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We’re going JUMBO & indulging at PET EPICURE!

Coming To A Location Near You!

They say LUV knows no boundary and for that reason, we are working our butts off to get the essentials to a location near you! I just want to let everyone know that TinyCritterz’ 1kg Timothy Hay can be purchased at the following locations:-

Kuala Lumpur

1.  Pet Epicure

16 Jalan Bandar 2, Taman Melawati, 53100 KL
CLOSED on Mondays and Public Holidays
9.30am – 5.30pm Tuesday to Friday
9.30am – 4pm Weekends 0129059010 – Olivia 0123313318 – Alicia

About Pet Epicure

I have written about Pet Epicure in the past but when it comes to this cosy little pet boutique (actually more than that), I have so much to write about it but just do not know where to start. The people at Pet Epicure are very passionate with what they do for the welfare of animals. Pet Epicure is mostly a cat/pet boarding facility but one will find many cats being put up for adoption as well. They are very kind hearted and can never turn down a cat (any cat for the matter). Most of what I learned about responsible pet ownership and breeding comes from Pet Epicure. They have inspired me to promote neutering to all my pet Holland Lop buyers. Pet Epicure carries a wide range of pet products including those for small animals. I would like to thank everyone at Pet Epicure for carrying TinyCritterz’ 1kg Timothy Hay and I hope rabbit owners in that area will be able to have access to good Timothy Hay!

Petaling Jaya

1. Perniagaan Jumbo

No. 20, Jalan SS5B/2
47301 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

About Perniagaan Jumbo

Perniagaan Jumbo has been around for almost 30 years. Nestled in the middle of the Kelana Jaya housing area, this friendly pet shop is famous among pet lovers in the surrounding neighborhood. This is the pet shop that I first learned about Hamsters 24 years ago (when I was only 7 years old). Being an animal lover, I spent most of my weekends coming to this shop and sometimes assisting in its daily operations just for fun. I always find pleasure in chatting with both Uncle Cheah & his wife. Since three years ago, the business has  been passed on and now operated by close relatives and Perniagaan Jumbo is as welcoming as before. I am always happy spending time in this pet shop and each visit will last more than an hour. It brings back a lot of wonderful childhood memories. Back then, Kelana Jaya has not been so developed and we did not even have the Giant Hypermarket. Through the years, Perniagaan Jumbo stands the test of time and has earned a place in the hearts of those in the neighbourhood. I am so happy that Mr. Cheah agreed to carry TinyCritterz’ 1kg Timothy Hay at his shop so that it is easily accessible to all rabbit lovers in the neighbourhood.  Below is the location based on Google Maps:-

Guess who's back?

Digit says HELLO!


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Brag? All Together Now…

We breed for the best temperaments!

Oh my goodness, I so like to brag. 1st Place Solid Senior Doe for both Show A and Show B. Best Opposite Sex of Breed for Show A – that counts as 1st place too! 1st Place means #1!!! NUMBER 1!!! UNO!!!

On a very serious note, all Tru-Luv Rabbits are on rabbit food and products fit for CHAMPIONS! Pretty obvious that they only get the best from me.

Rabbit products fit for SHOW STOPPERS!

We even run out of wall space for the newspaper features as background for these photos!!!

I need a Panoramic Lens to be able to capture my entire collection of newspaper features!

One more for BRAGS sake!

NOTE: None of the Trophies and Ribbons are given by myself, to myself. NUFF SAID….

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It Really Is A Labor Of LOVE

I know the blog has been pretty boring these days. Nothing but publicity and advertising. I just can’t help it. Here’s another advertisement to bore you before I write my heart out.

I am really gonna write my heart out tonight because I have never done that in a long long time. There is so much that I want to write tonight that I find it hard to pour everything out all at the same time. It is getting late and my mind is about to shut down.


I want to start with thanking all who have taken the time to write to me and letting me know that they appreciate my effort and how they like what I do for rabbits in general. At times, I know that I may appear to be a boastful and may cross one’s mind as a person who love to brag, arrogant and proud. If I really had to, I will choose not to be.

I sometimes get “I take my hats off you for being able to take good care of your rabbits amidst from having a day job, a family and etc, etc” and frankly, I truly appreciate all these compliments very much. And I thank all those who have used such generous words from the bottom of my heart. And I salute you because you have captured the essence of my effort and the cause I fight so hard for.

