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Yoga Bunnies

Though I no longer have live rabbits, I have quite a huge collection of rabbit figurines, collectibles, and decorations.

Today, I added these…

And they are stinking cute!



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Art be it music or drawing as we all know are forms of self expressions. Rainy nights combined with melancholic music sets the tone for an absent-minded sketch – a doodle. I have on my mind a very lean and mean looking bunny. I guess the outcome was not very far from the vision.

I think I should do this more often henceforth…


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Just A Stroll In The Park

Just fell in love with these and had to bring them home to add on to my ever growing collection of bunnies!

Like, no?


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Raffle for Holland Lop painting!

The 2012 HLRSC Nationals will be held in Washington next year and in their effort to raise funds, the Northwest Holland Lop Club commissioned my father to paint a picture of a Holland Lop. The painting is 15″ x 12″ in dimension. A raffle is like a lucky draw where people who are interested will purchase a raffle ticket with the lucky number. A draw will be made at a specific time and in this case I believe it will be on the 3rd of December 2011 at a Rabbit show in Monroe.

Dad & I would like to wish the Northwest Holland Lop Club all the best in their effort to raise funds and may the Nationals be a huge success!

The Beautiful Painting for the Raffle

For more information please join the Facebook event –

How can you purchase the tickets?

Here are some information posted on the Facebook page:

If you are not attending either of those shows and would like to purchase a ticket, please message Tiffany Field privately here on Facebook or send an email to and she will give you her mailing address to send payment to. As soon as she receives payment she will send you an email with your ticket stub numbers and/or send you your half of the ticket stub if you so choose.

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Happy Laborious Day!

The Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club (HLRSC) Nationals has just concluded in Columbus, Ohio. My dad and I was looking forward for this event since last year because we sent some beautiful Holland Lop paintings to be given out as awards at the Banquet. We have been keeping the secret for the Awards Chairperson, Mrs. Karen Bailey. Now that the awards has been awarded to all deserving winners, we would love to share pictures of these paintings. I really like each and everyone of them personally and I have since received many compliments on them.

I would like to thank everyone who appreciates my dad’s artwork especially to Mrs. Karen Bailey for commissioning my dad to work on these paintings. We would like to congratulate all winners and hope that the paintings won would be the centrepiece in your wonderful homes.

Broken Variety Award 1

Broken Variety Award 2

Broken Variety Award 3

Broken Variety Award 4

Solid Variety Award 1

Solid Variety Award 2

Solid Variety Award 3

Solid Variety Award 4

BOB/BOS award 1

BOB/BOS Award 2

And one of the award was offered up for Auction at the Banquet and the highest bid was USD 1000 !!!!!

Highest bid goes to Ms. Lisa!

And since today is Labor Day for us in Malaysia (not sure about other parts of the world), we are all spending time relaxing at home and the bunnies are all doing the same too. Don’t believe me?


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Dad’s Precious Gifts for TLR

My dad just painting these four special paintings for me. It is a Chinese New Year gift. A blessing for all the rabbits in Meadow Haven. Really proud of this big man, the person who showed me what it really means to be kind to animals. Always being there to support me and help me with my pets. I still remember the time we went fishing for tiger barbs every Saturday morning. We had a huge aquarium filled with tiger barbs.

Here are the works by my amazing DAD!

Carmel and her portrait

Trudle with his portrait. He is having a major head molt right now. Will look as good as his portrait, I hope - LOL!

Haley and her portrait

My boy Thunder and his portrait. Thunder is looking stunning today. Love his Stumpy LEGS! Only Thunder will have such STUMPY STUMPS!

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