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I love to draw when I am absolutely free and today I tried drawing in 3D. I really like those 3D art that talented artists draw on the side walks. Here is my first attempt:



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The feeling of seeing cute things can be hard to describe but we cannot deny the fact that they usually tickle a part of our heart. I am a sucker for cute things and that is one of the reasons why I find Holland Lop rabbits attractive.

I am thankful that throughout my life there has been a constant supply of cute things.

As Thanksgiving Day draws near, can you recall the cute things that you are grateful for?


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A basketful of Buns


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by | September 3, 2013 · 10:06 pm

Stompie In The House

Since young, I have always taken interest in keeping pets. I have different experiences raising many different kinds of domestic pets. My daughters has taken the interest in small animals as well. Like when I was much younger, watching the TV can inspire a child to be curious and inquisitive about a particular pet. In the case of my eldest daughter, she has been watching Nickelodeon’s Little Bill and on some occasions, she gets to see Elephant – Little Bill’s pet hamster.

Back when I was younger, I have raised Syrian Hamsters and they are good pets to have for about approximately 3 years, which is their usual lifespan. Now, there are so many variations of hamsters and just like rabbits, they have developed into a few different breeds. As I was toying around with the idea of getting my daughter a little pet of her own (besides her Sea Monkeys), I came across a very cute capsule that I thought was a perfect little enclosure for her own “Elephant”. She was so excited to get her little “Elephant” and decided to name him “Stompie”. Lucky thing “Elephant” is a male hamster and I would prefer my daughter to get a male hamster as we do not wish to have any accidental babies. I have been told of instances where female hamsters bought from the pet stores where both genders are kept together with the male produced little pinkies after they are being brought home. We do not want that to happen so we have decided to get a boy instead.

The very Cute Apple Land Hamster paradise. Only RM 25 at http://www.TinyCritterz.com.

Stompie is a very pampered little Roborovski Dwarf Hamster. It is known to be a quick runner so I had to teach my daughter to handle him carefully. Currently we are using Versele Laga’s Hamster Nature and Hamster Crispy food. Like the Versele Laga Cuni Nature, there is a lot of mixture of ingredients making it very interesting for little Stompie. We also purchased a couple more interesting Hamster food for Stompie as treats as well.

Hamster Crispy is such an interesting mix!

We also got Stompie a little cooling sofa. It is pretty neat because the back of the sofa can be opened so that a little ice pack can be placed underneath the sofa, keeping little Stompie cooler during warmer days.

That's Stompie sitting on his COOLING THRONE!

So in the end we have a few happy campers. Both little Stompie and my girl is happy to have each other. And Stompie has been inducted into the Tru-Luv family.

The Smile on that face - PRICELESS!

Products Featured here can be purchased through the following link:-

1) Hamster Apple Land Enclosure – http://tinycritterz.com/webshaper/store/viewProd.asp?pkProductItem=69

2) Versele Laga & AB Hamster Food – http://tinycritterz.com/webshaper/store/viewCat.asp?catID=23

3) GEX Cool Sofa for Hamster – http://tinycritterz.com/webshaper/store/viewProd.asp?pkProductItem=68

*NOTE: If you have any suggestions for Hamster products that I should use and carry at TinyCritterz.com, please feel free to email me at truluvrabbitry@gmail.com.

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All Things Cute & Beautiful

I grew up with a lot of cute things around me. I really appreciate cute and beautiful things just like any ordinary person. There is no wonder why even as an adult, I cannot help but to be attracted to cute things and somehow these cute things kept on appearing before my eyes – LOL!

As you can see, I don’t have much to say. I believe that sometimes bloggers do write tons of crap too!

I know, better show some photos eh?

Alf, Gizmo & Garfield - Aren't these cute?

Java loves cute ducky too!

Haley likes to look cute too!

A cute kiss from Sibylla? Muakz!

Ready, Set....

Break Dancing bunny anyone?

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