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Happy Chinese New Year 2023!

Just my little contribution to society in educating so that we can all make an informed decision when considering a pet rabbit.

Thank you MAG & AFO Radio for the opportunity to share.

Here’s wishing everyone a prosperous new year and may we all be abundantly blessed!


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Lights, Camera, Action!

It was a wonderful evening as the cameras started rolling. Yes! Tru-Luv Rabbitry will be in the media again and I am enjoying every bit of it. I love “camwhoring” as much as my rabbits! 😛

Stay tuned and watch this space!

Mic check 1, 2....

Mic check 1, 2….

Also, you notice our latest blog header picture? Awesome isn’t it?

Ini Kali Lah!

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Tru-Luv Rabbitry on Doggy Style Magazine!

In an era where dogs and cats still rule the pet magazine and publishing world, Tru-Luv Rabbitry has defy all odds and ended up in Doggy Style Magazine. Wondering how the my Holland Lops ended up in the doggy world? Grab a copy of the magazine today! It’s only RM 4.90 per copy and I hope everyone will enjoy my article on it!

Here are the places to grab a copy:

  • XOXO Pets Store, Jalan PJU 5/20D Kota Damansara
  • Amigo Pets House, Jalan Pekan Baru 30A/KU 1 Klang
  • D.O.G. Cutting Edge Pet Grooming Salon, Jalan PJU 5/21 Kota Damansara
  • My Pet Paradise Salon, Jalan PJU 1A/41B NZX Ara Jaya
  • Jo Wyen Pet House, PJS 8/6Sunway Mentari
  • Dog House, Jalan Templer PJ
  • Happy Tails Petz, Jalan USJ 10/1 Subang Jaya
  • Providence Mart, Jalan PP 2/3 Puchong
  • WonderPet Planet, Jalan Putra Perdana 1/2 Puchong
  • Happie & Jovie, Centre Point Bandar Utama
  • CASA, Encorp Strand Kota Damansara
  • Diva Nine Pet Salon, Dataran Sunway Kota Damansara
  • Pets World@Bukit Tinggi
  • Amigo Pets House@behind Klang Parade
  • Pets For You, Puchong & Rawang branch
  • Pets and The City
  • Grooming Tails
  • Letoro Grooming
  • ALL Pets More outlets
  • Kawayi Pet House, Damai Perdana 1/9C, KL
  • Asean Puppy, Jalan Manis 3, Cheras
  • Lee Pet Supply, Lorong Yap Hin, Pudu, KL
  • Wildlife Zological Supplies, Jalan Sultan, KL
  • Peek A Pet, Batu 3 3/4, Jalan Ipoh, KL
  • Paw Groom, Jalan SL 1/11, Cheras

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In The Studio We Go…

“Make sure you evaluate carefully before passing on your rabbits”

That’s what the production crew member told me before I left for home. Regrets, I have none. Tru-Luv Chiko went to the right family and I am happy that he is well taken care of. He has grown into a very handsome 4 months old!

So I received an email last week. A favour request from a media production house to loan one of Tru-Luv’s rabbits. As I always enjoy spending time in the studio environment, it was difficult to decline. But the problem really wasn’t with whether I can make it for the photo shoot but the problem was that they wanted a black rabbit in particular. My thoughts went to Chiko straight away and I was glad the his owner agreed to join me at the studio for a couple of hours.

I was given strict instructions not to share photographs that I have taken of the artiste until the launching so therefore, I am just sharing photos of Tru-Luv Chiko. He was a natural and I am so very proud of him! He is the best example of a rabbit that is used to handling and very well taken care of.  My heart is joyful.

Tru-Luv Chiko a CPG Pro Optimum boy, his fur shines!

Chiko above and Carmel his great grandmother is next to Haley underneath him

Chiko @ 4 months!

Anxiously waiting for action while photographers set up

Are we ready for Lights, Camera & Action?


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Brag? All Together Now…

We breed for the best temperaments!

Oh my goodness, I so like to brag. 1st Place Solid Senior Doe for both Show A and Show B. Best Opposite Sex of Breed for Show A – that counts as 1st place too! 1st Place means #1!!! NUMBER 1!!! UNO!!!

On a very serious note, all Tru-Luv Rabbits are on rabbit food and products fit for CHAMPIONS! Pretty obvious that they only get the best from me.

Rabbit products fit for SHOW STOPPERS!

We even run out of wall space for the newspaper features as background for these photos!!!

I need a Panoramic Lens to be able to capture my entire collection of newspaper features!

One more for BRAGS sake!

NOTE: None of the Trophies and Ribbons are given by myself, to myself. NUFF SAID….

