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Goodbye Tiramishu

Sonshine’s Goodie Two Shoes or Michum as she is fondly known, this beautiful little Netherland Dwarf came to us directly from the USA in December 2009.

Proudly owned by our dear friends Adesh and Shahfiq, she lived an amazing 10 years filled with tons of love and care.

Today we pay tribute to this amazing little doe who outlived most of her peers.

Binky free and find the rest of the herd at Rainbow Bridge. You will have Truffles waiting for you as well as all the TLR bunnies!

Rest In Peace Michum!


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Death is inevitable and unavoidable. I have written before that in keeping animals as pets, we are given the opportunity to see our pets go through their entire life cycle – from birth to death.

Throughout the years, I have known many wonderful people who have adopted my rabbits and I still receive updates from most of them.

Today, I received devastating news that Dovehill’s Faith has since passed on. She came to us in May 2011 as a rock solid doe. She has stumpy front legs and a body that every Holland Lop breeder strive to produce. Faith has produced some of the best offspring and have definitely improved the quality of my herd since her arrival here at Tru-Luv Rabbitry. One particular litter she produced two bucks and one of them was Tru-Luv’s Murdoch.

I must thank Cheri for her generosity in sharing Faith with us. Thank you Tracey and family for giving Faith an amazing home.

Binky free dearest Faith and may we meet again in that wonderful place you are at.

This was her at the show and us cheering her on!

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Every End Has A New Beginning

I guess, this is goodbye…

Just a few months shy of raising Holland Lops for a decade, we lost our last rabbit today. Reflecting and reminiscing the past 9 years, I cannot help but to realized how much these rabbits has helped me grew as a person. Many Holland Lop breeders came and gone but ultimately, not everyone will have the same experiences. I can only say that my experiences were very fulfilling and to a certain extent soulful. If you are aspired to be a Holland Lop breeder, you should always be yourself and enjoy the journey by defining it your way. All the past rabbits that graced Tru-Luv Rabbitry make up a bridge that paved the way to many amazing and wonderful friendships. They are the reason why I have an awesome bunny family consisting the many greats and champs of the hobby. Though a rabbit passes on, a family stays together forever.

It is almost a 10 years journey and through all the ups and downs, they were right there with and for me. They have given me so much joy and at the same time heartbreaks. How can you ever let go of such a strong bond?

Life isn’t perfect but these rabbits have been my pillars of strength and focal point in life throughout the “turbulence”. As each one of them left and passed on, it is as though life is telling me that I am leveling up in this game of life and moving up in the ladder of life. The last one seemed to mark my “graduation” in this life’s course and closes the chapter of this thick book 10 years in the making.

Truth be told, no one will ever know what these rabbits and people have done that changed my life for the better.

As such, I just want to take a moment to remember Tru-Luv’s Murdoch – the true symbol and legacy of Tru-Luv Rabbitry.

He was born together with Clarkie on the early morning of 17th December 2011. He was initially named Luv and since they were born during the Christmas season, they became the poster kits for the 2011 holiday season.

Hope and Luv

Hope and Luv

Hope & Luv the theme for the season!

Hope & Luv the theme for the season!



Sheer Happiness!

Sheer Happiness!

As Murdoch grew, there was something very special about him and he reminded me of Miller’s Clark.

How can you not want to HOARD over such cute faces?

How can you not want to HOARD over such cute faces?


The older he grew, the more handsome he became….


Murdoch is another special one. He won 1st BJB in one of the recent shows and I hope he continues to produce beautiful babies for me. Third generation produced here.

Murdoch is another special one. He won 1st BJB in one of the recent shows and I hope he continues to produce beautiful babies for me. Third generation produced here.

You can never disappoint that cute little face!

Celebrating his 1st birthday and 2nd Christmas with us.


Murdoch - The Gentlebun


El Hombre Guapo

El Hombre Guapo

A recent photo of Murdoch enjoying his salad.

Chomp Chomp Chomp...

Chomp Chomp Chomp…

I came home yesterday evening to find Murdoch lying in the most awkward position. He had his back legs spread out like a puppy. I can see that he was excited to see me and then I realized that only his head was moving. I took a closer look and that was when my heart sank – Murdoch, my baby boy has lost mobility and senses of all his limbs. I still do not know what had happened in our absence but it seemed to me that he might have broken his back. It was also clear that he was in pain because I could see the fur around his eyes wet. I then placed him in a comfortable position so that I can try feeding him. As I offered him some greens, he chewed with so much enthusiasm as though telling me that he was alright. I sat down next to him and spent some quiet moments with him. I said a little prayer for him and he was gone…


I try not to think too much about his passing but the thoughts of him waiting for me to get home before breathing his last is heart breaking.

The fondest and most endearing moment with Murdoch was during the Natural Pet Success Story video shoot (Thank you Stanley Saw for this wonderful experience). Murdoch is seen on camera in his best behavior and sitting very still on my lap. In fact, that is Murdoch and he behaves very well all the time.


Like the many great Tru-Luv bunnies of the past, we laid Murdoch to rest on a rainy Tuesday morning. I believe that death is not the end but it paves the way to a new beginning. We planted a little tree above where he was laid to rest as a symbol that he will continue to nourish this plant. His death is not in vain but will sustain this plant. And in turn, the plant will sustain other life forms through its purpose in the ecosystem at large.

