBA Convention at Indianapolis! I just cannot wait to see the outcome of this amazing show with thousands of rabbits under 1 roof racing towards Best In Show!

2005 ARBA Convention Image taken from

Tru-Luv He-Man. Going to his new home soon...



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#1 Reason Why We Should Breed

It took me a while to decide on posting this post and the reluctance was mainly due to the reason that I do not wish this taken as a reason by unscrupulous breeders to pass on inferior stocks. In my opinion, it is never right and ethical to pass on inferior stocks to a fellow and especially new breeders. On the other hand, we cannot deny the fact that it is almost impossible to find a perfect Holland Lop and if there is, we shall all cease to breed. All faults must be made known to the person you are passing your rabbit to and in the case of the new breeder, they should be given pointers so they can also improve the quality of their herd.

Being in the hobby for quite sometime now made me realize that not everyone is able to obtain good stock to begin with. I for one have had the first hand experience of tirelessly working to improve the many limitations passed onto me. I must also mention that it was through the generosity of friends in this hobby that has helped me find improvements to my work. For that, I am forever grateful. Like many of you, it was very costly for an average person like me to obtain good stocks from the USA and I must say that it was made harder in the beginning of my journey NOT knowing the many generous and kind people I have met along the way through the years. The many wonderful friends I met in this journey taught me many lessons because they have the best interest of the breed in their hearts.

I do not wish to praise myself or brag of my achievements but I hope this post will act as a reminder to new and aspiring breeders in this hobby not to give up and I also hope this post can be an inspiration to them in their strive for perfection. It does not give anyone the reason to start off with inferior stocks especially now that we have so many good lines of Holland Lops to choose from in our home country, Malaysia. “Choosing The Best Foundation Stocks That You Can Afford” remains the motto of this hobby.

Also, with this post, I hope to make it very clear to the general public the MAJOR difference between “BACKYARD/MONEY CRAZY” breeders and Hobbyist breeders. Most of us have read the many “REASONS NOT TO BREED” or “ACCEPTABLE REASONS TO BREED” in many websites/weblogs that advocates responsible Pet ownership/breeding. Some may even mention the #1 and only reason why people should breed their pets – IMPROVEMENT OF THE BREED without clearly stating what it really means. Here I would like to not only put it into words but also in the form of the TIMELINE diagram what “IMPROVING THE BREED” really means.

For all my readers who have followed my weblog from day 1, you have gone through the many ups and downs with me. But lately, because it is a weblog with postings in chronological order, even I have failed to see how powerful it has been taking a good look at the many rabbits that have been produced through planned and minimum breeding here over at Tru-Luv Rabbitry. It was not until yesterday that I was inspired to put it on a timeline what I have achieved after 3 years. Three years is a mighty long time due to the limited stocks that I have and especially with a bad start that has made me lost considerable amount of time.

I would not change a single thing and experience thus far. In fact I am grateful for the many lessons I have learned – good or bad. Each experience made me stronger. I have many people to thank in this journey and for the record, although the timeline diagram/picture that I am about to share only mentioned a few good people, the future of Tru-Luv Rabbitry has been greatly improved by the many wonderful friends who I have mentioned in my other post entitled – “I just can’t thank all of you enough“. The diagram/picture do not mean that their contributions goes unappreciated because they are not mentioned. In fact, they have planted seeds that will blossom in due time when I will be happy to mention then, my progress with their great help. I needed very concrete materials to prove my point, which is, the ONLY REASON WHY WE SHOULD breed.

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3 Weeks Old BIS & Grand Champion Winner Anyone?

Many breeders start selling their rabbits when they are 8 weeks old and on the other hand, buyers nowadays are fast learning to use bunny language, terms and lingo. But when both these situations collide, we do have a slight problem.

I am not sure how other breeders react to the question “Are they show or brood quality?”

I must say that this is a irrelevant question when it comes to buying a young rabbit. No one can guarantee if the rabbit at 8 weeks would turn out to be Show Quality or even winning material for the matter. I for one will never ever guarantee my 8 weeks old are show materials. I can see the potential but can never guarantee a 100% show quality.

