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The tortoise and the hare

I am not sure about you but some of us grew up with stories like “the tortoise and the hare” and know very well the moral values that it instills in us. A story that teaches us to be humble and never underestimate others we perceive as weaker than ourselves. “Slow and steady wins the race” is in fact the essence of this famous story.

Back then we can imagine a huge green tortoise and a hare with very long pointy ears.

A 19th-century illustration of La Fontaine's Fables by Jean Grandville (via wikipedia.org)

A 19th-century illustration of La Fontaine’s Fables by Jean Grandville (via wikipedia.org)

After so many years of selective breeding, who would have thought how different that image will be today.

If the story of the tortoise and the hare is rewritten today, how will the two animals look like?

The tortoise & the hare

Check out that disgruntled and disapproving look on that tortoise’s face

So which have outrun the other, the tortoise or the hare?


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Hello From The Other Side

It sure has been a long while since we last greeted each other. How is every bun and everyone doing out there in the great big world?

Hope all of you are having a jolly good time!

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Skor’s 1st Year Anniversary

There are a lot of bunny photos on this laptop of mine that I have not posted on the blog. Somehow, tonight I felt an urge to go through these old photos and I realized that the day Skor mated with Holly Hope was his 1st year anniversary with Tru-Luv Rabbitry. He arrived at TLR exactly on 12th of December 2007.

I remembered very clearly and was relating this experience with D about how I felt the moment I was told that Skor was well on his way. Back then, we do not have Oxbow or any other reliable rabbit pellet brands and part of me was a little worried and doubtful on how well I could care for this beautiful buck. I got quite emotional at one point I must admit having the feeling of causing this little creature to fly halfway across the globe for an uncertain future. No one was sure if he could take the stress of the journey. It is always a risk when it comes to shipping live animals.

The moment I saw him, I just could not believe my eyes. He is finally here! I cannot believe after going through all the plannings and waiting. He is finally right there in front of my eyes!

And how fast time flies as it has been a year and more than a dozen of kits from different does, Skor is still a sharp shooter that every doe loves. So as a tribute to this wonderful buck, I would like to post some of the photos taken of him a few days after his arrival. I know it was a little stressful for him throughout the journey so I let him out for a run in the garden:






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