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A Highly Sustainable Hobby

Major spring cleaning is a yearly affair at Tru-Luv Rabbitry. Today was such a productive day as I spent a few hours not only cleaning the rabbitry but also perform minor maintenance work on the cages. Then the thought of cost came into mind. Not that I am particular in spending on my beloved rabbits but I was thinking how I can help fellow rabbit owners out there to save some monies while enjoying this wonderful hobby.

Recently, published a very good article entitled 10 Reasons Rescued Rabbits Rules. I have to concur that rabbits are one of the easiest animals anyone can have as pets.

However, with the rising cost of living, a rabbit can be wise choice for those seeking to own a pet without missing out on most of the benefits other common pets like cats or dogs have to offer. Throughout the years, my observation is that there is a direct correlation between rising cost and number of abandoned pet animals. I feel that if we are prudent in our spendings and with good financial planning and prioritizing, we do not have to make the awful choice of giving up our pets.

In hope that we do not see a rise in abandoned rabbits here in Malaysia, I am going to share some tips how to keep expenses low for fellow rabbit owners.

I believe most rabbit owners use the 6304 Cage that measures 24 in. x 18in. x 20 in. This cage is by far the best rabbit cage in terms of cost and effectiveness. It truly serve its purpose way better than any other fancy rabbit cages. It is easy to clean, a good size for a dwarf breed rabbit and with minimum modification, provide a very comfortable home for its inhabitant. The only drawback one will find in this cage is that the gaps between the wire at the bottom of the cage seemed to be a little too far apart. There is a very good solution that I use to solve this issue – by enforcing the bottom of the tray with “coated” wire mesh purchased from the hardware shop.

Every year during spring cleaning, I sanitize the cages especially the bottom and clear it from all calcium build up and residue and at the same time, change the wire mesh. To change the wire mesh for 4 cages today, I only needed to purchase 4 feet of wire mesh from the hardware store that cost RM14 (RM3.50 per feet). I also bought a bag of cable tie at RM5. It could be cheaper but RM19 a year for 4 cages is very reasonable in my opinion.

Yearly Cage Maintenance

I first cut out a wire mesh measuring 22 in x 16 in. Removed the old wire mesh and clean out the cage. Then I place the new wire mesh into the cage and secure it with cable ties.


The Most Cost Effective Pee Guard

In the past I have used pee guards made of metal plates which can be a hazard to bunnies that like to chew – there has been incidents of bunnies injuring their lips. The metal plate pee guards that are placed inside the cage (instead of outside) reduces the size of the cages making the cages too small for the rabbits.

On the other hand, this DIY Pee Guard is less invasive as well as cost effective. For the past three (3) years, I have been using this wonderful idea made possible by just chloroplast board and cable ties. All you have to do is buy a piece of chloroplast board that is larger than the bottom of cage (24 in. x 18 in.). Fold the sides and secure them using cable ties.


This my friends, is the most cost effective pee guard

This particular DIY Pee Guard was made 3 years ago and it is still in good condition. It is very easy to clean and highly reusable. If you are wondering where to get chloroplast boards, one of the places you can find them is Popular Bookstore. And the good thing about chloroplast boards is that they come in different colours and you will most probably find a colour that you like. 🙂

I hope this post has been informative and useful for you.

Time for me to take a nap….




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Truth, Cock & Bull Friday

The amount of bullshit that is going around these days are totally appalling and I cannot help but to sympathize all new comers in the rabbit raising hobby. Day in and day out, new comers are flooded with information and misinformation by “seasoned” breeders and “self proclaimed” gurus of the “industry”. Like the usual, I would love to take on the role of the “bad guy” to clear the air and help confused new comers understand. And as usual, a picture speaks a thousand words and therefore, here are some photos to pick your brain. I did not say that knowing the truth is going to be easy and you still need a little brain power to reason before getting the answer.

I have made this a little more interesting whereby you are asked to judge based on whether it is the TRUTH, COCK (maybe, possible, iffy) and BULL (total Bullshit that is).

Are you ready?

Are you really ready?

Are you absolutely ready?

Are you absolutely really ready?




Have you got all the answers?

Are you sure you have all the answers?

Are you absolutely sure your answers are correct?

Are you absolutely really sure your answers are correct?

Do you want the answers?

Do you really want the answers?

Are you absolutely sure you are ready for the answers?

Are you absolutely very sure you are really ready for the answers?

Let’s do one more….


Are you ready for the answers?

Are you absolutely ready for the answers?

Are you really absolutely really ready for the answers?



Get Set……………………

Are you sure?

TruthYou want more answers?

