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A Judge’s Disclaimer Notice

The huge amount of information and misinformation on the internet can either make you or break you. In my case, I cannot help my brain going crazy and think of funny things in reply to all that I have seen on the internet as well as in real life. I believe that to truly enjoy the rabbit hobby, we have to stop being too anal about it. In other words, we must “chill” and stop taking things too seriously. It is the ability to take a step back and laugh at some of the things that we do in life that enables us to have a great time. And it is on that note, this blog post was made possible. I really had a good time writing this piece which I know may not go down well with some people. For those who care to share a light hearted moment, I hope you will have a hearty laugh.

The traffic situation here afforded me the time to craft this entry. As I juggle with focusing my attention on the road, my mind carefully picked all the right and wrong words to be included in this blog post. However, I must warn you that I cannot be too careful with my words else it will not make this satirical piece a good one. I came to realization that such a post is only possible because I am not totally immersed and into it (the hobby) too deep that it will affect my livelihood without it. Being too into anything is a form of addiction and a drug addict without his or her fix can be crazy enough to kill. I am happy that life is quite balanced for me and grateful to be sober enough to write what I hope is a funny piece.

Having had watched a number of rabbit judges at rabbit shows, I cannot help but to put myself in their shoes and think about what I would say or not say differently. Or perhaps, to say that what he or she truly means and not use tons of wonderful or bombastic words but in the end, says nothing. As we play multiple roles in life, I too imagined (not necessarily aspired to be) myself being a rabbit judge. I wondered what I would say when addressing the exhibitors just before I start judging. It was through this imagination, that this disclaimer notice was born…

My dear exhibitors, breeders, hobbyists, and friends, I would like to thank you for your participation and making this event happen through your generous funding. I am honoured to be invited to be your judge today. I can assure you that the hotel was pretty awesome, you have afforded me to travel around the globe and given a choice, I wouldn’t be here on my own expense. I will ensure that you will get your entry fees’ worth by trying to spend more time going through each and every one of your rabbits. I know it is hard but I will try to also ensure that I do not put my foot into my own mouth by contradicting myself while judging your otherwise beautiful rabbits. Please allow me to be brutally honest and not sugar coat what I am going to say about your rabbits. Most often than not, I must not make politically correct statements lest be flamed on social media such as f@cebuk and tweedle-tweed-twee right after the show. May I ask that you will never forget that every judge have his or her personal preferences in each breed while upholding what has been specified in the Standard Of Perfection. I will try my level best to judge each rabbit in accordance to the best of my understanding and memories of such standards.

Since time can be a constraint, please understand that the duration in which your rabbits will be in front of me should or should not be made an indication of its favourable or unfavourable standings in this competition. Also due to the time constraint, do accept the fact that my judgements where measurements are required are solely based on my ability to guesstimate and please do not take me to court for guesstimating the various lengths and weights on your rabbits inaccurately.

While you stay engaged, immersed, indulged, and totally have your eyes on the ribbons, please leave room for a little consciousness and awareness so that you will not run amok if I may mistakenly not select your rabbit for any of the awards. Rest assured, it is totally unintentional (but you could have brought me out for fine dining last evening and now it is too late). What you must also know is that I had a blast last evening and I am so very grateful to my hosts. Picking their rabbits should not be made an issue as I am usually fair and just. Rest assured, I am totally professional as well.

Last but not least, please remember that we are all here having fun at the expense of our rabbits. They are lucky to have survived this long under your care and it is truly their lives we are celebrating today.

Now that I have said all that I can to cover my sorry ass, let the show begin (and be over with) and the (already identified) champ be crowned!

Oh what a judge I would be…

JudgeDisclaimer (Small)


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Tru Luv Is….

This photo made my day. Thanks Dorothy for sharing…

I guess this is what they call true love?

I guess this is what they call true love?

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Mexican Hollands, Anyone?

Hola! How are you? It has been such a long time since I have updated this blog. I have been really, really busy lately.

I have recently bought some nice hats for the bunnies and only today had the time to take some photos.


Chica Bonita!

Chica Bonita!

El Hombre Guapo

El Hombre Guapo





Te Amo

Te Amo

"Pstt, I think he has gone crazy..."

