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Bunny Pains #1

I suddenly felt the urge of writing short stories today. Inspired by the successes of the likes of One Tree Hill and Sweet Valley High (I don’t actually read them but was quite curious how my cousin got hooked on it), I hope this series will be a success among the youth breeders everywhere. I am sure you all can relate to the plots as we go through it. Maybe some of you may want to continue the plots for me as we go through. So here’s the first serving of the Bunny Pains series:

“Tasha, don’t you think he’s such a cutie?”

“Move along now, will you? We’re here for Hollands National not New Zealand White National”

“It doesn’t hurt just to admire”

“Another minute and we’ll miss Baxtor being judged. I could see them in their coops already!”

Beth & Tasha hurried along to the Holland Lops section where the Solid Junior Bucks are being judge by Judge Roland Jones.

“There he is, I hope he get picked”

“Beth, look over towards Aunt Teri. There she is again showing you some signs with those filthy fingers”

“Come on Tasha, let’s not go there. It is just not worth our time”

“Beth, I wonder how long you’ll put up with her bad antics”

“Let’s just put it this way, she’s the last of my worries. Let’s hope Baxtor get his leg today, that’s all that matters right now”

“I bet sainthood is for you. I on the other hand, would not put up with such nonsense”

“She is probably bitter about every single thing around her. Didn’t you see how her mommy showed in OPEN with the same attitude?”

“Yeah, bad traits run in the family. You just need to cull hard!”

“You’re too funny. I really wonder how you cull bad people”

“You neuter them?”

The both giggled and silently watched while Judge Roland examined Baxtor.

“We have with us today ten very handsome bucks in the Solid Junior Buck class”

Putting his hands into Baxtor’s coop, Judge Roland pulled him out and posed him on the table.

“What I like about this little guy is definitely his head, the short ears and the great width on his shoulders. See how it smoothly goes down all the way to his hindquarters?”

He then pulled out another rabbit from its coop.

“I really like this little guy as well. I absolutely adore his front end especially the depth of chest seen here. I really don’t know, it is definitely a hard decision. But I would personally go for an overall good stocky body where more points are allocated”

Everyone was holding their breath at this point as Judge Roland announces the 1st place Solid Junior Buck.

“1st Solid Junior Buck goes to #10”

“Tasha, did you hear what I hear or am I hearing things?”

“I was about to ask you the same question. Can this be true? It is Baxtor!”

Tina looks on from across the show room with a heart fueled with anguish and envy. Beth and Tasha were too busy celebrating their victory as Baxtor went on to win Best of Breed in the Youth category.

To Be Continued…

Stay tuned for more plots from victory to sorrow as Beth and Tasha grow up together in the Rabbit Show room. Go through all the bashing, deceptions, bullying, backstabbing, joys, rejections and peer pressures as Youth Holland Lop breeders.


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Tails From Meadow Have Chapter 10: Top Buns

“Hey you there, what’s the name again?”

“That’s Mr. Skor for you bunster…”

“Whatever. You look bored. Ever date the honies buhnies before. Look at me, am I top bun or what?”

“Don’t speak too soon bunster, I date and made more honies buhnies than you so far”

“Let me see, there’s a Carmel, a Haley, a Holly Hope. Life’s good I must say”

“Alright bunster, you’ve gone too far there”

“Bring it on Skor boy, tell me what ya got”

“Not much just a Noobie, a BlueBerry, a Bandie, one Adinna and a Holly Hope”

“Now that’s nothing to me”

“No bunster, with the 3 honies buhnies I had Luna, Tinga, Muffet, Eclipse, Charlyz, Moesha, Truffles, Camior, Seychel, Shiro Milkyway to just name a few. So now, what say you?”

Bunny laughters could be heard all around Meadow Haven..

To be continued…


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Tails From Meadow Haven Chapter 9: Mirror Mirror On The Wall

“Hey you there!”

“I said, hey you there!”

“Oh man, there’s this one that looks exactly like me staring at me each time I stared at it”

“I noticed that too!”

“Oh really? All I can see from here is some dark thing moving around. Those belong to you both?”

“Did someone just said something?”

“I thought I heard something to but the mouth isn’t moving”

“Let me trying moving a little”

“My goodness! It’s following you!”

“Maybe its on the other side”

“No, it smell exactly like….ME!”

“You can actually smell it from there?”