Indeed, the definition of a full circle – from cradle to grave…




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The Newspaper Story

I am quite sure about the fact that newspapers and pets can be inseparable and I do not mean wrapping newspapers around them. What I mean is that, newspaper can be extremely useful when we own a household pet be it a dog, cat, or a rabbit. In the past, I have successfully litter trained puppies using newspapers. When it comes to rabbits, the most practical use for newspapers is lining the tray underneath their cages. I do not remember an instance where I have not used newspapers throughout the years raising rabbits.

There is something about newspapers that always caught me off guard. I sometimes get a shock while lining the trays with newspapers. Due to the reason that I am so used to lining trays with newspapers, I am usually very quick in opening to the centrefold.

Just imagine this.

Because of how fast I spread the newspapers apart, I get scares from faces staring back at me. Yes, you guess it right – the Obituary Section!

Right after getting a scare and shock by the black and white faces looking back at me, I will normally have mixed feelings whether to use these pages to line the tray or otherwise. There will be two common reactions. If the shock is bad enough, I will quickly squash the pages up and trash them or, I’ll gently place another piece of newspaper on top just to cover the obituary section.

What about you? What do you normally do when this happens?

I just do not think it is right for my rabbits to pee or poo on faces of dead people, it is just not right!

Today it was a full page with an old lady smiling at me – God bless her soul!

As for me, I almost felt part of my soul leaving my body…


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God Bless Your Souls

I would like to convey my deepest condolences to all affected by the MH17 tragedy. We mourn and words cannot express how devastated this has caused all of us.

It all boils down to the judgment and decision of one person. I hope by now the person who pressed the button to launch that missile will at least have a sense of remorse in his/her heart that we have lost over 200 talents from around the world. They are sons, daughters, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, friends, grandparents and most of all, individuals with lives and souls. Why can’t we all take responsibility and say NO when it is wrong. It all boils down to us as individuals to choose RIGHT and do the RIGHT thing!

When the people of the world no longer appreciates the beauty life has to offer, heaven is filled with more goodness and beautiful people.


I pray that God will bless the souls of all who have perished in this tragedy and may comfort bestowed unto their fakily and friends.

To Malaysia Airlines and its staff, you are the symbol of Malaysian Hospitality and Malaysians will always be proud of you. You have my unwavering support. Stay strong!

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His Legacy Lives On…

Just received a very sad news that Truffles has since passed on. The last time we had Truffles over here was almost a year ago and he was still a very determined little guy even though stricken by an unexplainable nerve disorder. Although the nerve impairment has caused him to be mobility challenged, he still has a lot of character. I really have his human daddy & mommy to thank for giving him such a wonderful life. My heartfelt condolences goes out to the “Chestnuts”. I am truly sorry for your loss.

Binky free my lovely boy…


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R.I.P. ChoyChoy

The news of the passing of ChoyChoy came as a surprise a couple of days ago. ChoyChoy is the celebunny that has been around since 2008 and resides at bunnychoy. Our deepest condolences to her human family. She will be missed!

Binky free…


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All Good Things Come To End


Just received a very sad news that Balian passed away this morning. I was just thinking about him looking at this picture last night.

Balian is hands down the best blue buck I have ever produced in the past 6 years and I hold him very close to my heart.

Balian will be sorely missed.

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Meadow Haven = Area 51

Holland Lops – the most difficult breed to raise. I must agree and I am not ashamed to say that I have seen it all. In the span of just a few months, I have seen the worsts of Holland Lops in terms of breeding. I do not enjoy the deaths involved but I definitely enjoy the challenges that comes along with this breed. I just couldn’t believe that I am given the honor to experience it all.

Good news is, the rabbits are starting to produce again. Like a car engine, it is normally harder to start after a long and cold night. So as starters, I got 2 kits from Haley x Clark. These weren’t ordinary kits. Haley’s pregnancy lasted for 33 days (today) and I was glad she expelled the kits.

What I got was 1 fetal giant (yes, 7 inches long from tip to tail!) and I got a little cute MAX FACTOR (thanks Susie for pointing out that it is not a peanut). What a JACKPOT combination it is (that reminds me, I need to go check my lottery now – LOL).

With all these difficulties, I realized that I am only now starting to work with the purest of Holland Lops. Indeed and in case you didn’t know, Holland Lops are also known as the freak of nature. They are nothing but natural. Developed through selective breeding, these are but a few traits that has been built into the breed.

If you think that it is easy to get Holland Lops, think again. It isn’t that easy and count your blessings if you have one of those cute little droopy ear critters!

The following pictures are very explicit. These are photos that no breeders will share. This world isn’t a perfect world so in sharing these photos, I hope they will serve as reality check for all of us.

Comparing a Great Dane to a Chihuahua

Bloated little fellow

Isn't it cute? The only problem is, it's DEAD!

These are but a few problems that Holland Lop breeders face on a regular basis. If any Holland Lop breeder tells you that he/she do not get problems like these, it is as good as he/she proclaiming that his/her mother is a virgin!

If the little MAX FACTOR kit reminds me of anything at all, it would be…

Gimli the DWARF!!!


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R.I.P. Micheal Jackson

I cannot not write this post because Micheal Jackson is the 1st person who introduced me to the world of music. His songs are the first songs I listened to when I started appreciating music. The song that will be closest to my heart would be WE ARE THE WORLD.

We are indeed the world. A world so torn apart which only music could unite. I cannot think of any corner of the world the voice of Micheal Jackson is not heard at this very moment.

We all know Micheal Jackson to be an animal lover due to the fact that he has got a zoo in his Neverland.

I am sure the angels and animals in Heaven are now dancing to his pop tunes!

Rest In Peace and binky free King Of POP!

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