Are you sure you want to know more?

Are you absolutely sure you want more answers?

Just one more…….


Nothing More….Nothing Less…..


HelloooOOooooo…… like since 2007?

When are you born again? Yesterday?

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Third Article Published!

I am glad to announce that the third article has been published at Please click here to read.

Hope you enjoy the article!

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Want Versus Can

I have written a lot about pet ownership especially to consider carefully before getting a pet rabbit or any other type of animals as a pet. I came across this very interesting article and once more, matching your lifestyle to a suitable pet seemed to be paramount when making the decision to own a pet.

I have heard about people getting large dogs as pets but had to give them up for adoption because they were offered jobs that require them to travel or work at irregular hours. We have many priorities in life and sometimes have no choice but to discard commitments that are lower in the priority list. Sadly, one of the items at the lower end of the priority list happens to be our pet.

It is easy for us to want many things in life but we often forget if we can have them. We cannot really classify keeping a pet as a need so it really it a matter of can we have one or not. But I really can understand if the want overpowers the can.

Who can resist this charm?

Way beyond cute!

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Bunny DIY Toys

I find this very economical…


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The Reason Behind The Tattoo


That is the only word to describe the reason why rabbit breeders tattoo their rabbits. There are 2 ways used for identification in rabbits. Firstly is the tattoo on the left ear and secondly, an identification ring on one of the legs. The identification rings are mainly used in the European countries and British Rabbit Council (BRC) breeders. I personally feel that the rings are less permanent as they can be removed easily.

As for tatoo, ARBA breeders usually tattoo their rabbits on the LEFT ear. The Registrar normally tattoo the right ear. Therefore, if you see a rabbit with both ears tattooed, then you are holding a rabbit that has been registered with ARBA. What is the difference between a rabbit registered with ARBA? Only rabbits registered with ARBA can obtain a GC Certificate and thus, you can only grand a rabbit if it is registered.

If a rabbit is not registered with ARBA, it still can be shown and obtain GC legs. As a senior, if a rabbit obtain 3 GC legs under different judges, then the rabbit can be granded if it has been registered.

I am going off topic for a little while more. In ARBA world, there are 2 roles which are very important.

The Registrar – the person that helps breeders and rabbit owners to get their rabbits registered.

The Judge – the person that is responsible for evaluating your rabbit and award a GC leg whenever deemed fit.

So why do we tattoo? Yes, for identifications. You may have many rabbits both you currently own and those that you have sold. A simple pedigree is not sufficient to link it to a rabbit. Therefore, when you have a 3 generation pedigree, it must also state the tattoo number which is the same as the number on the left ear of the rabbit.

That’s how the tattoo is useful at the breeder’s end. To identify each rabbit if there are more than 1 that may look similar. With the tattoo number, the breeder can go through the records and pull up its pedigree to trace back on the lineage.

As for the Rabbit Shows, the tattoo is very important. The Tattoo acts like our Identification Card (IC). There will be hundreds of rabbits and how do we identify our own rabbits in a place filled with – rabbits? Besides that, during a rabbit show, the judge must not know who the owner of the rabbit he/she is judging to avoid partiality and biasness. Since you cannot possibly tattoo the breeder’s name on the rabbit, most uses the conventional way of number combinations.

There are 2 types of tattoo tools that can be used:
1) Tattoo Clamp with digits
This is like the tool used in ear piercing except it has got individual digits with many small needles that make up a number. Depending on the number of digits required, the tattoo digits are fitted into the clamp and pressed on the rabbit’s ear.

2) Tattoo Pen
This is becoming a widely used tool as it is easier to write and some say is less painful for the rabbits. I personally think that the pain last longer as the numbers are being “etched” into the skin. I hope to try this one out in the near future but for now, I prefer the clamp method.

So as a conclusion, tattoo is a neccessity if you want a good identification method. It is not a luxury item as you can see. I do not charge more because I tatoo my rabbits. I don’t think it is something to be charged extra for. It is not glamorous to have tattoo. A tattoo does not make a non pedigree rabbit a pedigreed rabbit. Everything in the rabbit world right now runs in such a way that it is self regulatory. There is no one body that governs the identification of rabbits vis-a-vis to the likes of the dog world where a club issues microchip and pedigrees.

I personally tattoo my rabbit solely for the reason of identification and it goes hand in hand with the pedigrees I issue to my adopters/buyers.

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Ouch, my crap hole hurts!

