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The Bond

I have always been drawn to the relationships between children and their pets. While growing up as a child, I have always been drawn to animals and my weekends are mostly spent visiting the neighborhood pet stores. I guess the bond is established easily because children and animals have less expectations compared to us adults. Their innocence and trusting characteristics in my opinion are the forces that bring them together.

Today’s post is inspired by Owen and Haatchi. Watch the video below and you will be in touched too:


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Saturday Bunsitive Quote

“Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate.” ~ Anonymous


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Our Time Shall Come To Pass

I count my blessings because I do not remember at any point of time in my life growing up as a child, there was no pets in the household. My parents are animal lovers and have encouraged me to have pets since I was young. I have learned to be responsible for another living being since then and I did not go through the “look after an egg” phase. Instead I went straight into keeping animals alive as long as I am able to.

Growing up, I remember saving up my daily allowances in order to buy food for my pets. When relatives visit, they never bring me chocolates or toys but instead brought me to the pet shops to get supplies. As a teenager in school, besides from the regular extra school activities and “dating”, I was never interested in cars and the regular things other boys do. I will always have time for my pets. So much so, I trained chickens to “fly” onto my hands when I stretch them out. My world came crashing down when the authorities banned rearing chicken in residential areas and they ended up as part of the curry dish. Gone are the days when we are able to obtain colourful chicks at the night market and that was how I got my pet chickens from. 🙂

Waking up this morning, I feel very happy looking at how my little family have come to love animals as well. My eldest daughter is almost an expert in holding young rabbits. The sight of her holding Drogo our new Mini Rex rabbit reminded me of our role as parents to nurture compassion and love in our next generation.

I know some of us did not have the opportunity to own our first pet until we were adults. Perhaps we were not allowed to have them or we just couldn’t afford them previously. There are many aspects and advantages keeping animals as pets. We know how therapeutic they are and our responsibility is to ensure that they are well taken care of.

Today I read an eulogy written (by Ellen Whyte) for the late Ms. Sabrina Yeap of Furry Friend’s Farm. I have never met Sabrina in person but the closest I got was a phone call from her seeking more details on a complain I lodged with SPCA many years back regarding a puppy mill. I believe she did investigate and was on the case because I later received a threatening phone call from the puppy mill operator. After so many years and for the fact that Sabrina has worked so tirelessly (until her death) for the welfare of strays speak strongly the importance of compassion and love for the voiceless. I am sure Sabrina herself found solace in helping all the strays in a world drowned by the need for material things and riches. May her soul rest in peace and her good works continue by those with similar capacity to love.

What we sow today we shall reap in days to come. We have to start educating the younger generation the importance of being responsible for other living creatures. We must take into consideration each time we choose to breed our pets and realize the possibilities that we are contributing to the universal sufferings of abandoned animals in our community, nation and world at large. What are we leaving behind for our children and their children?

Our time here on earth shall come to pass and I hope to see my children live in a world filled with love and mutual respect towards the entire living world. One which is balanced and thriving when we no longer exist.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. (1 Corinthians 13:13)

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Somebun For You?

Please email truluvrabbitry@gmail.com if you are interested. Genuine inquiries only.

Buck. DOB 19th June 2011

Doe. DOB 19th June 2011.

Doe. DOB 13th June 2011

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What Can Your Children Learn

As we all know, there are now 2 sides to this rabbit hobby namely Just For Pets and Rabbit Showing. For the adults or in the OPEN it can be extremely competitive among serious breeders and it got me thinking what will the youth or young children learn from this wonderful hobby. Here’s my take on this topic:

Sense of responsibility

Having pet rabbits as a hobby does teach our children to be responsible for another living being. It also teaches them discipline as their pets must be watered and fed on a fixed routine. They have the opportunity to watch and learn the life cycle of a pet from young till death. There are many things that they will learn from keeping a pet healthy at all time.

Social skills

When they get into the Rabbit Showing sport, they will be introduced to other children their and also with the same hobby. They will learn how to socialize and at times learn how to be tactful in handling emotions of other children. As children always learn from their elders, we just have to be careful and to ensure they do not get entangled in the adult world. When they are good at honing social skills, that will help them handle human interaction issues better.

To be honest, having pet rabbits on its own is far more less damaging than having children in the showing sports. Introducing them to the showing sports would mean introducing dynamics and complexity into the hobby for them. Yes, he or she may not be in the run to win it but it does not mean someone he or she knows isn’t as well. And it all really depends on how much you want to protect your children.

The reason why I am writing this is because, I was able to see for myself the heartache in a child when he/she did not do well with his/her rabbit. The disappointment that shows on the face really tears my heart and that is something I will definitely not forget the next time I ever organize any rabbit competition.

The show arena is definitely somewhere to toughen up your kids!

AVAILABLE|Buck|DOB: 13 June 2011|Interested please email: truluvrabbitry@gmail.com

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