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A Bunny Fun Day!

A fun bunny outing for you and your bunnies. Come and enjoy a wonderful morning hanging out with fellow bunny owners!


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Say What?

It is always nice to keep in touch with Tru-Luv rabbit owners. Every once in a while I receive very encouraging and happy messages from my buyers and adopters. I recently received one that brightens up my day and it reads:

“Baby is a joy!! We brag about her to anyone who would listen!! She’s a diva, picky about her fresh vege and has attitude but at the same time, she is perfectly toilet trained! Would come on command, would play n would snuggle with her head on my lap… Etc etc. Friends n family are amazed by her puppy likeness! Keep in touch!”

This is not the first time that I am told that a Tru-Luv rabbit is like a puppy. I was told by a few others that their Tru-Luv bunny will jump up the bed and snuggle up for the night. The best part is, they will still go back to their potty for business! Happiness is what they say it is, “PRICELESS”!

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Retired Show Rabbits for adoption

I have a couple of retired Show Holland Lop rabbits available for adoption. They are looking for good and loving pet homes. Please note that there will be an adoption fee charged.

Please email for more information. Thank you.

8 month old Tru-Luv Ryss is for sale

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Get Ready To Adopt!

If you are thinking of getting a pet rabbit, you may want to consider adoption instead of purchasing. A couple of days back, there was an article in The Star newspaper regarding the rabbit woes that our neighbor country Singapore is facing ( For such a small country, the number of abandoned pet rabbits is staggering. The HRSS must have their hands full trying to get new owners for all these abandoned bunnies. Here’s a link to their facebook page on the updates of their bunny rescues stories –

In Malaysia, we are unable to obtain a statistics as we do not have the HRSS but there has been clear indication that there are rabbits being put up for adoption nonetheless. It is sad that rabbits has become a fad/passing phase as the Year of the Dragon gets closer.

For those of you thinking of giving up your rabbits, please do not release them to parks or jungles as your domesticated rabbits will not be able to fend themselves. But if you are reading this, I am sure you should be civilized and learned enough to know that already. I urge all readers who know of anyone contemplating giving up their pet rabbit(s) please talk some sense into them so that they will continue caring for their pets!

Pet rabbits released in the park/jungle/public places will cause a huge problem like what we once read about what happened to the University of Victoria (British Columbia) –


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Rabbit insurance and why it’s so important

Unless you have plenty of cash in reserve in case of emergencies, a policy of rabbit insurance to keep your furry friend healthy is nigh-on essential, so you may want to compare rabbit insurance as soon as possible. After all, you don’t want your dear pet falling ill or getting an accidental injury; still, it’s a fact that illnesses and accidents are something that both people and animals deal with on a daily basis.

 While we have the NHS, rabbits do not. Nowadays, veterinary visits can be extremely expensive, often resulting in outgoings of hundreds of pounds. Vets may order diagnostic tests or prescribe medication and you could end up paying for a hospital stay and even surgery. These services are very expensive, though having rabbit pet insurance will certainly take the edge off the cost.

 You already make sure your rabbit is well-fed, groomed and kept in healthy conditions. Preparing for unforeseen vet needs is another way to make sure that your rabbit will live a long and healthy life.

 You have to look to the future, too, When a rabbit gets older, it is much more likely to develop major health problems. In many ways, rabbits can be a lot like humans in that they are likely to get certain ailments like arthritis, digestive disorders, urinary tract disorders and even cancer.

 On top of health, pet insurance for rabbits can also come in handy for other specific issues. If your pet suddenly goes missing, certain insurance plans will reimburse you for advertising and the amount of reward that goes to a person who finds the rabbit. If you have to go to hospital, you may also need someone to look after your pet; plans can also cover the cost of boarding your rabbit.

 Whatever you choose, rabbit insurance will put your mind at ease and will give you confidence in them being as safe as possible at all times.

Disclaimer: PetsAtHome is a UK based company. Please check if the insurance is applicable in your country before purchasing.

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Goodbye Black-Letterhead, Hello Pilcrow!

Do you like the new theme? I absolutely LOVE IT!

