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Who Would Have Thought?

This is Tru-Luv's Balian

And here he is again...

Such a cutie isn't he?

For those who have worked with Holland Lops long enough, they will concur that the older the bucks are, the more handsome they become. So it is with the case of Balian. I absolutely love this little “massive” buck. He has the “don’t mess with me” look. Don’t be fooled, underneath that “meanie” look, he is actually a very sweet little buck always looking for some head rubs.

I am glad that I started this weblog 4 years ago because I am able to recollect the past. It was an “IN” thing back then but the real reason I started this blog was because I like to keep a journal of my journey. I tend to forget things easily and keeping a journal helps me recall important things in life. To demonstrate how wonderful this weblog is, I would like to take you back 2 years ago when Tru-Luv Balian was born (17th October 2009)…

He was born on Deepavali Day and took on the name Thosai.

Balian @ 3 days old

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

Day 16

Day 32

Day 35

Day 39

Day 47

8 weeks old

Week 8

The day when I bid Balian goodbye...

Who would have thought that little Balian will grow into such a beautiful little buck by just looking at these photo? The moral of the story is, never be too quick to judge a little bunny especially a buck because they look better as they age!

And how wonderful it is for me to grow as well in my photography skills and looking back at all these pictures, I must admit that I take the worst photographs – ROFL!



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Oprah’s Favourite Things Syndrome

I believe I have some sort of illness. The illness in my own definition is called “Oprah’s Favourite Things Syndrome”. If you do not know what I am talking about, please look at the following video:

Did you see the expression on that guy’s face? The expression of pure joy and happiness?

Whenever I go meet my imported Holland Lops at the airport, that’s exactly how my face beams with gladness! The heart pounds and believe me, it is really stone face outside, emotional wreck inside.

That is exactly what my illness is all about. I am addicted to seeing faces like that! Perhaps I am exaggerating or most people are really good at hiding emotions. Whatever it is, I love seeing people happy. Especially when they get to keep a Tru-Luv Holland Lop.

Today was delivery day for Tru-Luv Chiko. A little black buck that has grown into a little handsome 8 weeks old.

A little bomb at 8 weeks old

It really is a defining moment for me to see the happy faces on Chiko’s new family members. It is a feeling that all the fame and prestige in the world will never ever be able to give. The satisfaction is so great that it makes everything else unimportant.

I truly found my calling in the hobby. And I am counting my blessings that so far, I have been so blessed when placing my rabbits into good home. They are SUPER homes! And I realize that sets everything apart. “Quality not Quantity” applies to the people the rabbits go to as well. Looking back at all the bunny friends that I have here locally, I cannot help but to feel truly honoured and grateful because they really are super nice people.

Alright, this is a pretty emotional post for me. I would like to ask permission to be allowed to express myself. Writing is how I express all the positive and negative alike. I would like to release something very negative and let it be bygone. If you are reading this and do not like it, truth is, I don’t care, I am going to write it anyway to heal myself and getting rid of this negativity.

For the past month after cancelling the show that was to be organised by the Show Committee (MROC) that I gathered together, I cannot help but to feel extremely cheated for many reasons as follows:-

1. Reputation put on the line

I was approached by certain someone to work together in organizing the show (which I now do not understand why the urgency & importance). I spearheaded the organizing effort by pulling the right resources and people together. I contacted people that I have known and use my reputation to build the foundation of organizing the show. And when the show was cancelled and because I have placed myself upfront, I took the full impact of the blow from many parties. I am proud to say, I took full responsibility of it. Unfortunately, I felt that I have been “framed” and put on the line through a highly well crafted strategy.

The truth is, RM 10k has been verbally promised for the show. My mistake is to believe the RM 10k exists at that moment of time and started work on organizing the show. Indeed that RM 10k exist but, I am not a risk taker and I call the show off because I have not seen anything concrete about the existence of the RM 10k in black and white. You cannot possibly risk organizing something of such capacity just through word of mouth. And I did not like how the sponsor goes missing or reacted each time progress updates was to be given. And most importantly, I did not want to be lead onto believing the RM 10k exist only to have myself footing all the bills when the show date draws near. So as you can see, I really have got no choice but to call it off in that circumstance.