“Pstt, I think he has gone crazy…”


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Biological or Mechanical Standard

Please allow me to start off this post with a disclaimer – that the intent of this post is not to criticize anyone, any establishment, and most of all, this wonderful hobby of raising rabbits. I do apologize if you take offence of what I am about to write. It is a free world and life is wonderful when we are able to just do whatsoever we wish as long as it is confined within the rule of law. I am not in any way imposing my thoughts and beliefs unto any readers or encouraging others to be aligned to my thoughts.

That being said, please allow me to spill my thoughts.

I recently stumbled across the following video:

The video sparked off some interesting thoughts in my mind. It pointed me to three words – Standard Of Perfection.

 Can we really achieve a perfect show animal? I can now confidently say, NO.


The fact that the genetic make up of an organism just do not allow for perfection. Perfection based on human justification that is. Therefore, the Standard Of Perfection (SOP) is indeed just a guide and in my humble opinion, have no interest in the internal but more of exterior. No Standard Of Perfection in the animal showing world have the slightest emphasis on the internal health of an animal except for bone structures (e.g. hip dysplasia). In short and general speaking, an animal can resemble (physically) whatever that is stated in the SOP may be show worthy even though it may be suffering from an internal terminal illness.

I guess to truly understand where I am coming from, perhaps we should dissect the word Standard to its most fundamental form. We hear about many organizations governing standards and ISO being one that is the most well known. Without referring to a dictionary or wikipedia, the definition of Standard to me is plainly a series or a set of actions or processes that constantly yield a perfect result/resolution. Most of the show animal SOP does not lay down steps in producing a perfect animal, it simply states how a perfect animal should be perceived and takes shape (physically). That to me is not a standard. Perhaps it should be called Guidelines To The Most Ideal Physical Manifestations Of Breeds. I know it does not sound as catchy as Standard Of Perfection but that is the reality in my humble opinion.

In reality (and the odds are), there will never be a perfect, perfect animal adhering perfectly against every point stated in the SOP. It can be very near but never 100% to be absolutely honest.

And sometimes we see breeders leaving the hobby and we ask why? The question is why not?

If you have ever played a game of soccer, just imagine that each time you score a goal, someone shifts the goal post. Yes, that is exactly how it feels as a breeder most of the time because SOP changes every 5 years in some cases.

Can we really achieve 100% perfect biologically? NO.

On the other hand, take the case of Spot (the mechanical dog) for example. Every microchip or mechanical components must be fitted exactly where they are. The processors must be programmed to execute an action in perfect precision. Can we achieve a mechanical Standard Of Perfection? YES!

I believe it is easier to accept a standard provided for a machine. The size of the motherboard, memory chip, sensors, and materials used can all be governed by standards.

Throughout the years, I have observed that the subjects that are being judged do not change much but the rules around the judging usually changes. And sometimes it comes full circle and the cycle repeats itself. We as humans are so accustomed to change and we even say that “the only constant is change”. We have to always reinvent ourselves in order to stay current. Take for example the hairstyle in the 60s versus the 90s. And at some point, the 60s fashion seemed to make its way back as a trend.

Clothing remains as a piece of textile used to cover oneself. However you change it, the purpose remains the same.

I must also emphasize that it is in the end just a hobby or past time. An interest we adopt to spend our time and it makes us happy, intrigued, proud, bewildered, engaged, relaxed, and many more advantages both tangible and intangible. It is never a case of right or wrong. It is a case of “to each his own”.

Can we ever be 100% perfect biologically?

Just a thought…

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Happy Lunar New Year 2015

Here wishing all of you a prosperous and happy new year. May the year of the goat brings peace and joy to our hearts.


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Eighth Week

I have just updated the post on rabbit growth and today was the final week. You can read the post – How Should A 8 Weeks Old Look Like Part II (Remake Of The Most Popular Post). This is inline with the reason why we encourage those looking for a pet bunny to only bring home one that is 8 weeks or older. I hope by sharing such information, it will help new owners to be better informed and knowledgeable in starting their new hobby.

That being said, I absolutely love how the two kits are at the moment. Cute as buttons I must sa. I’ll let the photos do the talking for me.

Tru-Luv's Otto at 8 weeks. He is such an awesome little guy. Always running towards me when he sees me approaching. Natural poser, absolutely love him.

Tru-Luv’s Otto at 8 weeks. He is such an awesome little guy. Always running towards me when he sees me approaching. Natural poser, absolutely love him.

Tru-Luv's Ophelia. I love everything about this doe and am excited to see how she will blossom. As is she is very friendly and loves her daily head rubs.

