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Congratulations to Sonshine Rabbitry!

This is a post that I must write first thing in the morning when I heard the good news. As you all know, Teri Reymann of Sonshine Rabbitry has been mentioned before in one of the post. I don’t know about her but she has become one of my dearest friend in this rabbit world.

She brought some of her finest for a show in Chico over the weekend and one of her Netherland Dwarfs got BOB! That’s Best Of Breed. Which means in that show, her Netherland Dwarf Sonshine’s Kashmir was the best Netherland Dwarf in that show!

On top of that, 6 out of her 9 Netherland Dwarfs got placed. The son of the legendary Sonshine’s Stevie Ray, Sonshine’s Roadhouse Blues got Best of Variety, Sonshine’s Delila got BOV, BOG & BOSG in 2 groups, Sonshine’s Black in Black got BOSV and Sonshine’s Her Strut which is my personal favorite got BOSV & BOSG.

I believe 6 out of 9 is a very very good shot don’t you think?

For those of you who have not had a chance to see the true Show Quality Netherland Dwarfs, please feel free to visit Teri’s site. If you are interested in any of her rabbits, feel free to contact either one of us. We could help get you your SHOW QUALITY Netherland Dwarf!

Here’s the website to be at http://sonshinerabbitry.net.


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