In many incidents, I found that buyers can only relate the term “Show Quality” to the little chubby “bulldog”ish look in a Holland Lop and at the same time disregarding the Standard of Perfection altogether. They are not aware of the Standard of Perfection at all and as long as the little bunny is chubby and cute, anything goes. The term “Show Quality” is merely used as a search criteria just like how we enter keywords into Google for a quick search. It has lost all its meaning and weight.

As a friend commented on this subject, “even a show quality rabbit that is not well taken care of can turn out to be a pet quality rabbit”. I go a step further to say that even if it is a show quality animal, it is very subjective whether if it gets thrown off the show tables first or stay on and claim its Best of Breed title.

I have learned that this hobby is extremely dynamic and subjective. And like how my mentor puts it, we should breed according to the Standard of Perfection and also, “BREED FOR WHAT I LIKE”.

But just for the fun of it and throwing in a little humor into the subject, I would like to say that every 3 or 4 weeks old Holland Lop deserves the BIS title.

Let me tell you why with the photos below:

Perfect at 3 weeks?

The truth of the matter is, you can never be sure until the rabbit is at least 4 months old.

BUT, this should not be taken as an excuse to sell rabbits at 8 weeks and saying, “It’s hard to tell at 8 weeks”. There is a keyword called “Potential” and I shall leave that up to the breeder who you are buying the young rabbit from to explain further why he/she thinks the rabbit(s) in question have the potential.

Good luck in your search!

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True Love’s A Gift

Stumbled across another song that mentions “true love” and this time by 2 of my favorite artistes of all time – Mariah Carey & Ne-Yo.

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Seoul Searching

Anyong-haseyo everyone, how are you doing?

I am sure that when you see or hear someone greeting in a different language, you can roughly guess where that person has been. That is also the reason why I have not been updating my weblog lately, life is really really hectic for me. I am really glad that all the bunnies are very well taken care of and I do miss them very dearly.

A beautiful place

The land of Gimchi is so beautiful, enchanting and at times romantic. A culture that is rooted so deep and if only I knew the language, my stay here could have been much better.

And so as most of you have also guessed, what will bunny man do without bunnies? Hmmm, that didn’t sound quite right but I am sure you know what I mean (Don’t think too much!). Again, what will bunny man do without being around his Holland Lops? Go looking for bunnies that is!

After going through some write ups about pets in Korea, I safely conclude that keeping pets is not really a huge thing over here but I did saw a family from Japan with a little long haired Dachshund,  a pretty lady walking her Poodle on the street, a couple more mongrels and a few Animal Medical Centers. Apparently, there is a street that is called Chungmuro Pet Street with over 20 pet shops and veterinary practices. I did not have the time to go there though but the information I gathered was that they cater more for dog and cat lovers. Given the odds, I felt that it was pretty hard for bunny man to find a rabbit here.

While I was making a tour of its famous landmarks, all I could see was bunny articles like musical box, bags and wooden sculptures.

A little cute spinning bunny musical box

Bunny bag

It does feel crowded for a bunny man searching for just one bunny in the midst of all the other types of pets - A wooden bunny

The last day of my stay here soon approached and I wondered if I will be able to see at least one rabbit before I leave. I was not expecting to see a Holland Lop or any funky breeds but at least, just for the fun of it, I wish to see an ordinary rabbit. For the rest of the day, I did not think much about it. After dinner, I went for a little walk around the hotel vicinity and found this cool place called Junk Art Park. It is a park filled with sculptures made out of scrap metals and materials. I found this place rather interesting and as usual, started snapping a lot of photos.

A pair of penguin looking sculptures

As I turned from taking the above picture, and from the corner of my eye, I saw something moved!

A beautiful grey bunny. Running free and wild...

LO AND BEHOLD, a rabbit right in front of me! I was dumbstruck and couldn’t make a move. Before I could click on the camera, it ran and took cover under a jeep parked nearby. I waited patiently for it to come out from underneath the vehicle and it must have been my camera that made it so afraid of me. I was satisfied nonetheless that I finally caught a glimpse of a rabbit here in Korea.