As a continuation of my posts entitled, Chopped Hay Is Junk! & Karate Chopped Hay Anyone?, I read that there has been an issue of wasted “unchopped” hay. What I learn from raising pets so far whether it is rabbits or otherwise, is that, creativity is much needed most of the time and problem solving skills come in handy. Two posts has been written and we are still revisiting such a simple topic. Perhaps my writing skills has been proven ineffective. This time around I will try to put the point across in a much (hopefully) effective way. I am also keeping in mind that there are those who are still skeptical and do not believe what I write, for those who appreciate, I am sure you all will love it.

If I remember correctly, one of the most effective ways to remember things is to relate it in some funny ways. Not forgetting the objective of this post that is HOW TO USE HAY EFFICIENTLY, here goes…

(Knock on door)

Me: Yes, can I help you?

Wife: You have been in there for more than an hour, what the hell are you doing?

Me: I need TP (Toilet Paper) for my bunghole!

Wife: You have an entire new roll of it in there!

Me: Give me a minute…

After 2 hours, I have in my hand…

In case you didn't know, this is a toilet roll or toilet paper or TP

After more pushing and pulling, I have this….

With a sore crap hole, I still have so much to finish!

After summoning all my energy and strength, I raised a rather heavy pair of scissor while making sure that I do not pop the piles, with the other hand holding the heavy camera…

It took a lot of effort to come to this point...

To my surprise, I got cute little mini toilet rolls that looks like….

PrecioussSSssSss......The One Ring! I can see elven words inscribed with doodie!


You just need to figure out how the hay got in there...

I gave that to one of my bunnies……

And after a day……

You get CHOPPED HAY!!!!

So the question remains, the hay comes first or chopped hay comes first? Or rather, the toilet paper comes first or the crap comes first?

Good Luck!


1. TinyCritterz Timothy Hay (as themselves EXTREMELY FRESH)

2. The One Toilet Roll Ring (as itself)

3. Mr. Scissors (as itself)

4. Hand (as itself)


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Adventures of Un-4-tunate!

Meet Un-4-tunate, our invincible Holland Lop!

Meet Un-4-tunate, our invincible Holland Lop!

Beep! Beep!

“Mom, this new tracking device is way cool!”, said Luceel

“That’s the last toy mommy can afford. Make sure you use it well and bring it wherever you go so I can track you down easily”, his mom replied.

“I know just the right candidate to use this on”, thought Luceel



“I release you from your bondage Un-4-tunate”, said Luceel to his pet holland lop.

“Wherever you go, I’ll be able to locate you through this screen”, he thought to himself.

Beep!  Beep!  Beep! … … …

“That rascal is heading to the pet store!”, exclaimed Luceel

“Wait a minute, he stopped!”

Road Kill!

Road Kill!

The moral of the story is, NEVER let your bunny loose! They could be dead within minutes. Run over by a car and falling prey to stray animals such as cats and dogs are among the cause of death. Ensure you supervise their playtime and do not leave them unattended!

This is another community service reminder coming from TLR!


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Chopped Hay Is Junk!

Everytime I pick up the last strands of hay from the package, I realized how much loose hay and powder I have. As of late, I found that there are people repacking all these loose hay to be sold. Very enterprising. Unfortunately, loose hay does not serve much purpose for our rabbits.

Rabbits should be given strands of hay that will upkeep the motility of their guts.

So the next time you see chopped hay being sold, bear in mind that it is like someone selling their shredded paper which serve no real purpose. Stop wasting your money and time on those useless chopped hay. The only good thing I see in them is that you can fit them in the bowl.

Let’s come back to the real and actual reason we feed hay to our rabbits. It is all about stomach motility. Cellulose and fiber that helps a lot in the rabbits’ stomachs.

Have you ever seen the rabbit’s anatomy? They have very long intestines that needs long strands of grasses to help “flush” those “blockages” and poops out. Chopped hay is no different from just feeding pellets which are made of hay too.

Just get fresh hay in strands will ya?


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Regurgitating Information

My main point of reference for rabbit information is the House Rabbit Society website. This is the website every bunny owner must have at his/her fingertips. This is the complete guide to all there is to know about your pet rabbit.

I have gone through many of the articles there. Not really a fan of reading long articles, I normally go through those that interests me. I have read through the neuter/spay page before but that was one of the first few visits to this site.

Now that I am working on this spay/neuter policy, I needed to refresh my memory and boy, did this website came in handy. Very thorough information. I do not need to look elsewhere.

Since it has all been stated there, I would just like to add a link to their neuter/spay page. I especially like all the good reason given to spay/neuter. No point repeating what is much more informative.

So for those who wants to know more about spay/neuter, please go to FAQ: Spaying & Neutering.

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