“Yeah, but this is the smell that I smell all day all night. Is it me or you?”


“I can’t take it anymore!”

“Take what?”

“I just can’t take it anymore knowing someone’s staring at me!”

“What ya doing bout it?”


“Oh no! Don’t tell me you did what I think you did. That is so not cool. You should only do that to something you like”



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Tails From Meadow Haven Chapter 8: Reborn

“Who are you?”

“Who aaaRe you!?”

“I asked you first, so who are you?”

“No, you’re in my turf, you answer me first. I don’t give a tock if you asked me first, who are you?”

“Alright, alright, my name is Thunder. My man here’s Clark, there’s a lady up there somewhere is Carmel and the other lady higher up there is Haley”

“Who sent you?”

“You did!”

“Now now, don’t tell me you are all cybernetic organisms!”

“Nay, we’re Ivy Crescent’s & Miller’s Lagomorphas. Our bun masters came to know that there are tons of work to be done down here. So they sent us. We’ve got work to do. Get this place cleaned up and all!”

“You’re all here on work assignment?”

“Not really, we’re here to stay actually”

“Come on, are you serious? The only working buck here is me and I am the boss here!”

“Not anymore my friend. We could work together if you want to”

“I Skor, the descendant of GRIMLOCK works with no one! Skor is boss!”

“There’s no need to be a cry baby now Skor. We’ve got enough ladies in the house. May the best buck win”

“But master say I am his favorite”

“We still are Skor. Master won’t abandon us. We all have our destinies to fulfill. Just like when BlueBerry was sent up north. I have got news they rebuilt Meadow Haven there. It looks better than the old Meadow Haven too!”

“You really think so, Noobie?”

“Yeah, I overheard master telling his friend the other day that he’s bringing us to get some New Turfs (Noobie’s version of NEUTER). And he also said that we could stay together forever from then on”

“That sounds good. With the New Turfs, we can spread our empire far and wide! Hey losers, you heard that? I’m gonna be the new king of the New Turfs! You can do all the works you want back here in Meadow Haven”


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Tails From Meadow Haven: Holly Hope’s Kindling

“Momma! I feel like bursting!”

“Don’t you worry about a thin, Momma’s next to you”

“Momma! There’s someone standing in front of my cage!”

“Don’t you worry dear, that’s master’s daddy! He’s a very seasoned midwife, if you can’t push any of the little ones out, he will help ya pull em out”

“What! That’s yucky momma”

Approximately at 1.30 pm

“Momma! I am feeling this funny sensation coming from my stomach!”

“It is really near now my dear. Now, now, listen to momma. Go pick up some hay and lay them in that box master gave you. And, slowly pull some fur from your dewlap now”

“Momma, pulling fur’s gonna hurt, I am feeling the pain already!”

“Don’t worry dear, the pain from your stomach will numb you from the fur pulling”

“Whatever you say momma, I still don’t like this old man standing in front of my cage”

“Don’t bother him my dear, just pull yourself together for the great push”

“Momma! I feel something coming out!”

“Alright now, remember you told me master brought you watching the big light? Remember you told me how this guy in white shirt and black shirt squating while punching in the air?”

“Yes momma, it was some guy called Brush Lean (Bruce Lee?). He was preparing to fight this man called Zhuck Snorris”

“Whatever the name dear, remember you’re gonna kindle like right now? Yeah, whatever move he was doing, just do that now”

“Alright. ErrrggghHhhhhh”


“One, momma”


“Two, momma”


“Three, momma and he is still watching me!”


“Yuck momma! What’s this?”

“Oh that’s some left overs. Just gobble em up and be done with it. Be sure to clean the little ones when you’re done”

“Momma, they are so rubbery”

“Oh just eat it will ya, you don’t want master to have so much cleaning up to you”


Hi everyone, we have got 3 broken kits. 1 is a peanut with very nice chocolate shading (I think). Still need a day or two to figure out their color. There are 2 kits that are in good shape. One of them darker than the other. I sure hope they are chocolates. Nonetheless, I am very proud of Holly Hope. Not too bad at all for 1st timer! Another gem.

I know, I know, PHOTOS!

This is how the war zone looked like:


A bunch of fur:


My bundle of joy being heated up. They were squeking like mad when I found them. Must be really cold







Amidst the joy of a new litter there is always a little shade of sadness. Yes, peanuts. We could be happier with less of them. The deadly double dwarf gene is always a heart wrenching outcome to behold. If you notice, it is hard to identify where the ears are. My hope is for it to survive but we all know too well what will the outcome be.