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” – Sun Tzu

The attempt was definitely to subdue me in terms of getting rid of my reputation in this hobby. It didn’t work at all for me because I mentioned time and time again that this is a hobby for me. They took it as if selling Holland Lops is my business. HELL NO.

And don’t get me wrong as I am not trying to get sympathy but I did a lot of questioning and tried to reason things out. But now, I will just let karma do its job.

2. Doubtful events

There are a few things that gave me reasons to believe that everything has been crafted with precision. I have shared my knowledge while being in the Show organizing team. I shared so much about how the show is to be organized from preparing Club constitution, show catalog and right up to show table design and show venue layout. All the ideas that would make a show work. Hardly a day after I announced that cancellation of the show, the “sponsor” who said that there isn’t enough funds started making plans to proceed with the show with a new team. That made me wonder that I was really being picked to siphon the knowledge and ideas that I have. The funny thing was, there was an attempt to use the show catalog that I have prepared word for word and when I voiced out, only the layout has been changed and colors added. Strange and funny.

And then my blog got spammed by someone in Walnut, California and he mentioned that “someone will pick up the pieces and get the credit”. It got me thinking if it was all been a plan. Seriously, there is no need to scheme to get me off the organizing committee, I am more than willing to make way for anyone else that is willing to take up the responsibility. Just ask and you shall be given.

The best part is, and truth be told, a certain someone that I used to look up to as a person of high integrity has severed our friendship just because I call off the MROC show.

There you have it, I no longer suffer in silence any more. This is the truth and my account of what has happened for the past few months. Yes, I have been suffering in silence without anyone knowing but is it a big deal for me? Perhaps YES prior to today but I can now see that all are nonsense and rubbish. Downright petty, stupid and funny too.

Just RABBITS for crying out loud!

3. Selfishness knows no bounds

We started off thinking that MROC would be approved by ROS mid way while we organize the show but its application was rejected as we all know. To be organizing an event with an unofficial association has certain legal implication. Now, aren’t the people who penalize me for cancelling the show a little selfish and not take into consideration of such implications? Anyone who is involved with an “unregistered association” runs the risk of being penalized. I only acted to safeguard all members in my then committee.

All these vanished today because they are so unimportant to me. My focus is to put a smiling face onto someone who truly appreciates my rabbits. I have the power to share positive feelings to those who really know who I truly am. I have the power to choose to do something good for a fellow human being.

True Love, Through Love….

Will I participate in the ARBA Show?

What good would an ARBA District Representative be if he does not participate in an ARBA Show? I choose to be gracious and professional. Show organizing disputes and show participation are 2 very different things altogether. Participating in the show really means supporting ARBA for me. I will surely give my support to anything ARBA even if it means 1st of the tables for personal reasons. That is not important too. I will be there to hang out with those I call friends and to make new friends.

P.S.: Kepada mereka yang kurang memahami apa yang Tim tulis hari ini, saya minta ampun. Tidak dapat Tim mengekspresikan dengan lebih tepat perasaan saya melalui bahasa. Harap2 kawan2 sekalian faham apa yang telah ditulis pada malam ini.


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Bon Voyage Toble!

I bid farewell to Toble with a happy heart knowing that he is going to a home that will love him. I am extremely sure about this because his owners, a nice family of 4 came all the way up from the state of Malacca just to bring him home. It does not get any better than that, does it? I always enjoy seeing the smiles on faces of new rabbit owners – just priceless!

I had a lengthy explanation session with his new owner and I hope that I did not “upload” too much information or else there will be an “overload”.

Baby Toble. What a little cutie

Turned out, Toble is meant to be a birthday gift for a young lady who was also born in the year of the RABBIT! Isn’t that amazing? It was her dad who contacted me and I believe it was a special inquiry from the start. Being a father myself, I can truly understand how much he wanted to make his daughter happy and I am glad to be of help. Come to think about it, in this hectic world, I seldom see such act of love anymore. True Love they say?

8 weeks old Toble. Still cute isn't he?

Happy Birthday to Ms. YYL! May you have a wonderful birthday!


