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Backdrop Goreng Garang

Beyonce have a stage name or what she calls alter ego. Sacha Fierce? Like an average person, I do have a liking for beautiful things. If you have not already notice, I like capturing photographs of my rabbits and most of the time with interesting backdrops. After yesterday’s photography session, I went into a backdrop rampage.

If I have an alter ego for this rage for backdrop it would be “Backdrop Goreng Garang” or simply translated means “Fierce Backdrop Fryer” – ROFL. Sheer nonsense I know…

Let’s see what I have been frying up today. Poor little Miracle became my camwhore but he was such a good boy that knew what was required of him. Got the job done in a few minutes.

The Ladybug and Mushroom theme

The Bubble theme

The Meadow theme

The Random Pattern theme

Now let’s vote for your favorite:

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Guess Who?

Say who?

Who again?


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Polling Day!

I think it has been a while since I run a poll on this blog. Let’s have one right now…

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Rabbit Club Anyone?

Let’s have a poll to gauge on whether or not we will have the number to form a rabbit club in Malaysia. This club welcomes all owners be it pure bred or not. Major functions of the club:

1) A central repository of rabbit owners, breeders and enthusiasts

2) Organize shows for pedigreed, non-pedigreed and neutered rabbits. Future vision include “road trip” show where members go across to other states for shows (state representatives to organize shows of course)

3) Proposed monthly newsletter to inform of happenings

Malaysia Rabbit Club/Society sounds good? What say you?

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