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The Bond

I have always been drawn to the relationships between children and their pets. While growing up as a child, I have always been drawn to animals and my weekends are mostly spent visiting the neighborhood pet stores. I guess the bond is established easily because children and animals have less expectations compared to us adults. Their innocence and trusting characteristics in my opinion are the forces that bring them together.

Today’s post is inspired by Owen and Haatchi. Watch the video below and you will be in touched too:


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What Lies Between Man & Beast

We humans are always intrigued by animals. I can remember very clearly how excited I was whenever my parents brought me to the pet stores and the zoo. I believe that one of the reasons why we are so drawn to animals is because they seemed to be very mysterious in the sense that they are not able to communicate verbally through spoken words but at the same time have the capacity to show affection.

Take for example Pudsey from the Ashleigh & Pudsey winning act at this year’s Britain’s Got Talent. No doubt both Ashleigh and Pudsey are talented, I strongly believe that the “interesting” factor further boost their number of votes. To be honest, how often do we see a dancing dog, right?

On the other hand, I heard about the story of Lawrence Anthony. He is also known as the elephant whisperer and was responsible of saving herds of wild elephants facing prosecution. What made the story an amazing one is not only Lawrence’s success in rehabilitating these wild animals, but it was the miraculous event that unfolded when Lawrence passed away recently. Some of the elephants traveled as long as 12 hours to mourn and pay their last respect to Lawrence.

Read more here – Wild Elephants Mourn Author’s Death.

I believe that both these stories say a lot about how human and animals can be interconnected in a special way. We really are apart of this world and we must recognize the power we have to help those that cannot speak for themselves along in life.

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I Love Coincidences!

I was at the mall today and my wife pointed out to some cute cabinets and waste paper baskets. These days, anything bunny would draw her attention and she in turn will try to get my attention as well. As I walked closer, I saw cabinets with cute bunnies on them.

Aren't they cute!?

As I turn my eyes away from the cute characters, the wordings on the cabinet gave me a little shock.

I immediately turned to my wife and told her (jokingly) that someone is “hacking” my brain waves. I have always believed that when you have an idea and a thought, there is a possibility that somewhere out in this world, someone may pick up these thoughts and ideas. The words “True Love” and “Friendship” was so spot on and it came rather timely.

Can’t wait to see everybunny this weekend!

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