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Another Possible Regretful Decision

My waiting list is long but my supply list is short. There are quite a number of people who have approached me for one of my Holland Lops for the longest time but most are rejected for various reasons. Some never return and even threw in a few curses in hatred for my “arrogance”. But I am always in awe to see the persistence in some of these potential buyers. I am more than willing to share and help the unsuccessful candidates with bunny that they might face although they do not get any rabbits from me.

I am always happy to see others making improvements through my opinions and advice. One such case is the person that I am passing one of my rabbit to this weekend. I truly respect this person for being so persistent and I am glad that he made the effort to keep in touch. He even updates me on the progress of his rabbits.

With great reluctance, all bunnies at TLR bid farewell to Tru-Luv Truli. They are almost 11 weeks now and it is really difficult to decide which to keep and which to share. If I could, I would like to keep them all – LOL!

And since I am confident that he will have a good life in his new place, I have picked Tru-Luv Truli. As usual, I did a little simple health check on him and take some photos for keep sake.

Clean and well aligned teeth

Clean vent area and it's a BOY!

Very difficult decision indeed...

The bone on this guy is amazing...

Over to you Mr. Recycle…


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The Breaking Point

First of all, I just wanted to say that Tru-Luv Rabbitry blog turns 3 years old last June 18, 2010. Life has been hectic and I actually forgotten all about it. Wow, can’t believe it has already been three (3) years of writing! Or is it?

I can’t remember when was the last time that I have really written a good piece here but I would like to thank all my faithful readers for always dropping by. Please accept my humble apologies for being so quiet for such a long time. Today, I promised myself that I will write a pretty long one. It may be a pretty random post and hopefully you won’t get lost reading it. Such a beautiful weather it is this cool rainy Sunday! And blogging to the sounds of Susan Boyle can be pretty inspiring.

I have chosen an interesting topic (for me at least) – The Breaking Point. We just came back from a small gathering with our friends from Furrybutts and Furfurries. The furries were pretty late so we didn’t really have time to catch up. But nonetheless, they have pretty much given me some ideas for this post.

As you all may have read in my previous postings that I have pets throughout my life so far and there isn’t a time when I didn’t have a pet. I am very proud to say that most of my pets live through their natural life span but I must also admit that there were instances where I had given up on some along the way. Very difficult decision but all that I have given up have good if not better homes.

I noticed that there are many similarities among pet lovers. One of the similarities that I found is that, at one point or another a person decides to take up the responsibility of looking after a living being. And he or she tends to treat this pet like his or her own child. Both pet and owner soon build a very strong bond between them. I must say that pets with shorter life span has better lives because they live short enough to avoid the Breaking Point. Some live through the Breaking Point but most become the victim of the Breaking Point.

Before I continue, rest assure, there isn’t any Breaking Point at the moment among us but I just thought of writing about it. Please allow me to digress, I am pretty glad that I have put Tru-Luv Rabbitry in the scrutiny of the public through my blog. It actually helps me to keep on going in this hobby.

So when do you know you’re in the midst of the Breaking Point?

It always start off with DOUBT. Questions like “Am I adequate enough to look after Fluffy right now?” and “Is Fluffy getting enough attention from me right now?” are examples and tell tale signs of the Breaking Point.

In my previous experiences, most of the Breaking Point I went through was because of the constant nagging from someone who doesn’t like pets at home. Boy am I glad that I am an adult now with my own space and time for the things I love to have. Yes, not everyone in this world can tolerate your little pet. I count my blessings because my beautiful wife loves animals too! And yes, please add “love pets” as one of the criteria before you start dating your girl/boy friend if you are a pet lover. Having a pet is like having a religion sometimes. Also watch out for those man/woman that agrees on everything before marriage and thereafter, forgets every single promise – LOL!

Breaking Points can also be caused by a new job, a new born and everything new that pushes poor little Fluffy off the edge of your heart. The pet industry is a thriving industry due to this reason. The turnover is very high and it is a vicious cycle for the little living creatures.

So the next time when you look down at little Fluffy, and starts to convince yourself that there is a better home out there for him, think again. Turn around and remind yourself what Fluffy has so generously given you up to that point – UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Three long years.  So what have I learn from Holland Lops in the past 3 years? Nothing. I am really serious, NOTHING AT ALL. Holland Lops tend to have a mind of their own. They give a whole new experience to those who think that they have seen it all. To some, there are nothing but surprises and for others, they are the BREAKING POINT.

