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Farewell MROC

I guess the spark and hope for an official rabbit club for rabbit owners in Malaysia has dimmed for me. Our 1st attempt to get it registered officially with Registrar of Society has been rejected and I do not wish to proceed with our 2nd attempt as I anticipate a very hectic career life in the next few weeks.

The wonderful gathering last weekend has opened up my eyes and made me realized that just having a gathering with rabbit lovers is good enough for me. I enjoy organizing it and I really enjoy seeing others having fun. My priorities and views have changed so much in just one evening with fellow rabbit friends. We will definitely organize more of such events but it will never be tied to any club. I prefer to have it this way which is hassle free.

With the heaviest of hearts, I have called for this unofficial little club to be dissolved. Any attempt to use MROC to organize any event is deemed unlawful in the court of law as MROC is NOT officially approved by Registrar of Society.

With immediate effect, I am no longer related to MROC directly or indirectly. As far as I know, we have not accepted any official memberships/fees.

I will continue raising beautiful Holland Lops as a hobby because they are all that matters to me right now and it was mainly because of them that I am making this decision. All the unnecessary time spent on the club matters is taking my precious time away from my beloved hobby.

I will also remain as the ARBA District 9 Representative unless I get new directions and commands from my boss himself. If you have any questions related to ARBA please feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to assist you. By taking a step back from holding office in a rabbit club locally, I can observe the on goings of every rabbit club here in Malaysia without being bias towards my own club. I invite all those who wants to form a club or has formed a club to get in touch with me so that I can report events and happenings to ARBA. I will render my assistance to the best of my ability.

Thank you.

Goodbye MROC, curtains down…


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With a heavy heart, we have decided to cancel the rabbit show.

For a full explanation please read –

And I would like to thank my Show Committee for all their support, trust and most of all for putting up with my “perfectionist” nature. My heartfelt thanks goes out especially to Brandon & Grace of Golden Pines Rabbitry, Cikgu Syah of Reko Rabbitry and Xazaquan of ZR Rabbitry. They have been a great bunch of people to work with. We really have fun and learned a lot although it wasn’t a successful one.

We are not yet ready for a ARBA Show as the number of entries so far did not meet our expectations. Perhaps we’re moving too fast. So we find it inappropriate to invite our honourable judges all the way from USA just to judge a handful of rabbits. Nonetheless, I truly hope that the hobby will grow and perhaps in the future, we can all come together to organize a show again.


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For the past few days/weeks, there has been some confusion with the formation of rabbit clubs. I just wanted to take this opportunity to clear the air by letting everyone know that MROC is short for Malaysian Rabbit Owners’ Club. It is in fact a club for anyone who owns rabbit(s) be it pet owners, hobbyist breeders or even people who wants to own rabbits.

As it stands, we are still awaiting for the approval from Registrar of Societies (ROS) before we are able to recruit members. The application is now being processed and we will be getting the approval soon.

My hardworking committee and I would like to urge fellow rabbit owners to give us some time to get this sorted out and we promise that it will be worth the wait. Many events and activities has been planned in the pipeline and as all of you can see, the ARBA Sanctioned Rabbit Shows is one of those events that is currently taking shape. And on top of that, it is organized by MROC committee members and some faithful volunteers at the moment as we have yet to recruit any members.

Again, please know that the 1st & 2nd MROC ARBA Sanctioned Open All Breed shows that is to take place on 4th of June 2011 is solely organized by MROC and supported by a number of sponsors namely American Pet Diner and Pet World Malaysia 2011.

MROC does not have another name other than MROC.

I hope this will dispel all the confusions among rabbit owners.

Thank you for your time reading.

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We need to sing the same song

I do not know what inspired me with this blog title but it came to my mind this morning while I was driving. Right now I can’t really recall what I want to write about it but as I go along typing perhaps I will remember.

I believe it was about this entire rabbit thingy again (what else could it be?). I am losing my memory power pretty quick these days so for those who might be interested in dealing with me, please forgive me if I have forgotten anything at all or will be forgetting.

Yesterday while I was doing my usual rabbit blog hopping, I read a very interesting article about REPUTABLE BREEDERS. I think right now with all the Show Rabbit Breeders “mushrooming” in Malaysia, it is very relevant for us. I wish that everyone will start off on the right footing. Please visit one of my favorite blogs of all time (and also a blog by a family I hold close to my heart) – Three Little Ladies Rabbitry Blog post entitled WHAT IS A REPUTABLE RABBIT BREEDER?.

As you can see, I am still very far off from being a Reputable Breeder considering that I do adhere to most of the “protocols” of running a little rabbitry. I guess not many people know how much work is put into it except for those who have deal with me personally before. As the article suggests, a reputable breeder is one that never praises himself but rather have someone else recommending him/her as a reputable breeder. In short, a reputable breeder is a title given by others.

So here’s my request for my buyers/adopters/customers. I hope you can spend some time commenting on this blog post about your experience dealing with me and if you feel that I have been a reputable breeder. In short, do I meet or exceed your expectations? Do I impart good knowledge? Please write anything that you feel is proper and relevant.

And coming back to the title of this post today, indeed we really need to Sing the same song in this rabbit hobby. We must sing the same song called “REPUTABLE BREEDER”.

I hope with the upcoming MROC ARBA Sanctioned Rabbit Shows this coming June 4th 2011, everyone will get an idea what rabbit shows should be. Please also bear in mind that this is our first time organizing such a show at this capacity and we ask for forgiveness for all the shortcomings and glitches that will happen.  Please know that we are all doing our best so that all rabbit owners will have fun on this day. Win or lose, we must be proud of ourselves as Malaysians for having some of the nicest rabbits and taking the first step in joining the ranks of those in other parts of the world to hold ARBA Sanctioned Rabbit Shows. Please give us your fullest support and be kind to the same people who is spending their precious time making this event a success. It is not the effort of a single individual but a collective effort by a group of people who love to share. Let’s have fun!