A rabbit appearing in the strangest of places and when I least expected to appear tells me something pretty profound. Some call it fate, others may call it destiny but I would like to call it, God’s little SURPRISE for me.

Happy weekend everyone and everybun!

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Life’s Purpose

I have been searching for a very touching video but all I found was another version that I don’t think would give quite as much as an impact for the point that I would like to put across. Nonetheless, I will write a short narration of what it is all about. A couple of years ago, Oprah Winfrey embarked on a project called Christmas Kindness. Oprah and her crew flew to Africa to organize 3 massive parties for the poor children of Africa especially the children victimized by AIDS. It was a random act of kindness where all children are invited to the parties. Some were just picked up while taking long walks. Some of these children are left to fend for themselves after losing both their parents to AIDS. Some after hearing news of the parties, walked bare footed for hours to the huge tents that Oprah and her crew has set up. Underneath these tents, the children were mesmerized with a wonderland filled with what most of these children yearns for, true happiness and a glimpse of what a perfect childhood should be. Though it was just for a a few hours, the happiness shown through the faces on these children were priceless as most of them wear a pair of shoes for the first time, have their photos taken for the very first time and most of all, no children left without a present and are fed (some the only meal for the day).

Due to the immense emotions, even Oprah herself broke down and cried. That was in fact the most moving part of the show for me. It is hard holding back tears because the emotions were so raw and intense. Oprah must have felt and question what she can do to save every single one of these children. Though she was not able to bring happiness to every single child in Africa, what she did is enough to bring love to those that was lucky enough to experience that wonderful day.

It has been 25 years since Oprah Winfrey first started her talk show and it came to an end early this year. Out of that 25 years, I am happy to say that I have followed her since I was 8 years old, the same time when the first pet rabbit came into my life. And since then, I have watched some of her talk shows that touched on very interesting and provocative subjects. I am not ashamed to say that Oprah Winfrey is a great influence and also the greatest inspiration of my life. It is hard to imagine me being a big fan of Oprah Winfrey because most will only agree that the queen of talk shows is not for a macho man. I prefer to differ.

Perceptions of life

I spent this weekend reflecting on life and realized that success and failure are only states of mind. At times, it does feel that this hobby has became a little of a drag for me lately mainly because I have been so consumed by all the negativity that I have allowed to cloud my vision. Life is filled with ups and downs and it is common to go through hard times occasionally. Thomas Edison once said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Talking about perseverance! And the genius in Albert Einstein also have his opinion about mistakes in life quoting, “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”

One of the things that made Oprah so successful while doing what she loves is the discovery of her passion & purpose. I must admit that there was a defining moment when I first decided to start raising Holland Lops. It is hard to explain but it is the “AHA!” moment when a little bulb just lights up out of a sudden! I am also sure it is not just about the rabbits but instead it is my passion in writing about them as well. I am not sure how many have been inspired by reading through my blog and started in the hobby but either way I believe some did start raising Holland Lops because of this blog. Some may be inspired by the photos of the cute and beautiful rabbits that I post up occasionally and some may have started the hobby to proof a point that they can raise nicer rabbits due to my “arrogance”. Either way, I am glad that I have played a role getting people started in this hobby or at least learn how to treat their rabbit(s) better by being well informed owners.

My purpose is indeed sharing and educating others about the rabbit raising hobby. If it not my purpose, I will not find myself sitting on a bench writing this blog post and aboout how I feel in the midst of the hustling and bustling of a mall on a Sunday morning. A quiet weekend away from work really does wonders to one’s mind and soul. To top it off, I was so moved and inspired watching Oprah Winfrey’s 25th year finale episodes.

The child in us

It is the same perception “imposed” on men that made us all lose that inner child in us. I am not sure if you will agree with me when I say that we love to do certain things because it gives us that certain escape that we yearn for. That certain escape that brings out the child in us. Raising rabbits for me is in fact that little “comfort zone” for me. It brings me back to that little space where I can be who I really am without being superficial. And when I meet another person who raises rabbit, that is exactly what brings us closer together because our little space expands and we find ourselves in the midst of another child in a bigger space. As more join us in the hobby, we have a huge playground. We are no longer ashamed of being “childish”, speaking and sharing things that others who are not in the hobby do not understand nor appreciate. It is for that one moment in time, that we free and liberate ourselves from being labelled. In our playground, we are no longer forced to be or act “mature”.