Anyway, it was really nice to see Buttons, Yohji, Tridus, Tinga, Whiskey, Yuffie, Echo and a glimpse of Bailey today.

Buttons and Whiskey

Tridus and Tinga

Cutie Yohji!

Did I mention anything about regret before? Good thing is, I have had only a few regrets passing my rabbits on so far because 90% are extremely good homes. In short, I almost never have any worry that my rabbits end up in bad homes. My regrets are usually from seeing the rabbits fully develop into awesome specimens than they already are when they leave me. Don’t get me wrong, but I do make the decision to pass them on as awesome as they are because I do not believe in passing on bad stuff. If you do not know what I mean, here you go…

Tru-Luv Balian

He lives with a little mouse, a dog and many more critters (I think)

He needs to come back and make some babies for me...

Valiant Balian - Miller's Clark's son!

Regret, Regret, Regret. LOL!

This is what I call good Pet keeping!

FYI, I took all these photos without the consent of the owner. I don’t really care because I need to steal Balian back! LOL! He is awesome posum right now!

Balian’s owners has agreed for him to come back to Meadow Haven to help me make some awesome babies! YeahooOOoooooo


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Romantic Duos

For the past 3 years, I have shared my rabbits with many and I am pretty sad to say that only a handful take the trouble to update me on their progress. Though only a few are proactive in keeping in touch, we have formed a strong friendship bond among ourselves. We take turns to bunny sit for each other and it is really fun to have a little support group going on.

A friend asked me about Skor tonight and I was struck with sadness. I am quite disappointed because I last heard about him a month after I passed him on. The only photo I have of him was taken 3 days after he went to his new home. Once in a while I’ll send a text message to his new owner without any replies.

As I was about to turn off my computer and go to bed heart broken, one of my “bestest” bunny friends IMed me and sent me these photos. They really made my day. Thanks a lot Shahfiq and Adesh! You both rock!

Mishu and Bugsy. The newly weds. Successfully bonded for life....

The love birds!

The man, Truffles chilling...

Miss Muffet, Truffles' wifey.

The Loving Couple

Isn’t that just wonderful? Everybunny is just happy. Not to mention the super huge living quarters that they have for themselves. It is like Kent and Barbie’s mansion I tell ya!

The world is perfect with bunny owners like these 2! Good news is, I know quite a few like them. Awesome!


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Barney, the luckiest bun under the Sun

Barney was scheduled to go to his new home Tomorrow (Sunday). I got a call from the potential owner telling me that I can deliver him anytime today. So off I went searching for this place that I wasn’t too familiar with.

I won’t mention names and will not go into details but upon reaching my destination after a little near death experience (I missed a junction and had to reverse against traffic), I met this nice man who showed me his rabbits. He has previously inquired about my Holland Lops for a few times but somehow it didn’t work out. Well, it didn’t work out this time either. I wasn’t too comfortable letting Barney go because of how “immaculately” clean the living condition is at Tru-Luv Rabbitry. I really think I am a cleanliness freak right now. I really don’t know how others judge cleanliness but I think I might be the one overdoing it. I felt bad rejecting this guy and not passing Barney to him. I don’t blame him for it but on the other hand, I was very disappointed with the “breeder” that sold him the rabbits for not showing him the right way of keeping otherwise beautiful rabbits. I gave a few pointers and urged the owner to improve the living conditions of the rabbits and I am glad he took my advice and is now in the midst of improving. I would like to continue guiding him through and hope this blog post do not deter him or make him hate me. I really hope to see 2 happier rabbits. I did walk out from that place with Barney but I am not walking out on that guy in terms of guidance. I am glad he has text me letting me know he has taken his rabbits for grooming and a little medical check up.

On my way back home, I can’t take my mind off the experience. It really did hit hard and I cannot stop wondering what more I can do to get knowledge across. Or is it because I have too much expectations and tend to put my expectations upon others? Whatever it is, I need to exercise my own discretionary powers for the best of my rabbits.