The lady of the day, Holly Hope!


Dinner Time!


Special Thanks to everyone for their prayers especially Lindsey, Kak Azian, SB, Daphie, Nerq & Darma.


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Tails From Meadow Haven Chapter 6: Back By Popular Demand

“WoaaaaAaaAHhhHhh….I am floating in the air!!!”

“What’s happening, BlueBerry?”

“I don’t know, the tentacles took a chunk of my back and another is still holding on to my butt!”


“Are you alright?”

“Hello….are you there?”

“I am feeling a little dazed…”

“You got tranced! I can see you right there”

“What’s happening to BlueBerry, Skor?”

“Master’s using his tentacles and some weird tools. Let me figure out what’s written on the tools”

“Tools? Like a heavy metal head?”

“No, this one looks more like a shiny tentacle and it has got Fur…..Mee….Later written on it”

“Did I hear fur? What is master doing to BlueBerry’s fur? I heard in The Stories of Old told by my moomy that our ancestors were always lined up to meet The Soul Extractor. She said that our ancestors will pass through this little gateway and the moment they reach the gate way….erm….”

“What happens next mommy? What happened to them?”

“I am not too sure if there was a gateway or not. I am sorry, I don’t think anyone knows what happens after that. This story was told by a lucky rabbit that did the almost impossible by escaping the gateway”

“Hey, BlueBerry’s losing loads of fur!”

“And I thought it said fur me later?”

“WoahhHHhhhhHhh. Here it goes again. Wonder why the tentacles like touching my butt like this”

“BlueBerry, master collected some of your fur just now while you were tranced”

“Argh! I have been waiting for those fur on my butt to get bushy actually. Now it is not as bushy as before”

“You do not need a bushy butt, BlueBerry…”

“I sure need one to shield me from Skor”


“Hey babe, I am the great stud of Meadow Haven”

“My dear, I am keeping my options open but I must say we make good kits don’t we?”


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Tails From Meadow Haven Chapter 5: What’s cooking today?

“I smell something!”

~sniff sniff~

“Master’s brewing something again”

“It does smell familiar”

“We’re having alzheimers already?”

“Here he comes with the bowls!”

(with apple skin garnishing – not for eating though)

“Oh Boy! This smells really good”

“I am munching. I see a Sell A Rie”

“Sell A Rie!? That’s my favourite!”

“I think there’s an Apt Tle somewhere in there too”

“Mommy, can I have some of those?”

“I am sorry my dear, these are for adults only”

“But why mommy?”

“Oh please stop the whys now”

“But mommy…”

“No more buts too and master’s bringing some Al Pha Pha”

~munch munch munch~

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Tails From Meadow Haven Chapter 4: Havoc



“Ouch, I feel a little dizzie mommy”

“I told you to stay still when master holds you but it is his fault for holding you up so high up for such a long time. Are you alright my dear?”

“I think so”

“Anything broken there?”

“At least I am still able to walk”

“Can you see anyone down there?”

“There’s this huge black and white head staring at me”

“That must be your daddy. Say hi to him while you’re still there”

“Little one, where are your patches?”


“Oh nevermind, were you trying out bungee without the ropes? You may end up going there Aunt Latara went last half moon phase”

“Mommy, what is this huge thing saying?”

“Never mind him dear, do you think you can get back up here?”

“Here comes the tentacles! I am floating! WoooOOooo. Ouch! Mommy he’s pinching my toes!”

“Much has been happening as of late. We got one of the clan member dead with reason still unknown. I don’t need another one going to the land of no return”

“BlueBerry, the kits graduating soon?”

“Yeah, I overheard master talking about Tika & Medith going to their new home this weekend. Luna & Eclipse just went away”

“Mommy, we’re here!”

“Oh, these are the kits, they have been here for quite a while and I was wondering who they were”

“Those are your kits, Skor”

“Wow, this is really my empire. I have my kit falling from the sky and I see my kits every corner I turn”

“Mommy, this giant is ugly. It has fur stuck out on its body”

“Your time will come too and it is call The Great Fur Fall”

“EwwWWww, I don’t want to be like him”

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Tails From Meadow Haven: Chapter 3 – House Rules

“Hey lagos, master’s coming with something in his hands”

“This does not sound all that good”

“Wonder what it is that he wants from us this time”

“He is attaching something on the Water Curtain. There are something inscribed on it”

“Can you make anything out of it?”