Pay it forward

We learn new things every day and I am not bashful to admit that I only learn these 3 important words in my 30s. These 3 words are – PAY IT FORWARD. Many of us have used these 3 words without realizing it at one point or another, as any act of charity and kindness represents these 3 words. And I am very lucky to have many people using “PAY IT FORWARD” on me in my life. Oprah Winfrey has done this for the past 25 years. She “PAID IT FORWARD” many times over and we can clearly see that during her 25th year finale episodes, the fruit of her labor. One of which that stood out was her contribution to the community in the form of Morehouse College where it educates poor African American. The impact of just educating over 400 of these poor students at Morehouse College, Oprah’s contribution has done great things in their lives. From the education obtained, the men have the opportunity to be professionals like lawyers, doctors and engineers to name a few. And talking about “PAY IT FORWARD”, these men went on to contribute their own money for the next generation of students!

Here’s a video of some of the men from Morehouse making a dedication to Oprah:

Amidst all the negativity in this world, I am happy to see the joy when these 3 words are practised in actions. Generosity really goes a long way. Life is nothing near a bed of roses but it is our choice to see the roses or to be consumed by all the thorns. It feels good blinding myself from viewing the thorns and be amongst those that plant roses instead. Being at the forefront of the rabbit blogger sphere, I realized how important it is to continue to inspire and give hope to the many readers who visit my blog fervently. I have to apologize because I have been so self absorbed lately especially in the unhappiness. It is only human to fall but whatever that cannot break, will only make us stronger.

Go forth and be inspired and to inspire in all things great and small!

The next generation of Tru-Luv rabbits!

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Reflection (Mengimbas Kembali)

In order for us to be grateful, we must always pause a moment and reflect on all the wonderful things that has happened. I cannot help but to feel truly blessed that God has bestow upon me His generosity.

Untuk menghargai pencapaian, kita mesti merenung seketika dan mengenang kembali titik peluh dan kesusahan yang pernah dilalui. Semua pencapaian sekarang adalah kurniaan dan berkat Tuhan.

Let’s walk down memory lane…

Jom kita mengimbas kembali…


The beginning of a luv story…



An attempt to develop the local Holland Lops…




A rough start…



Little hopefuls…


Happy Beginnings....

Not sure what I was thinking but yeah, hoping for improvements...

Noobie looking like a snoopy dog...

Tru Luv...


Lil Truffles

A new frontier…

Handsome Truffles...

Truffles winning BRIS - Will this repeat this year?

Little Balian

Little Sibylla

Reinforcement has arrived...


The attack of the BONE!





The present…

The Future…

And indeed, how far I have come. Even to get this blog post up wasn’t easy and it took me a good 2 hours!

There you go, a little summary of Tru-Luv’s existence from start till now.

I only have some super amazing friends to thank in the hobby. Scott Rodriguez, Kay Miller, Teri Reymann, Karen & Dale Bailey, Cheri & Dan Bushee, Josh & Robin Laymon, Sydney, Harley and Raven Butler and Sam & Shari Albrecht – THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR BEAUTIFUL RABBITS WITH ME. All those who have supported me in times of distress and taught me many things. Always stand by me through thick and thin. Too many names to mention, you know who you are. Thank you very much!

Have a good night/morning everyone!


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Back To Enjoying The Hobby

With the show and all the unnecessary stress behind me, I finally regain back my normal life and back to blogging about life with my beloved bunnies. I have learned many precious lessons trying to organize the show. The part I enjoyed most was being able to work with a few nice people which I hope to work with again in future. It was a smooth sailing start and we only experienced a few hiccups but in the end there was a huge hiccup. The number of entries happens to be one of the major roadblock. We will have to sit down and do a post mortem on the cause of this problem.

We have informed all parties the best we can through all possible channels and means. I would like to apologize on behalf of the Show Committee especially to all major dailies that has mentioned this event in their publishing.