Anyhow, I tried distracting my mind and one person’s name came up right away. I now think that it is all fated and was meant to be. I got hold of her number and turned out she was still interested in Barney. We initially arranged for a meet up on Sunday but somehow the plans kept on changing.

A car with a family pulled up the house a little before 9pm and out came a wonderful family of 6. We spent sometime chatting nothing but bunnies. I even forgotten to offer them a drink (I am a very bad host today). Barney was getting very comfortable on mommy’s lap. After a long chat, I reconfirm if they like Barney and mommy said, “YES!”. It was a perfect fit. This wonderful family really made my day today. It was such a worthwhile wait and one that I will cherish for the rest of my life. It really makes my cause all worth it and I am really please to know that TRUE LOVE does exist.

I get to visit Barney sometimes too! And the best part is, he will be kept indoors and that is something that I am very proud of. All Tru-Luv Hollands are house rabbits!

This is by far the hardest post for me to write but the most fulfilling and written on a very happy note! The reason being, it has been a day filled with mixed feelings but in the end it was a very HAPPY BEGINNING.

Buns-UP for Barney! One of his memorable moments with me!

Barney, 2nd from the left!

I believe this story will put all the Nay Sayers to shame. “Tim have no respect for rabbit lovers”, “Tim neuters his rabbits as a business strategy for repeat sales”, “Tim is arrogant” and comments like that are vanishing fast and for good!

I am extremely happy not because I get to proof a point but I am truly happy for Barney. That is utmost important. And for the record, I love and respect my rabbits. In that, I have not only respect but MAD RESPECT for people who love them too!

Barney, it has been a very joyful 4 months having you. I am happy that you will bring a lot of joy to your new family. Love you loads! We will see you soon…

Thank and praise God for the Suns(hine)!


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Baby Mishu

It’s been a while since we last seen this little girl. Here’s a couple of photos of her.

Mishu and Paddington


That's me!

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Farewell Betty!

It is never easy looking for the perfect home for TLR babies let alone say goodbye to them. I find myself engaging in a lot of conversations with their new owners to basically distract myself from missing having the kits around. At the end of the day when I write a post of a successful “rehoming”, I would like to write with great joy and hope. I do find something to hold on to as a sense of security that my little kit will do well. In some cases, I hold on to the image of a particular expression on the new owner’s face.

It was pretty dark when I pull up in front of Betty’s new owners’ house. I was greeted by Mr. P who has been inquiring for a TLR rabbit for quite sometime. Mr. P shares his interest in rabbits with his daughter. It is always nice to have one of the adults in the family having interest in pets. Mr. P and his daughter reminded me very much of how I used to be when I was so much younger. Anything that can be made a pet will always capture my attention. I really have both my parents to thank for nurturing my interest in keeping animals as pets.

Mr. P showed me his humble setup which was partly DIY project. Overall it was pretty clean and I did advice on the cage flooring. I shared with him some tips on how to help make life in the cage a little more comfortable. To a certain extend, everyone deserves the chance to start somewhere and I believe that with a little more research and reading up, Mr. P and his daughter would do really well with the rabbits.

The expression that I took home today was when I took Betty out of the carrier and the expression on his daughter’s face was priceless.

At least I made someone happy today. I hope Betty would be a great pet for the family.

Goodbye little Betty!

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Bon Voyage Tru-Luv Balian

If there is one rabbit that I’ll probably regret not keeping at this moment is Tru-Luv Balian. I don’t mean it in a bad way though. I wish he was a doe so that I could keep him for the breeding program. But all is well and good because he is now proudly owned by a little girl, Meg & her family. Meg’s mom has agreed not to neuter him in case I need to use him as a stud. But if he do not behave (bringing down the Golden Shower or play target practice), there goes his precious jewels.

I felt it was appropriate to let Balian go because I still have both his parents and two herd bucks are all I need at the moment.

Both these kits will be 3 months old tomorrow and I took a few photos of them.

Having a head moult at the moment

Looking good

I really love this little guy

A nice little bunny for a cute little baby!

Little perky guy!

Already being spoiled rotten with a nice cage & lots of hay!

Being curious and adventurous


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