For the past couple of years, I have been using the Blak-Letterhead theme by Ulysses Ronquillo. It is always difficult to choose an appealing and suitable theme for a rabbit weblog because I am very particular on how slick it looks. And with the large number of themes available to choose from, it made it even harder for me to decide on the best.

As I browsed through and previewing the themes randomly, I stumbled across this latest theme called Pilcrow by Automattic. I fell in love instantly. What I like most about this theme is that, it retains a banner and on top of that, we have the menu above the banner. I believe with the Black-Letterhead theme, new visitors get kinda lost browsing for information. With the main menu on top, the Info Center will be hard to miss with this new theme.

On a happy note, has replenished stocks and a few new products has been added. Besides that, an old product has made a comeback with new packaging, I am talking about Rabbit Nutri-Drops – now available in 30 ml and 240 ml. Kritter’s Crumbles (click here for brochure) is the new bedding material all rabbit owners must try. It is available on-line exclusively on It is the latest fastest moving product!

While you are shopping over at please remember to stock up on the TinyCritterz’ Timothy Hay, Versele-Laga Cuni Complete, Cuni PRO and Cuni Nature!

Thank you all for your immense support! Made it all worthwhile sharing information and providing the shopping experience at the same time!

Happy Shopping!

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Fun Rabbit Show & Gathering

Fun Rabbit/Owner Gathering

Venue: XOXO Pets Store, The Strand Kota Damansara

Date: 23rd April 2011

Time: 5 pm to 8 pm

Door gifts for first 37 guests. Come on over!!!

Top 5 Ribbons up for grabs this Saturday

Looking really good!

5th Placing

With the right people and attitude, we got this whole thing going on even though we started planning beginning of this week! I am loving how fast we work between 4 of us. The communications are short and sweet but everyone’s hands are really efficient!

Prizes up for grabs! Somebunnies are going to be so happy!

Bunny approved!

I am sure you have heard of Cat and Dog owners gathering in the past. Perhaps a few occasional rabbit gatherings. This weekend, we’re doing just that – Chillin’ together with our Rabbits.

In the good spirit of Fellowship, Friendship & Fun, I would like to invite all rabbit lovers to come and join us for a Fun Rabbit Show & Gathering session. You can ask any questions and get first hand information about rabbits. Looking forward to meeting all of you for a fun filled evening.

Do come and join us as it is free and have an evening of fun! Absolutely NO CANCELLATION!

Venue: XOXO Pets Store, The Strand Kota Damansara

Date: 23rd April 2011

Time: 5 pm to 8 pm

Join us on Facebook here –

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Rabbit Conference

MROC will be organizing a rabbit talk by Mr. Randy Shumaker and Mr. Allen Mesick. We are trying to gather enough headcount to book a conference room in Cititel Hotel, Mid Valley. Please respond if you are interested so that we can get this moving as well.

Tentatively, here are the details:

Venue: Cititel Hotel

Date: 5th June 2011

Proposed Time: 10 am to 1 pm or 10 am to 5 pm

Proposed Fee: Between RM 25 (half day) and RM 45 (full day)

Topics: Anything and everything about rabbits (to be confirmed)

Please leave a comment here or email Mr. Valjean at to express your interest.

This is a good opportunity for rabbit lovers to learn more about rabbits especially those who are interested in breeding show rabbits.


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Tru-Luv Rabbitry on Feminine Magazine!!!

The January issue of Feminine magazine is finally out! Boy is it AWESOME!!!

Thank you very much Mr. Kenn Yeap for putting up such a wonderful 6 pagers filled with colors and lotsa Chinese characters! I have yet to understand the contents (translator needed!) but I hope all that is written are good stuff!


Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

Translated: The Rabbit Man with his herd of 17 Pedigreed Rabbits by Kenn Yeap

This grown up man full of love is renowned for breeding pedigreed rabbits and he loves them just like his children. Tim started this hobby 4 years ago and he has since expanded into a herd of 17 rabbits and there are now 3 generations of rabbits since then. He breeds and raises a special type of pure breed rabbit called Holland Lop. These rabbits have cute faces and droopy ears that one finds it hard to resist not touching them.