Another precious lesson I learned and have matured out of is the fact that everything happens for a reason. We never stop learning from the moment we are born and it is never a life and death situation if things do not happen as we want them to.

So with the past behind me, what’s ahead?

I believe getting the club up and running first would be a good option to move forward. We shall take it from there. Some gatherings would do good for all hobbyists and rabbit owners too.

I finally had a breather to pick up my camera to take photos of my rabbits again. So here are some of my favourites that was to make their debut at the show.

Tru-Luv Puffin. A nice junior that turns senior in June. I love her thick ears and also a nice crown coming up. She just done her major molt.

Tru-Luv Symphony. A young senior doe right now. Just love how smooth she is.

Tru-Luv Trudle. This little buck tells me that I have some bone going on.

More upcoming cuties!


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Vocation & Passion defines the word vocation as the following:-

  • an inclination to undertake a certainkind of work, especially a religiouscareer;
  • often in response to a perceivedsummons;
  • a calling;
  • an occupation for which a person is suited, trained or qualified

It also defines the word passion as the following:-

  • fervor;
  • determination;
  • An object of passionate love or strong interest

Vocation & Passion is very closely related in my opinion especially when you see words like A Calling, Is Suited, Passionate Love and Strong Interest. If you have a strong interest in something, you will have passionate love for it and it eventually becomes a calling. As you go deeper into it, you will feel that you are a natural and whatever that you are doing feels like a perfect match.

In casual conversations, I normally ask my peers if they enjoy their job. Eight (8) out of ten (10) will tell me that they hate their job and everything else is great. This is more so with my generation and those before. I attribute it to the era when we leave school for higher learning. I for one did not know what I was good at and what are the options I have available based on my interest. I was not well informed as far as my education progression path was concerned. I stumbled a couple of times making the wrong decision and finally settled for what I did.

Simply put, there isn’t much choices given the circumstances I was in – financially and also as far as opportunity is concerned. You see, I wasn’t the bright student that scores straight As and I am definitely no public university material. The way I learn could be my biggest problem in the system that I was placed in. I just hate memorizing and regurgitating textbooks. I rather burn the textbooks and add the ash into my favourite drink (like what some of my friends did after the major examinations). It was one of my dream to be a veterinarian since I always have a pet since I was 7. Unfortunately, biology wasn’t my best subject and I just couldn’t get pass dissecting a little mice.

But lately, I have been forced to work with needles and so far, successfully administered Sub-Q injections for 10 rabbits. If I have a choice, I wouldn’t do it. Why?

Let me tell you why. We are all called for something in life. And when we are called, we go through all sorts of training to qualify us in the field of studies and then, we put into practice what we learn theoretically. I enjoy raising pets and I have great interest in the medical side of things except for injections, surgeries and whatever that has got to do with blood. Therefore, I leave it to the vets – who are trained and qualified.

Over the weekend, I had a case of emergency with one of my does. It was a delivery complication that most Holland Lop breeders dread. I had to intervene but my intervention wasn’t as successful as I expected. I didn’t make things worst either as I am very careful and had the real time support/advice from very experienced breeders in USA & Canada.

You see, veterinary science like any medical practice in Malaysia have at least 2 parts to it – consultation (diagnosis) and medication. It is pretty impossible for a pet owner in Malaysia to obtain drugs/medicine for pets so although most of the time my diagnosis on the problem is accurate, I have no access to the medication. It was such an instance at 3 a.m. on Saturday. I have no choice at all but to make an emergency called that cost an arm and a leg.

When I was waiting for the vet to arrive, I read the notice board. One of the notices captured my attention. It was written by the owner/chief vet at the practice. He was venting his frustration on past customers that could have tried tarnishing his reputation through various means. He mention how he could not be bothered with prominent figures holding titles. Through his writing, he showed those who did not appreciate his work the door while welcoming those who are willing to work with him and his team. I could understand why he was so frustrated. He even spoke to me on the phone telling me the possibilities and what I should be prepared for. I truly appreciate his honesty for telling me beforehand, rabbits are not their forte.

