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How Far Have We Come?

I was just wondering to myself how far we have come collectively in terms of quality rabbits here in Malaysia. Though I have not shared out much of my rabbits, I am pretty proud of the progress thus far and I don’t mean the taste of rabbit meat – LOL!

Many have chosen to import directly from the USA and some if not all are of decent quality. There must be demands since there are people who want these animals so badly that they opt for direct importation. Not to sound arrogant but to a certain extend, I believe that this blog has disseminated much knowledge in terms of quality that may have contributed to the awareness and demand for quality, else we will still be where we are 3 to 4 years back.

You see, a regular person will always react to provocation. Without it, sometimes there wouldn’t be much motivation. I was just wondering if there are some people out there who are just for a little thought wants TLR to just shut up and get out of the limelight. My mind plays tricks on me sometimes and just for laughs,¬† I would like to share this little scenario so that everyone can share the laughs with me. Let’s for an instance say that TLR has quite a few “competitors” and most of them would come into this blog and peep at what’s happening or what not. Being envious some may even try to top the quality? And it would be so funny if I just told them that what I have in this blog is totally a make belief? Wouldn’t it be such an irony that these people actually put in so much effort just to top something virtual?

Aren’t we all the same? It is so common for us to be envious of others till a point that we loose our directions as to what we truly want and enjoy in the first place. It is always about being better than some one else. That is what competition can do to us. The thought of winning blinds us. In places without shows like Malaysia, winning does not come in the form of a show competition. Winning comes mostly from the amount of money one makes.

But all these, can be thought of as VIRTUAL. Are we using our pets as stepping stones to make money or they are for our favorite past time? In the old simple days, kids have their dogs tagging along while walking, kids cuddling tiny critters and the true joy of having a pet is enjoying their presence – just having them with us that is.

Gone are the days I am afraid. Instant gratification has gotten the best of us. We want nice things RIGHT NOW most of the time. We throw away UNWANTED things RIGHT NOW too! I truly fear for the future sometimes thinking about this part of it. Demands create a lot of problems including and not limited to abandonment, temperament problems (near to no interaction) and long term health issues.

Who is there to govern what is right and wrong anymore?

But I am happy. I mean the progress that we have made so far. We have nice rabbits in Malaysia now. Maybe the next step would be adding some varieties in it? For crying out loud, 47 ARBA breeds right now, let’s not stop at Holland Lop, Dwarf Hotot and Netherland Dwarf.

And a final note, all the rabbits that you see on this blog is REAL. They are right here with me as I type this post. I love each and every single one of them very much and I am truly enjoying their presence. Just like the old simple days when a bunny gets to be a bunny!

A Binky A Day Keeps The Doc Away - Fred being bunny!



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