Tim treats his rabbits just like his own children by providing them with the best living environment (a special room dedicated to them alone), care, feeds them imported diet and each one have his deserving “fatherly love”. Not forgetting, each one of them has a unique name to go with. This rabbit tale is unique especially when 2011 Lunar New Year falls on the year of the Rabbit and this is a herd of the luckiest of rabbits. Getting from a small number of 4 to 17, Tim proves sceptics that it is possible to raise what is dubbed as the hardest breed to work with among rabbit enthusiasts.

This 30 year old IT Engineer transforms into a loving father the moment he steps into home caring not only for his human family but also a group of gentle rabbits through providing each and every one of them a sweet and loving home.

Led by the love for animals, Tim has kept many types of animals as pets throughout his life and still finds rabbits as his favourite. According to him, though they are small animals, they are just like human beings needing care and love. We as owners must be responsible for their lives until their last breath.

Tim’s herd of rabbit consists 3 generations of both young and old rabbits from those he initially imported from USA throughout the past 4 years.

“The Holland Lop is one of the rabbit breeds with the best temperament and they are extremely easy to care for are some of the reason why I chose to work with this breed”. Holland Lops usually come in the brownish tortoiseshell colour, small in size and the “trademark” of this breed is their small, rounded drooping ears – thus, the word “LOP”. Presently sold for RM 800 in the market, Tim first fell in love with those cute apple shaped cheeks. After years of breeding the Holland Lop, one can call Tim a professional rabbit breeder.

In the midst of bad economy, when many cannot even feed themselves, one may ask how someone can find the time and money to keep pets. For Tim, his love for his rabbits goes beyond the value of money – they are priceless.

“For me, rabbits are like my children and as a father I must give them the best”. Tim and his wife have 2 daughters who also share his passion for the rabbits. Since providing the rabbits with the most comfortable living environment is Tim’s responsibility, he has dedicated a big room in his house equipped with big cages for each rabbit and even a ventilation fan to make sure there is good air circulation. He ensures that their living quarters are always kept clean and dry.

While it is easy to keep them as pets, Holland Lops according to Tim are very difficult to breed and successes only comes in 3 to 4 babies per litter. Even with successful pregnancy and delivery, mortality rate can be quite high.

“When I first started to breed Holland Lops, my American friends used to tease me and said that it is difficult to succeed but with a lot of care, almost every pregnancy and delivery was successful and survival rate is quite high too. I am proud of that”, he expressed happily. Not long after, he started a blog and shared his experience; his American friends praised and have high regards for him.

To care for the Holland Lop seemed easy but one must be meticulous. Diet for instance, Tim insist to feed his rabbit food imported from USA especially Timothy Hay. Timothy Hay contains crucial nutrients especially fibre that help ensure motility of the gut. This important food source is available in most major pet stores which cost RM 22 a pack, a month’s supply for one rabbit.

Tim mentioned that he found locally milled rabbit pellets contain sand. He suspected that irresponsible and unethical businessmen added sand in their production to increase the weight of their product. He adds, “This will damage and give an adverse affect to the rabbit’s stomach which may lead to death. That is the reason why I chose to feed them imported feed because of the guaranteed quality”

Being a seasoned breeder after 4 years, Tim cares for pregnant rabbits personally and is able to predict the number of babies through a skill he learned from his friends in US call palpation. This will give a good estimation so that in the events of a retained baby, he is able to know. “If that happens, we must be responsible for the outcome”, he said.

Tim will send any doe with such complication to the vet so that they will be able to help expel the baby from the doe. After that, Tim will provide the doe with proper food rich in nutrients for her to recuperate and be able to nurse the surviving babies. He will ensure all babies are tucked in the “warm baby room” (nest box).

Tim will make a round of check every morning before leaving for work just to make sure that all kits are alright. Tim is very well versed with each and every one of his rabbit’s behaviour. Even judging by the looks of their poo, he is able to gauge the state of health of the rabbits. “If a rabbit stops passing motion, then I will ask my wife to help keep an eye on it”

Tim spends 1 to 2 hours daily cleaning the cage after dinner every day. “The cleaning work is pretty simple. I just need to change the bedding in the litter tray and wash their food/water bowls, that’s it. For certain, I will spend some time playing with them because you just can’t deny a cute face asking for some head rubs”. Occasionally, the rabbits will take turns to stretch themselves and have fun in the living room with the family.

