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Would You Like To Have A Pet Rabbit?

I am not sure if age is catching up or life has been a little demanding lately. Either way, it seemed that 24 hours is just not enough for a day. Sometimes I surrender to the fact that I am slowing down (LOL!).

I must apologize for the lack of updates on this side of the world and I am sure everyone has become an expert in rabbits since there are so much resources that are readily available on the internet. I am not too sure how many would take the time to read the old postings here and for those who does, I hope you benefit from the information shared.

At this time, I have a couple of pets available for adoption and for sale. For those who are interested to know more, please email me at so that we can work something out.

A cute little Fuzzy Holland Lop. DOE. She is for sale at a very reasonable price.

A decent pet Holland Lop. BUCK. He is Charlie marked. Also for sale at a reasonable price.

This little BUCK is a very small Holland Lop. I would like to find a good home for him at no cost (FREE). Please let me know if you are interested.

This is a very nice broken doe. She is blind on the left side. I am looking for a good home for her at no cost (FREE). Her blindness is due to an injury caused by accidental fall. Please let me know if you are interested.



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Thunderous Farewell

Today we say goodbye to 2 long time residents here in Meadow Haven. We say farewell to Thunder and Holly Hope. They are going to their retirement homes. It was a difficult decision but was made easy knowing that both of them will be loved. They will not be too far away and I can visit.

Thunder is going to where Barney, his son is. I am sure he will enjoy the rest of his retirement there in a huge bunny mansion fit for the King & Queen Buns! He will also be bonded to 2 other beautiful bunnies and perhaps get to meet 2 goofy “little” French Lops! I feel a little tickled by the fact that I am responsible for increasing the size of the rabbit herd at this family’s home from 2 bunnies to now 6 bunnies – LOL!

Always the cutest and chunkiest buck for me. I like to call him the "Stumps"

Stumps for front feet!

Gonna miss those cheeks!

And as a token of appreciation for Thunder, I receive a little gift in the form of a pair of chopstick rests by Royal Selangor. I have always love the pewter by Royal Selangor and I absolutely love this gift! Thank you very much to the Sun family.


Holly Hope will be a familiar face at XOXO Pets Store. She shall be the ambassador of XOXO’s Rabbit Boarding service – LOL! ­čÖé

Time to enjoy retirement...

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Netherland Dwarf for Adoption (Neutered)


Dear readers,

Bailey is a neutered buck and litter trained. Please spread the word around and email for more information. Please find Bailey a loving home.

Thank you.




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Adopt Away

Dear readers,

The good peeps at Pet Epicure is currently running an adoption drive. They charge minimal fee for taking great care of all the animals they put up for adoption.

I highly recommend that you drop them a visit and adopt a healthy, happy furball today!

For more information please visit their website


The bunny man crossing over to cat mansion

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Footy Needs Home

Footy up for adoption

Owner is willing to pay for neutering cost.

Please contact for more details.


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Caca & Footy need a home

I understand that it is always difficult to part with our beloved pets and especially in our culture there are many taboos. Although I have written about the linkage between fur and asthma problems, I also refuse to give in to the unproven facts – LOL. Unfortunately, there are many more forms of pressure besides the excessive stray fur issue. In our culture, we are very obedient towards our elders. Sometimes whatever they say goes…

A fellow bunny enthusiast is now under pressure from her elders to give up her 2 beautiful bunnies. She just need someone to take over the daily care of her bunnies for a few months until her baby is old enough to have them around again. She will provide all the basic needs and expenses. In short, she just need the rabbits to be away for a short while.

Please visit for more information and I will post her contact here again if need be.





Please email for more information.

P/S: They do not live in the bathroom. These photos were taken after their grooming sessions in the bathroom.


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A Future Without Love?

First of all, please note that this blog post is not an intention to diss anyone especially the Asthmatics. I really do wish that there is no such thing as Asthma in this world and this post will tell you why. Before I forget in the midst of my ramblings, I just wanted to highlight that a friend of mine needs help in getting 7 rabbits adopted in Penang. Please feel free to get more information over at her blog  It must be a very tough decision for Nico and I hope good people will come forward to help provide these beautiful bunnies a good home.

I had a good chat with my GP this morning regarding the condition called Asthma. Prior to this, I understand that most Asthma attacks are forms of allergy reaction. In order to get allergy reactions, one must be exposed to the allergens, that are agents that causes allergies. The Dr. told me that there is a book containing a list of allergens and it is approximately 400 pages thick. But the top 3 allergens that atopic individuals are reactive to are:

1) Dustmites

2) Dust

3) Fur

So what do you do halfway having a pet at home and found out that you are allergic to it? The Dr. instructs to get rid of the pet. In my heart I cried, “Holy CRAP! HELL NoooOOOOOOooooOOoooo!”. That is not the worst part of it. The worst part of it is that, Asthma is a highly hereditary condition. If one of the spouses has got this condition, 100% their children will inherit it. DOUBLE LOAD OF CRAP! Do we cull humans for Asthma? You wish!

So far, I am glad that I am 100% allergy to Dust & Guinea Pigs. And I hope that I do not develop allergy to Rabbits. For now, what I needed to do is that, I need to consume a tablet of antihistamine and cover my nose/mouth with damp cloth whenever I need to expose myself to dust. That is why you will always catch me looking like a terrorist while cleaning my house.

Now, coming back to the title of this post and the sad fact that Asthma is 100% hereditary, it breaks my heart to also know that more and more children are born inheriting this condition from their parents and the percentage/statistics are staggering and unbelievable. It really saddens me to know that a great number of children will never have pets in their entire life. The irony is that, everything around us could be an allergen and every person may have different reactions to certain allergen.

Studies are being done right now in such a way that high dosages of allergens are introduced to atopic individuals in hope that their bodies would build natural antibodies against them but sadly, these studies has proven futile. There is no strong evidences that the condition is reversible. In this world that has already lost all LOVE, I do not think it is fair that our future generations will never ever have the chance to keep little critters in their lives.

So off I went home to clean up that little bunny run that has been filled with wood shavings. While cleaning, I realize how I can’t live without these little critters and I hope all of us will be able to enjoy what we truly love in life.

I wish all of you well and hope that your allergies are not pet related.

Here are some photos taken of the clean bunny run (sorry for the quality, I can’t find my camera!).

Thunder & Carmel with lots of toys!

Thunder & Carmel with lots of toys!

Eagle's eye view

Eagle's eye view

Thunder's fur is growing back slowly. Eventhough bald, he is still very thick!

Thunder's fur is growing back slowly. Eventhough bald, he is still very thick!

Carmel with boxes & hay

Carmel with boxes & hay


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Little Miss Muffet Adopted!

I am suppose to write this post yesterday. Due to the many happenings that took up all my time, I only have the time to do it right now. The decision was made more than a month ago. The inspiration behind the decision was firstly based on how the “Chestnut” family is extremely good rabbit owners. Secondly, we all felt that Truffles needed a good companion now that he’s neutered.

So off Muffet went to stay in her forever home with the Chestnut family. I am extremely happy that they love her very much and especially happy that we have full visitation access to both Truffles and Muffet.

Little Miss Muffet

Little Miss Muffet


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Rabbits For Adoption

Please call 012-3313318 for more information.




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Muffet Buffet Begins…

While I am going through this “natural” herd reduction, I am offering Muffet for adoption. Please drop me an email at and tell me what you have to OFFER. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

Liars and Cheats will not be entertained! If you are not a liar or a cheat, please don’t be upset if I do not reply your mail.

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