If you have really taken a step backward, you will notice I never once praise myself for anything at all BUT INSTEAD, praises are normally showered unto my rabbits. My love for them is so great because they, aside from my beautiful family are the ones that keep my heart happy. For simply being themselves.


If you have the time, just take a look at Tru-Luv In The Media page. This is truly an affirmation that I must be doing at least something right to be given the honor to appear on public media. Aren’t we all in this world seeking for affirmation? We yearn for respect, love and praise. It has been 4 hard and long years raising these rabbits. I sometimes ask myself, what am I really asking for? Why am I spending so much time blogging just that everyone will come to know about every little thing that I go through raising these rabbits? Why am I the generous fool attracting all the attention and recommending all the good stuff that I have tried (helping others boost their business indirectly)? Why? Why? And Why? What do I get out of it? What do I really get out of all these? Payment for Advertisements? NONE! WordPress does not allow any sort of funky HTML advertisement. So yes, I get nothing out of writing so much on this blog.

I seriously do not know why I am doing this but it brings joy to my heart. I went through a late night correspondence with one of the journalist while she was working on one of the articles and she asked me if I am up late doing bunny chores. I said YES and it was 3 a.m.

It all boils down to one word – PASSION.

I really do not ask for much for all that I do. All that I ask for are:

1. People treat their rabbits well

2. Putting a smile on someone else’ face when I hand a nice Holland Lop over to them

3. A sincere praise/compliment for my rabbits for being naturally beautiful

4. Knowing that someone has learned a lot about caring for their rabbits through this blog

5. Knowing that someone else is also breeding responsibly by not overpopulating the world with unhealthy animals

6. Knowing that the general public accepts and promote neutered pets

7. Knowing that good rabbit products are accepted and used by owners who love their rabbits

8. Knowing that someone saved his/her rabbit through experiences shared in this blog

9. Knowing that my recommendation has helped someone in distress

10. Knowing that a vet I recommended here did a good job treating rabbits sent to them

And the list goes on…

What do I really get? You really want to know?

A heart that smiles wide…

It is really a labor of LOVE…

BTW, grab a copy of Guang Ming Daily newspaper tomorrow (9th February 2011). Online version here.

P.S.: This is not a Valentine’s Day message…

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Tru-Luv on reTALE (Bangsar Shopping Complex Magazine)

Just as 2010 came to an end, I received an email from Ms. Hazel of La Scheers Co. (an amazing company with super unique office in the heart of Bangsar) to use Tru-Luv rabbits as models for the BSC magazine, reTALE. I am always eager to share my beautiful rabbits with the world at large so I agreed without reservation and without conditions (I love doing favors).

So on 4th of January 2011, I hauled up 6 rabbits with me to the makeshift studio for the photo shoot. We worked so hard from 8 pm till a little passed 11 pm. I even got stuck at the basement parking not having small change to pay for my parking ticket – LOL!

Here are some photos during the photoshoot and also the finished product. My photos here do not do the actual print justice, so please go grab a copy at Bangsar Shopping Complex.

Symphony waiting as they setup the lightings. The most tedious job for a photo shoot

It's amazing how such a modest setup can produce those superb outcome!

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the beautiful and talented people at La Scheers Co. for their commitment to deliver the best in the creative industry, an industry that works tirelessly without recognition most of the time. I just wanted to let Lisette, Hazel, Irene and everyone at La Scheers Co. know that their hard work is much appreciated. And thank you for the opportunity to show case my rabbits on this wonderful issue of reTALE.

The Cover of reTALE

Furry Talents: Tru-Luv Rabbitry...YAY!

Carmel with her signature pose. How much she has passed down that gene to Symphony!

Magique & McNite

This was a difficult shot to capture...Carmel

Yes, Tru-Luv rabbits say grace before feasting!

It's a wrap! From left, Irene, Lisette, Me & Hazel.

And right after that photo was taken, Magique peed on someone...NOT TELLING!

It was so much fun and I will do it again in a heartbeat!

Also, don’t forget to catch Tru-Luv Rabbits in The Star this 31st January 2011 !!!

And so it BEGINS….the fruits of labor…


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