According to Tim, Holland Lops is like dogs and can be quite responsive. Also, another reason that Holland Lops are easy to be kept as pets because they are very quiet animals and with proper care, they do not have repulsive odour making them popular condominium and apartment pets.

“All my rabbits are litter trained and in fact, it is their instinct to have a favourite spot to relief themselves. To litter train a new rabbit is fairly easy, look for its favourite spot and place the litter tray with wood pellets in it at its favourite spot. The litter tray must be washed everyday so that there will not be any odour”, Tim said.

“If you are prepare to do some cleaning, keeping a rabbit as pet will not be difficult for you”, Tim adds.

Tim has lots to tell about rabbits. For instance, he shared that kits must be kept warm, their eyes will only open on the 10th day and some does will stay next to the nest to ensure that her babies will not be taken away.

Tim also explains that after giving birth, the doe will leave the nest and by doing so, predators will not be able to find the nest. Raising his rabbits for the past 4 years, Tim truly understands his rabbits’ habits well. When they are happy, they will jump up high while twisting their bodies. When sleeping sideways, it means they are comfortable and feel safe. When they feel threatened, they will grunt.

Tim keeps a journal of his joys and fun in the hobby on his blog. To date, his blog has attracted 128,000 hits and many rabbit enthusiasts contacted him for advice after reading his blog.

“When I receive calls, I am very happy because I get to share the experience”. Tim loves to share. “Even though he spends a lot of time on the rabbits, he manages his time well and never short-changes our daughters and me, said Tim’s wife Mary Anne. She met him during high school days and it was his loving heart that attracted her. That is the reason why she gives him her fullest support and they care for the rabbits as a team.

Tim will only sell his rabbits to fellow rabbit lovers. But he will ensure the buyers have proper environment for his rabbits and most of the time he visits the buyers’ house before deciding to share his rabbits with them. “I only sell to sincere and genuine people. If the environment does not meet my expectations, I will refuse proceed with the sale” Unless they are really prepared, Tim will not sell his rabbits. In fact, he recently rejected a request because the environment was not conducive enough.

Since 2011 is the Rabbit year and many among the Chinese community will tend to purchase things which carry the symbol of the rabbit. Tim is worried that there will be an influx of people keeping rabbits as pets and when the hype is over, there will be too many unwanted pets.

“We have seen many stray dogs and cats. What if it happens to Rabbits? It will be a serious problem. Stray dogs and cats at least can seek out food and shelter but rabbits can’t. Death is certain if one decides to abandon his or her rabbit”, he said.

Tim also mentioned that a famous pet store chain takes in big bulk of underage rabbits just to meet the demand during Chinese New Year. He personally witnessed underage rabbits being sold in a filthy environment without proper ventilation. What’s worse is that there are many sick rabbit that dies in the cage without proper care.

“I dare no imagine how it will be if this (rabbit abandoning) happens”, Tim expressed solemnly. He hopes that those who buy rabbits to be kept as pets to keep them well and urge them to take full responsibility for them. Do not just buy for the sake of buying and later loses interest before abandoning them. “This sort of act only means that one does not have respect for life”, he said. Tim also suggests to those who are unable to care for their rabbits (with sensible reasons) to contact him so that he can help place them in good home through his blog.

Clark is son of Carmel. When I asked Tim who is his favorite, he said, "Clark" and his 3 year old daughter Bethany beside was quick to interrupt saying, "Clark went to heaven already". I was almost brought to tears when I heard that. Recently, Tim went through a rough patch. Sensing his sadness, Clark stopped eating and sadly passed away. According to Tim, rabbits can sense their owner's feeling. Since then, Tim enters the rabbit room with a smile in his heart...


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Sharing Is Caring

Dear Readers,

I have included new sharing feature to all my blog posts. As you can see below here, there are some icons and buttons. You can share whichever post you like on Facebook, Twitter or even Email to someone you think will enjoy reading.


The Bunnyman

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