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Death is inevitable and unavoidable. I have written before that in keeping animals as pets, we are given the opportunity to see our pets go through their entire life cycle – from birth to death.

Throughout the years, I have known many wonderful people who have adopted my rabbits and I still receive updates from most of them.

Today, I received devastating news that Dovehill’s Faith has since passed on. She came to us in May 2011 as a rock solid doe. She has stumpy front legs and a body that every Holland Lop breeder strive to produce. Faith has produced some of the best offspring and have definitely improved the quality of my herd since her arrival here at Tru-Luv Rabbitry. One particular litter she produced two bucks and one of them was Tru-Luv’s Murdoch.

I must thank Cheri for her generosity in sharing Faith with us. Thank you Tracey and family for giving Faith an amazing home.

Binky free dearest Faith and may we meet again in that wonderful place you are at.

This was her at the show and us cheering her on!


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God Bless Your Souls

I would like to convey my deepest condolences to all affected by the MH17 tragedy. We mourn and words cannot express how devastated this has caused all of us.

It all boils down to the judgment and decision of one person. I hope by now the person who pressed the button to launch that missile will at least have a sense of remorse in his/her heart that we have lost over 200 talents from around the world. They are sons, daughters, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, friends, grandparents and most of all, individuals with lives and souls. Why can’t we all take responsibility and say NO when it is wrong. It all boils down to us as individuals to choose RIGHT and do the RIGHT thing!

When the people of the world no longer appreciates the beauty life has to offer, heaven is filled with more goodness and beautiful people.


I pray that God will bless the souls of all who have perished in this tragedy and may comfort bestowed unto their fakily and friends.

To Malaysia Airlines and its staff, you are the symbol of Malaysian Hospitality and Malaysians will always be proud of you. You have my unwavering support. Stay strong!

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Binky Free Thunder Boy

Just got news that Thunder has left for the Rainbow Bridge. R.I.P. little boy. My condolences to his loving family. They did a wonderful job providing him with only the best. The good ones die young they say…

Thunder turned 7 years old 8 days ago. You are sorely missed…


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Coping With Death

Death is an inevitable event in both humans and animals alike. Throughout the years, I have experienced and felt the sorrow of losing my pet rabbits. Every pet owner will go through it because we usually outlive our beloved pets. The pain is harder to handle especially with those we have bonded for a number of years.

How do I usually cope with bunny death?

It was really hard for me initially but I have found a way to console myself. Many people believe in the Rainbow Bridge – a paradise for dead animals they say. I do believe there is a paradise for animals when they die. I believe that beyond the Rainbow Bridge, is a place where each dead animal finds a forever human companion.

I imagine everyone in heaven have a pet of their own. Every child in heaven have an animal keeping him or her company. It is the most wonderful thing anyone can imagine.

The pet and its human companion is inseparable. It goes wherever the human soul goes even though there are no danger in Heaven. Sometimes, a human soul can have multiple pets. There are no cages or “rabbitry” in Heaven so to speak, and every bunny is free to roam safely.

Each time I lose a bunny, I would console myself knowing that someone up in heaven will be receiving another beautiful companion.

On another (totally unrelated) note, there is a new movie entitled “Frozen” that is being screen in the cinemas. I highly recommend it for both young and young at heart. I am recommending it because I am quite bias in the sense that the words “True Love” were two frequent used words and that is exactly what the movie is all about.

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Tribute to Whitney Houston

Today the world mourns for the greatest female singer of our time – Ms. Whitney Houston  (August 9, 1963 – February 11, 2012). I must admit that she has touched my life and many more around the world.

Two kits born today and they shall be called Whitney & Houston in memory of the greatest singer of all time!

R.I.P. Whitney Houston.

Songs that has inspired me throughout my life:


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Rest In Peace Steve Jobs

Today I am saddened by the news that one of the great people to have ever live in this era of science and technology has passed away. I believe anyone that uses a computer owes it to Steve Jobs for the indirect and direct ingenious creation of it.

I dare say that without his contributions to the computer world, this blog would have never existed and I would have never know what a Holland Lop rabbit looks like. I would not have my job because I would not have known what a computer is. I believe this applies to a great many of you out there.

Steve has not only made groundbreaking and breakthrough creations in the form of techie gadgets but he has shared so many inspiring quotes. I call them the quotes of our generation.

I would like to share this very inspiring video of his recent address at the Harvard University.

May you rest in peace, father of all TECHIES!

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An End To An Era

I received an sms that I dread this morning. It brought news of death. An accident and we have lost Holly Hope forever.

Sorry for my lack of words, I am still lost for words just like all those that have came to know her through the years. That sweet tiny lifeless thing I first met back in 17th April 2008. I still remember that faithful day very clearly. I thought she will never survive being alone and seemed to be frail. She not only survived but captured our hearts as she grew up.

Days and months passed…

And just a blink of an eye, you turned 3 years this year. I am sure it’s beautiful where you are right now. Green lush meadow where you see many that have gone before you.

Binky free my little hope…

Sorely missed...


P.S.: Please give Clark a bunny smooch for me.


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Binky Free Sonshine’s Brown Sugar aka Java

Just received news that Brown Sugar passed away peacefully this evening. A sad day indeed. Brown Sugar was my ultimate bone machine. She contributed the chunky bones in my numerous breeding. Farewell big momma J. We love and miss you…

Love you tons girl...


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Binky Free Baby Shiro Milkyway

Just got news that this little sweet boy passed over to rainbow bridge. It is a sad day. Binky Free Baby Shiro. Please give Clark a hug for me…

Fresh spring water waits for you at rainbow bridge...

We will miss you...


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It was really hard today cleaning up the rabbitry. Just looking at Clark’s empty cage break my heart all over again. It is so hard for me not to fold an extra piece of newspaper to line his litter tray.

I just cannot forget how handsome he was even in his passing, he was such a beautiful little boy.

I miss you Clark. Beth asked me why you’re not here today. I told her we sent you to the cemetery and she asked, “Dad, what’s SEMITREE?”. Isn’t she funny?

I remembered one time how you gave a shock and later I was laughing really hard. Remember that day when you acted like such a pig digging into the pellets so fast that you got one stuck in your nose? You were having greenish snots and that gave me a scare. Then I realized you inhaled a piece of pellet through the nose and that was so funny.

You must be really having fun binky-ing all around at rainbow bridge right now.

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