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Let’s Joke About Rabbit Penis

DISCLAIMER: This post is intended for good laughs.

Much has been written about show rabbits stricken by the split penis phenomenon. At this point, nothing that happens around “selective” bred animals will ever surprise me any more. It is not surprising to me that pet animals that are “made” suffer from a wide range of diseases, conditions and probably possess supernatural powers.

Whenever someone tells me about split penis, the image of a fork appears on my mind. Just imagine it right now a dick that splits two ways. How interesting, right? Still cannot get a clear image? What about thinking of a snake sticking out its tongue like this one….

And then there is the receiving end of the penis – the vagina followed by the uterus. For the benefit of those who do not know, does (female rabbits) have a fork uterus like this one…

So imagine the snake’s head fitting perfectly at the “Vaginal end” and then it starts to stick out its fork tongue before unloading all the “swimmers” into both branches of the forked uterus. That way, you will definitely get a doe fully filled up and in no time, your rabbit venture’s profit will shoot up the roof!

Don’t you feel stupid “culling” all the bucks with split penis?

Did you just get the revelation as to why your Hollands are not producing at all?

Perhaps you are culling the wrong bucks and with just one strong intact penis, it can only inseminate one part of the uterus or none at all.

What if split penis is the actual desired trait in rabbits?

The correct answers my friend, lies only within the boundaries of your imagination….

If you ask me, I think I might have written an entire load of rubbish to entertain myself and patronizing the wandering mind. I am on the hunt for a buck with a penis that splits (like a fork) just like the snake’s tongue above to help me increase the number of kits.

And my advice for you, is to find out how an actual split penis looks like and I do not mean in your pants….


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How Far Can Selective Breeding Go?

I stumbled across this interesting video and cannot help but to wonder what will happen if it is apply on rabbits. Is it right? “How can nature co-exist with the unnatural?” seemed to be the question that plays over and over on my mind.

I have heard of Artificial Insemination used on Show Dogs a while ago to keep stud dogs free from STDs and it does have a higher success rate. But the thought of collecting rabbit sperm and fertilizing does manually sounds a little far fetched.

Perhaps through “selective breeding” we can produce a muscular Holland Lop?

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What A Pleasant Surprise!

Holland Lops are really nothing but surprises. The recent litters has been nothing but surprises and I am really excited about each and every kit in the nest boxes right now. The latest litter produced by Fred and Sibylla is such a huge surprise for me. I have expected some torts or blacks. One was black so my prediction was right. At first I thought the broken colored kit was a broken tort perhaps a darker tone. As days gone by, it seemed to look like a broken chocolate.

Why is it surprising? That brings us to the “B” gene of color genetics. Again, I turn to my favorite blog by Laurie Stroupe to get a better understanding of this gene http://www.thenaturetrail.com/BGene.htm.

Now let’s look into the history of both Fred and Sibylla.

Sibylla is the offspring of Clark and Holly Hope. Holly Hope is a lilac and Clark is a black tort which does not have any chocolate family member up 4 generations. But by breeding him to a lilac, the offspring are chocolate carrier. Sibylla is a chocolate carrier having the “Bb” gene.

Fred is the offspring of Thunder and Java. There is only a squirrel and a black otter up 4 generations. I am guessing that higher up the family tree, there could have been a “b” introduced. But it really surprises me that Fred is a chocolate carrier.

Thus, I have successfully obtain rabbits in the Chocolate Family through using rabbits from the Black Family. The probability is just too high but I am so lucky to get a little chocolate kit!


A pleasant surprise!



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