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Sin Chew Daily On Valentine’s Day

A huge thank you goes out to Ms. Venice and her team mates at Sin Chew Daily for this wonderful article. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my passion with all your readers.

To date, Tru-Luv Rabbitry has appeared on the following medias:

  1. Feminine Magazine
  2. The Star Newspaper
  3. Malay Mail
  4. The Sun
  5. Sin Chew Daily
  6. Nanyang Siang Pau
  7. Guang Ming Daily
  8. RTM1

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Media Coverage Weekend

It was a very busy weekend for me and some of the Tru-Luv bunnies. We have 4 media interviews from Friday through Sunday.  Each interview took approximately 3 hours. It was indeed a tiring weekend for me talking on behalf of the rabbit and most importantly being the ambassador for the Holland Lop breed.

Each journalist have their own unique ideas and interesting questions. I am very glad to also share crucial information from proper caring to introducing good rabbit products. I am glad all the interviews went well and I am excited to see the articles. All the bunnies enjoyed themselves and especially Symphony. I won’t share details of what she did so watch out for updates here. Symphony is such a special little girl, she’s totally amazing. She did something that made everyone fell in love with her.

Gap free flow...Talk Talk Talk Talk......

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Simple yet difficult questions

I have just completed a very interesting 2.5 hours interview (details soon). This will kick off a series of interviews coming up for Tru-Luv Rabbitry. Just imagining me talking 2.5 non stop all about Holland Lops, rabbits and more rabbits, I must be such an interesting subject – 😛

I believe the interview went really well. I answered all questions without preparing so it was rather straight from the heart like how it always is. But I somehow felt that I didn’t hit home with most of the simple questions.

One of the question that I find hard answering these days is “Why do you like Holland Lop or rather rabbits?” You can always expect me to be dumbfounded by this simple question. I really can’t answer.

I did apologize to the interviewer that I find certain question very hard to answer because my mind is more preoccupied with the technicalities like color genetics and general drug dosages for rabbits. It is like going from 100 km/hour and suddenly asked to drop to 30 km/hour. But I do understand that generally, the public is still unaware of certain things and I just need to work the brain more to help them understand from my perspective.

For most of us, we always begin with “I like Holland Lops because they are cute”. But for me, I have moved beyond that and if I answer “I love to have hands on experience with dispositions and color genetics”, it will be quite difficult to relate and that is something I do not like happening.

But for now, I would like to say that “I love Holland Lops because it is an obsession. It is an obsession that I have to prove to the world that ethical breeding is possible even with the tiniest of animals like Holland Lops and my obsession is to bring into this world beautiful and healthy rabbits to be shared by people who are obsessed with taking good care of their rabbits. YES, IT IS AN OBSESSION and it is called PASSION”.

For any man out there who likes cars and soccer. I am sure it is hard to get a good answer asking them, “Why do you like cars and soccer?”, RIGHT? I even found a friend dumbfounded when I ask him “Why do you like Liverpool?”

There you go, don’t ask me why cause that’s just ME and I have mad love for Holland Lops.

Cheers for the weekend!


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The 1st TV Interview

I would like to thank the entire crew for Aksi Si Comel segment of the Selamat Pagi Malaysia segment especially Mr. Al, Cik Hasnia and the host En. Hezri for giving us the opportunity to show case and talk about the Holland Lop.

Gearing up for the show

The interview went very well this morning. I was so nervous and out of sync at the beginning . I hope what I have said make sense. LOL! Here is the much awaited video and below is the translation for my friends is USA. It is a pity that Truffles wasn’t in the mood and was extremely nervous so he had to stay in the carrier.

Never ever leave home with rabbits without a LINT ROLLER!

Picture Perfect. Look at how Carmel poses!

It was a good interview but I wasn’t perfect in my answer so I have written some corrections in the translation.

Just before the interview

Host (Hezri): The cute featured pet this week is the Holland Lop. With me to talk more about them today is Adesh and Timothy. How do you do?
Both: Fine, Thank you
Host (Hezri): These doesn’t seemed to be regular rabbits that I normally see. What is so special about these rabbits?
Tim: These are imported rabbits called Holland Lop. Their ears droop and that is where the “Lop” comes from. It has taken breeders more than 20 years to develop this breed.