I needed the medication that they can provide me desperately. To cut the long story short, I did not leave the vet clinic on a happy note. I will not share the details as I am afraid Dr. may write another notice to vent about me. In fact, I was praying to God to please help my little doe while driving all the way home at 4 a.m. Basically, I cannot blame anyone for what has happened in the clinic. We all did try but was a little careless. Luckily, the problem corrected itself. The doe survived the horrific ordeal.

And so, this incident got me thinking really hard. The question that I have always asked was – WHY DON’T VETS DO RABBITS? For the longest time, cats and dogs has remained as a billion dollar business. This is the only conclusion I can make to answer that question above. I also understand that it is not worth for vets to specialize in rabbits just for Tru-Luv Rabbitry who may be one of the small group of people who cares enough to send their rabbits to the vets. The amount I paid at the vet clinic for the emergency call can easily purchase a few rabbits at the pet store. It does make rabbits dispensable because no one “WANTS” to afford medical bills on rabbits. SAD, BUT TRUE.

I gathered that this scenario does not only apply to Malaysia but even in the USA, breeders are left to fend for themselves. But, the only difference is, in the USA, rabbit drugs/medications are easily accessible. Most breeders have taught themselves how to administer injections. That is how good the support group is out there.

If my assumption and opinion is true about vets. They are people too and they also need to make a living right? So I wonder if 8 out 10 vets, like my peers, hate what they do. Meaning to say, there is a possibility that 8 out 10 vets are just doing it for the money and does not have the slightest passion or interest in what they do. It is the same as how most General Practitioners just prescribe antibiotics to every Tom, Dick and Harry that visits the clinic.

How much would it take for vets to start treating and be subject experts in Rabbits? I really have no idea. For the few that I have met who are rabbit savvy, I truly appreciate them. They are hard to come by and even harder to reach during the emergencies (at 3 a.m.). Even to reply text messages at 3 a.m. to agree to help in the emergency takes much courage, determination and most of all passion (to help animals).

The group of Show Rabbit enthusiasts and hobbyists is growing fast. But I reckon, we will be the ones suffering many sleepless nights due to the possible complications that will arise. For our rabbits are so exclusive and they mean the world to us not only the cost of obtaining them but also the value of all the hard work put into raising them.

If you ask me, I am lost as far as Rabbit Medicine is concerned but I know for sure, 90% of the time, we have to take matters into our own hands. As for the 10%, pray that the problems happen between 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Mondays to Saturdays (possibly Sundays for some). That is the only times you may find your vets in their clinics and that’s if they do rabbits.

Good luck bunny friends…


Holland Lop kits, you have no idea how hard it is for each one to come by...


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My Birthday Wish

How Appropriate...

I was thinking and I mean a lot of thinking about what I would like to write on my birthday. I am totally blown away by how accurately the journalist wrote about my dad and I on Sin Chew Daily today. Tomorrow will be Part II. I just can’t wait to see all the beautiful photos (I can’t read Chinese) and getting my dad to translate the wonderful article.

So what was I thinking. The words – PILLAR OF STRENGTH came to my mind this afternoon as I thought about little Carmel’s role in the rabbitry. She is indeed the eldest among all the rabbits. And when I think about Carmel, I cannot help but to think about my grandmother – The Pillar Of Strength of my family. Grandma in her many experiences in life is one of the reasons why I am so inspired in my life.  Grandma preaches nothing but LOVE. Her love unites everyone in the family together. Back in the olden days, not many people have the opportunity for good education but grandma did the best she could knowing little to none about life.

Looking at myself in the newspapers lately made me felt so unworthy when those who are suppose to be in the limelight is someone like grandma. She never expects anything in all that she does. She needs no publicity but yet her role in this world is so great.

In the rabbitry, Carmel is indeed the pillar of strength. She holds the entire rabbitry together for me. She is the symbol of Tru-Luv Rabbitry. It was the love for another human being in the likes of me that this #1 Top Lop came to stay in my rabbitry. I have written about the unsung heroes of rabbitries – the broods but for me, Carmel is truly the inspiration in my herd.

So my wish for rabbits on my birthday is that all senior “Rabbitry”-zens be blessed with good health. May they grow old gracefully…

P.S.: Grab a copy of Sin Chew Daily on Valentine’s Day!


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