“There are 5 lines of codes on it”

“What the lines say?”


“Anything else?”

“Be patient will ya, I am trying to read with these WIDE ANGLE eyes. I am sure you will need sometime too”

“Alright, just take your time then”

“Number 1, NO RAPING”


“I think he meant to tell us that we should not be rapping, you know like those people that goes YO YO, UHUH UHUH and YEAH YEAH?”

“I guess master hates RAP music but that cannot be, I always hear him putting on some beaty music with all these people mumbling real quickly as if they are trying to catch a train”

“Were they able to catch one?”

“I really do not know, they sounded as if they are angry or something”

“Probably not then”

“What else is written, Skor?”

“Number 2, No Spraying”

“Number 3, Pee At One Spot Only”

“I have nothing to worry about that, I always do it at this corner”

“Yeah right…and it spill all over me down here”

“Oh my, I am sorry for that. Well, I still love this spot. It is my favourite spot because I get all the nice view while easing myself”

“Do warn me before you send the Golden Showers down alright?”

“I will”

“But I have got problem controlling my bladder & bowel mummy”

“I know that Holly Hope dear, kits are not meant to control their bladder and bowel so young. You take your time alright. Keep on trying there”

“Number 4, Do Not Waste Cecals”

“Now, that’s a hard one. I get so grossed out shoving those soft smelly you know what into my mouth and sometimes I just cannot take it anymore. How are we gonna possibly do that?”

“Number 5, Love Your Kits”

“Is he mad or something? How can we possibly love our kits when we are meant to have tons of them? The best we could do is care for them to a certain point of time and we should be saying good bye. If we do not do that, it will disrupt the Circle Of Lives. Definitely no attachments for me!”

“Me too! Do not expect me to sit here all day without having some fun with the handsome one next door (literally)! I am all for the LUV! And, when I get so frustrated not having a buck, I will start biting and going mad. ArgghHhhh talking about a buck, I really need one now!”

“Calm down now everyone. I couldn’t be bothered with these if I were you. Come on, they are not around most of the time to know what we are up. Just some crappy rules to follow. Try asking him to be us for once”

“Here they go again. Out the door as usual”

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Tails From Meadow Haven: Chapter 2.5

“Mummy! Mummy! Look what I have got”

“I can’t see you my dear. I can hear you from here though”

“Mummy, can you just look over there, I can see you through this piece of upright water (humans call it glass panel)”

“Oh! Is that you? You have grown so much. And what have you got there in your mouth?”

“Master gave this to me yesterday. They are my chewing toys. I could still smell myself on them but this time, I just can’t find the rope”

“Alright Alright, you go play with your toys then. Mummy has got lots to do”

“LOTS to do? Are you sure Noob? All I know is that we just sit and lie down here all day. I’ll call that doing nothing if I were you!”

“Oh darn, you don’t have to tell it out loud, I am just bored of her telling me about small kit toys. I have got one here which is blocking my way. What are they for, these colorful blocks (mind you, rabbits may be color blind)?”

“Holly Hope just said it, they are chewing blocks!”


“What’s the sigh for Latara?”

“Told ya we’re heading for doom. I just felt that this is NOT us! We aren’t meant to be here!”

“There she goes again…”

“Really there is a greater place out there. I am not sure about you guys but I have got this innate feeling that we are not meant to be here. We are meant to be….to be….Fhhhh…..Fhrrr……Frrrrr……Free! Yeah, that’s the word!”

“What does free means?”

“It means we have bigger space to run and to meet others when we need to”

“How can you prove the existence of FREE?”

“You see, I was out with master the other day and they had this huge piece of light. I saw this lion and his friends, if I remember correctly, one of them was a giraffe. They made a pact to get out of this small place that they were confined in. They ended up in this place called MegaGasCar”

“Bah! Mega Gas what?”

“MegaaaAaa GasssSss CarrrRRRr!”

“You mean that thing that gives a loud fart!? And with some dark evaporating cottons trailing it?”


“Mummy I want to go Mega Gassy Car!! Sounds fun!”

“Hey Skor, master’s back do your thing!”



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