(Notice the long pause? What I was suppose to say: Holland Lop is 1 of the 47 breeds recognized by ARBA and they are a dwarf breed)

Host (Hezri): This one with Timothy is a little larger than this one with Adesh and seemed more active. What are the differences between them both?
Adesh: This is the younger one. Just turned 4 months and the one with Timothy is 2 years old.
Host (Hezri): How long is the lifespan of these rabbits?
Tim: If well taken care of, on average they can live up to 7 years and some are known to have lived up to 12 years old.
Host (Hezri): Will the fur lengthen according to the age?
Tim: No, they will molt. They will have a major molt once or twice a year. If the molt is bad, they will go bald too (GRIN).
Host (Hezri): Which is male and which is female?
Tim: The one here is a female
Adesh: And this one’s a male
Host (Hezri): The male one seemed to be better?
Adesh: Not necessary, it depends very much on who’s holding (LOL)
Host (Hezri): What do these rabbits eat?
Tim: There has been a lot of misunderstanding. Many people feed rabbits with carrots which are not suitable at all because the sugar content in carrot is high that could cause obesity.
We normally give them hay. The name is Timothy Hay, but it is not mine. The hay is their staple food. And to balance up the diet, we add some pellets. I use Pro Optimum pellets which is also imported from USA by It is now much easier to find their basic neccessity compared to earlier days.
Host (Hezri): What is the contents in the pellet and what is the most important ingredient needed by rabbits?
Tim: Fiber is the most important ingredient in a rabbit’s diet.
Host (Hezri): I see some feeding Kang Kung, is that proper?
Tim: No, Kang Kung is known to cause wind in rabbits. See, how much misunderstanding we have in the basic necessities of rabbits.
Host (Hezri): I agree, when we don’t really understand, we don’t know much about the basic needs. Other than diet, what else is important for rabbits?
Tim: One thing that is important is that I personally found many give up keeping rabbits in a short period of time due to the odor problem emmited from their urine. To solve that problem, No.1, we use a good pellet. And secondly, we use the litter tray. You’ll be surprise how rabbits can be litter trained.
We use the Woody Pet pellets to absorb the urine and to mask the ammonia smell. I hope more people will learn how use the litter tray for their rabbits so there would be less giving up their rabbits.
Host (Hezri): As far as caging and confinement space? What is appropriate?
Adesh: The best is to have space for the rabbits to run. The cage below is too small and should only be used for traveling purposes only. It would be best to have space for them to run and exercise. Else, we can also let them out of their cage at least once a day.

Her reply was superb. And she is such a natural compared to me a nervous freak – LOL! I applaud her for her very good answer. In case you didn’t know, all her rabbits have huge mansion equipped with a big run each!

Host (Hezri): Can we allow the rabbits to run freely in the gardens?
Adesh: It would be best to be under supervision. They can run pretty fast and it would be a problem if they do escape.
Host (Hezri): Roughly how much is needed to maintain or upkeep a rabbit?
Tim: The food itself would be Ringgit Malaysia 50 per month. That is not inclusive of its cage which is up to the owner which type that they prefer.
Host (Hezri): So that is fairly reasonable. I would like to try to hold one of these cuties. Oooh, I am not that good right now. Anyhow, thank you very much Tim and Adesh.
Both: Thank you very much!

It's a WRAP!

Disclaimer: No rabbits were drugged or hurt during this interview.

More photos & videos to come later!

Credits: Photos courtesy of Chestnut Pictures and HLRSC T-Shirt courtesy of Aunt Karen L. Novina!


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29th May Is A Very Good Day!

I would firstly like to thank Ellen Whyte for a superb article entitled Pet Ethics. My wife was joyfully reading the article on our way to the hospital and she loved the way Ellen writes (who doesn’t right?).

There is only one small correction that I need to mention about the article. I was totally my fault for not conveying the message clear enough.

JAPAN and USA. Please allow me to make this correction on everyone’s behalf. Ellen wrote that I sell my rabbits to JAPAN and USA. I must stress here that I HAVE NOT SOLD ANY TO JAPAN and USA. Ellen and I were laughing about this when I pointed it out to her. How JAPAN and USA came about was during my short interview with Ellen, I mentioned that it is amazing how these rabbits has traveled to more places than me. On their way here to Malaysia from USA, they had a stop over at Japan. I must be giving the wrong answer to Ellen’s question. I apologies to Ellen and The Star for that blunder. I better clear this off before I get slandered for nothing.

It is an honor to appear on The Star alongside another ethical breeder, Hun of and super pet rescuer Alicia Ling Horsley of on this article.

Remember I mention HOSPITAL?

My wife and I welcome our 2nd daughter today. What a great day it was….FANTASTIC!

Baby Bree

It has been a long day. I hope I’ll do well for the TV1 interview tomorrow morning at 8 am.

Thank you to most of you who have SMS/call me to congratulate me on the newspaper article. I hope it has shed lights to what Ethical breeding is all about!


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