Before I end my long winded post today, I would like to share a few photos of Tru-Luv Balian. Balian is back in Meadow Haven for a while and I am really proud of this little buck. Also not forgetting his wonderful/amazing family especially little Meg (she’s 3 years old this year if I remember correctly). I really want to thank them for taking such good care of Balian. I cannot stop seeing Clark in Balian.

Look who's back?

And he's always in a molt when he comes back - LOL!

Not perfect but good enough for me...

Happy Weekend everyone! Please drop me a little testimonial if you have any. Thank you in advanced!


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2011 Resolution

2011 is just around the corner, here are my new years resolution for TLR:

  • Helping a fellow new comer to the hobby to start up a good herd
  • To help organize an ARBA sanctioned show here in Malaysia
  • Continue to promote ethical breeding
  • Continuous improvements in the Rabbitry
  • Snap more “poisonous” photos (improve photography skills)
  • Have fun and make more friends in the hobby
  • Be a good District Representative for ARBA
  • Organizing fun stuff for all rabbit owner and their pets
  • Attending ARBA Convention 2011

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Keeping The Passion Alive

Burn outs – I am sure all of us has gone through it. When our lives get too hectic, most often then not, we start to prioritize. I have written a lot of about priorities in life and I have often mentioned that pets are easy target when inevitable changes happen in our lives. A dear friend wrote a very good piece on this topic – Too many lives, not enough homes. As far as that “department” is concerned, I am glad that people knows how TLR works and my inquiries are normally from people who wants to have a neutered Holland Lop as pet. It is amazing how when you are amongst the best, you become one of them. Though I am just half way there, I have Alicia to thank for showing me good examples and it was based on her ideas that the TLR sales policy were written.

Coming back to the topic, we’re sometimes pretty weak and we’re subjected to many trials and tribulations in life. When we’re faced with tough situations, we may not only feel like quitting what’s causing the tough situation but these tough situations may also cloud our judgment and thus, cause us to quit our passion.

MROC is not dead by the way. We’re very much alive. I take pride in having a small group of rabbit friends and I must say that we’re TIGHT! I hope more will join us soon. We have dinner together sometimes and I am glad we are all taking initiatives to meet up once in a while. And I truly enjoy these outings. The amazing thing is, these friendships are made through our beloved rabbits. So since MROC is made up of bunny lovers, as long as we’re each alive and kicking, this club is very much alive too. It is really up to each individual how they want to grow in this club. Everyone has got full control over how much they want to make out of this club and to be part of it. My apologies for the inactivity on the parts of newsletter. Each of the officers have a life and when we’re busy, MROC is the least of our worries. That is how MROC is made and I like it to stay that way. It is a non-committal club that will take long slumbers and only awake when necessary – LOL!

So, if you ask me if I have ever thought of giving up my rabbits? I would say YES, many times over. And what makes me persevere in this hobby when it seemed like the end? There are many things that holds me back from giving up and below is just a few of the good things that keep my passion alive:

1. When the breeders in USA showed me photos of the rabbits that they are sending, I normally feel very emotional about it. There is a concoction of mixed feelings. How can I possibly give them the same if not better life compared to them being in USA? But mostly there is a feeling of inadequacy because I make a conscious decision to bring them over here and it is my promise to take good care of them. Whenever I feel like giving up, I remind myself of this little promise I make for each and everyone of the bunnies and also their breeders. I am glad that the basic needs of these rabbits can be met now with fresh green hay, quality rabbit pellets and good vets too.

2. The friends I have in this hobby are AMAZING. We call ourselves the global bunny support group. We are always encouraging each other and engage ourselves in this hobby. Peer pressure holds true here. And when a breeder shares photos of their latest rabbits, it is taken as an inspiration to continue working hard on our own.

3. In my opinion they deserve the best and there is no other place that could give them the care and love I provide for them. As long as they are with me, I have control and I am in control. My apology for indicating that everyone else is incompetent but you will truly understand this feeling when you are in my shoes and if you care that much about your pets. Not a day passes with me thinking about my rabbits living elsewhere. This thought itself will cause me to burn out sometimes.

When you can relate to me and my feelings for my rabbits, you can be very sure that you’re IN too deep with this hobby. They mean the world to you and it is impossible to give them up!

And each time you look at your little bunny, renew that little vow you took that you have made a conscious decision to bring little bunny home and the least you could do is to take good care of it!

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#1 MROC Newsletter ROLLED OUT!

I am proud to inform that the #1 issue of MROC quarterly newsletter has been rolled out for those who have submitted their completed application forms.

For those who have requested for the form and yet to submit them, please do so in order for you to receive the newsletter. I have also attached the application form in WORD format. Please complete the form the best you can and submit it to Thank you!

Download form here:


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MROC Newsletter Preview

We’re about to roll out our club’s first official newsletter. Each issue runs for 3 months and this issue will be for the months of October, November & December 2009!

For those that has yet to register themselves for absolutely FREE, please send an email to with the subject “I Want To MROC!”.

Here’s a little sneak preview of what is to come.

Only members will be receiving a clear version of this newsletter! LOL!

Only members will be receiving a clear version of this newsletter! LOL!

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Malaysian Rabbit Owners’ Club

MROC Rocks!

MROC Rocks!

MROC it is!

We will be kicking off the first phase of membership drive. For now, the club will operate fully over the Cyberspace/Internet. And what that means? The membership fee will be waived for now. Yes, it will be totally FREE during this period!

Please request for an application form by sending us an email to and with the subject: “I WANT TO MROC!”

As a member, you will get periodical newsletters with tons of information and fun!


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