Tru-Luv’s Ophelia. I love everything about this doe and am excited to see how she will blossom. As is she is very friendly and loves her daily head rubs.

Thanks to DC Rabbitry for being the enabler of this project. For which without his help, this breeding will not be possible.

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Seventh Week

In just a blink of an eye, we are now entering the 3rd day of year 2015. Time seemed to be passing faster now and I sometimes wonder if rabbits can perceive time. If yes, how do they perceive time? The kits are 7 weeks old today and I have started the weaning process. They are eating well on their own and I am sure their dam will enjoy some “me” time.

Ophelia Otto
I have also updated the post – How Should A 8 Weeks Old Look Like Part II (Remake Of The Most Popular Post). We’re just one week shy of completing this post.

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Rekindling the spark

A hobby is defined as an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure and therefore, a hobby can be noncommittal which one can freely give up for whatever reason. Throughout one’s life, it can be quite certain that one may have multiple hobbies at any one time. Hobbies can be seasonal as well as long term. Some people may grow out of their hobbies while others stick with one throughout their lives.

On the other hand, a marriage is mostly a committed decision made by two people and we often hear of ways how couples can “rekindle the fire of romance” in their marriages. For some, it can be very difficult to live with the same person for a long time without any “freshness” or “excitement” when things are monotonous – “same shit different day”. To rekindle the spark, love experts will often advise couples to try something new together like traveling and etc.

So what about a hobby? How do we keep the fire going? How do we rekindle the spark when we no longer find it exciting?

This is the question I asked myself today – one that I found it difficult to answer. How did I sustain and stay in this hobby for the past 7 years?

I believe we should revisit our objectives when we first started in the hobby – back to basics so to speak.

What was the reason that I wanted to keep a rabbit as pet?

Just because we are constantly looking for something “new” and “fresh”, we tend to “evolve” in the hobby.

For instance, some of us may start off being a regular pet owner, then we get hit by the show bug, and the next thing we know, we’re spending 4 hours daily just cleaning after 30 rabbits. With 30 rabbits and a “breeding facility”, we call ourselves a rabbitry and assume the role of a show rabbit breeder.

After attaining all the fame that comes with all the ribbons and trophies, we ask ourselves, “what’s next?”. Like 10 years on in a marriage, “same shit different day”.

Perhaps changing or shifting the expectations can be a way to rejuvenate the hobby thus, we add some colors into our breeding projects or trying different breeds for the matter. In essence, “same shit different day”.

For me personally, it boils down to just two reasons why I keep rabbits as pets and how the passion/spark rekindles year after year.

The Need To Care

Since young, I like caring for animals. I feel a great sense of achievement when I successfully raise rabbits in terms of keeping them healthy and thrive in the environment I provide them with. In the process, I learn the different requirements each individual animal needs to thrive.

They Are Fascinating

Every rabbit is different and their fascinating behaviours are what kept my interest in them from diminishing. Since it takes time to truly understand each individual, that is why we call a hobby one’s favourite past time.

However, just like in a marriage, if one depends solely on the feeling of love, it will never last. A marriage is a conscious decision one makes to love another person. To rekindle the spark of a marriage is not by rejuvenating the feeling but to recommit oneself to love again or to fall in love all over again.

The great feeling of winning do not last forever and is totally out of our control. If by not winning means we should give up the hobby, it will not last very long just like how feelings will never last. Therefore, in whatever hobby one prefers to adopt, for it to last one must rekindle the fire for his/her passion by making a conscious decision to LOVE.

So how do you intend to rekindle the spark for your hobby?

It is another year for Tru-Luv Rabbitry and the only resolution for the New Year 2015 is to continue to love these cute Holland Lop rabbits!


To end this post, I would like to share a video by Marc Mero about what he thinks is important in his life:

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Reference: The End Game


Every year, WordPress.com sends us an email with a summary of weblog activities. The statistics include “The Most Views” post and that was how we found out that one of our posts being the top post throughout the years. Another amazing information we found out through the summary is that we have been listed as one of the references in WabbitWiki.com – Baby Rabbits. What an honour to be referenced by such a wonderful site.

We were also very excited to see an article written about Weaning Baby Rabbits by our dear friend Golden Pines Rabbitry being referenced as well.

We would like to thank the people who found our post informative and worth being a good reference for the rabbit community at large!

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How Should A 8 Weeks Old Look Like Part II (Remake Of The Most Popular Post)

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