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Through The Rain

So what happens after the thunderstorm? There is a moment of silence. The silence normally breaks with the sound of birds chirping. That is exactly what accepting the facts of life is all about for me.

Today will be the second day that I wonder what awaits me at home. We all do hope Seychel will come around and be well again. I have exhausted all resources and my mental strength in keeping her alive. I will continue to do the same this evening.

I have to remind myself to take pride in saving her (if I am able) but if she decides to give up, there is nothing much I could do. I’ll always remember to stay cheerful in the presence of a sick bunny. They could pick the bad vibes up from us.

Let’s see what happens…


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Seychel’s weak again

Short lived happiness. Another fact that you’ll learn about rabbits. I think I should just stop posting because some people may be offended with the little humor and sarcasm in my postings. But what the heck, this is the real thing. This is what rabbit owners go through and like everything in this world, they are not all that beautiful.

Of course I’ll love to paint a superficial and super nice picture of my life and my rabbits but let’s all be realistic here. Life is not always that beautiful and that is a fact. When you’re down, you’re way down and you just cannot say you’re fine. I mean you could say that you’re fine but that’s just lying to oneself.

Also, what is not said doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. The fact of life remains that no one will ever admit anything that they have intention to hide.

What can I say about Seychel. I believe she’s all clogged up again. I’ll have to try treating her more aggressively this evening if she could pull through another day. I was happy that she was starting to chew on hay and was drinking on her own. But my gut feeling tells me that she’s not doing too well this morning.

When situations like these arises, self-consolation usually kicks in. There are many things that I am telling myself which will not sound too good to certain people. So I am refraining myself from writing it out loud.


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Seychel making some progress

Poo, Poop, Doodie, Doo Doo, Craps (stop laughing Teri!) or whatever you call it, definitely something most of us would not like to be associated to. Unfortunately, it is not the case with rabbits. If you’re looking for something to represent the term “full of sh*t”, look for a rabbit. Yes, I am writing out of frustration. What else to make myself feel happier than to be the most sarcastic, hormonal and emotional bloke on earth?

You’ve been warned, rabbits definitely bring out the worst in you. If you are a seasoned rabbit person, you’ll realize how happy SH*T, POOP, Doo Doo and Crap can make you feel!

I’ve never come across any hobby that have high regards for such a disgusting thing! And yet, the more sh*t thrown at you, the more you are drawn to it! Just like a line from this movie that my wife is currently watching entitled “He’s Just Not Into You”. In the opening scene a little boy pushed a little girl and the girl’s mommy told her that the reason why the boy was treating her badly was because he likes her. That’s exactly how this love and hate relationship is between Man and Rabbit!

All that crap being said, I would like to thank all who have followed all the crap that has been happening at TLR and have prayed fervently. One thing I learn about rabbits so far is that, it’s a challenge of who has got the bigger crap! Since I have been thrown so much crap, I’m making a bigger crap to be thrown back. That way, I am sure they will thrive and start to act like rabbits and thus, breed like rabbits!

Yes, I have had enough of them acting up on me and it is time to fight back with a vengence. NO MORE MISTER NICE GUY! And no bunny satay or fried bunny for dinner either. I am so not going to give them my love. They are so grounded!

And back to the topic of this post, I found some regular not that small poop on Seychel’s tray. A small part of me rejoices but then again, not being too nice just in case anything should happen, I’ll be able to say “Que Sera Sera”!

Here you go, the crap we all so love about our rabbits…

Left: No good Crap & Right: Not that bad Crap!

Left: No good Crap & Right: Not that bad Crap!

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Noobie Will Be Just Fine!

I want to interrupt my daily posting to post this very important post.

Just about less than a week, Noobie will be due to kindle. I was in for a rude shock this morning when I found her litter tray squeky clean just like how I have left it the night before. It was very obvious she has not been pooping and peeing the entire night! The only thing that struck me was GI Stasis! Having lost Unix to GI Stasis, I do not think I could handle this happening to my Noobie!

It was only the night before that I was agreeing with D over MSN how we can’t accept the death of our beloved buhnies.

The thing with GI Stasis is that, like AIDS it does not discriminate. This is proven by the fact that although your rabbit is put on a stringent diet of Hay and good pellets, sh*t still happens. When it strikes, you better prepare for the worst. But I am not about to prepare for that! It is just too much to take away from me!

After realizing that she has not been eating her pellets and hay, I quickly put in some alfalfa hay for her and she started munching away. Off I went to work and while at work, my wife helped me chop some green vegetables for her (she took half the bowl) and my wife informed me that Noobie has peed in her litter pan. I was relieved, at that moment.

I was surfing the net for more information. Most of the information has been read and forgotten so I needed to refresh my failing memory. I got to know about Pedialyte which sadly is not available in Malaysia. Pedialyte is a an electrolyte solution that is used to rehydrate children that has lost too much fluid due to vomiting and diarrhea. I also found out a good alternative for it is Gatorade but I try not to use it since the Gatorade that we have in the local market is either lemon or orange flavored. When a rabbit goes into GI Stasis, it is important to keep them hydrated while they get out of harms way.

Please bear in mind that I AM NOT A VET. And The reason I am writing all these is for the sake of our rabbits. We know it only takes a few hours for us to react and sometimes in hours when a vet is not available, these are the least that you can do to help your poor rabbit. And also, even during broad daylight, there is very limited expertise in the local vet market. By the time some vets take their guesses, your rabbit may well be 6 feet under. Sorry to say this but I am totally faithless in the local vet except a few reputable ones which I have highlighted on the REFERENCE page. The reason local vets could not careless about rabbits is because treating rabbit does not fall under the upscale group where the money is. Most of them only care about dogs and cats where more can be earned. I bet if you ask a regular vet what is the staple food for rabbits, he/she may say CARROT!

Another drug that I keep in handy is Simethicone. When GI Stasis strikes, the stomach stop working and no peristalsis is happening. There will be a build up of gas and rabbits unlike other animals cannot burp or fart. So in order to help them cope with the gas, they need the help of any drug with the active ingredient of Simethicone and the one that is available in the local pharmacies are names like Mallox or Zellox-II. I personally went for Zellox-II. The dosage to give for an adult rabbit would be 1ml an hour apart for 3 hours (3 doses in 3 hours 1 hour apart).  Thereafter every 8 hours.

Most importantly keep those syringe in handy and pump clean drinking water regularly.

Back to Noobie. I checked on her the moment I stepped into the house and it did not look good at all. She only had one puddle of pee in her litter pan and the poops were those from morning. Not good at all. I started panic and text messaged, our dear friend over at FurryButts. How can you live without a fellow bunny enthusiast at times like these!?

I am truly grateful to have known SB because when I panic, I just go blank! Especially when it comes to the most feared situation for a rabbit.

SB reminded me all over again about rehydrate, administer Simethicone if there is gas and keeping Noobie warm. She also mentioned about giving pineapple juice which I have done earlier. I just needed all the information that I lost when my brain crashed after accessing the situation. I really really appreciate her help a lot! Most importantly she asked me to calm myself since my rabbits will be able to detect my emotion.

So here I was pumping all the drinking water into Noobie and also administering the first dose of Zellox-II. I place Noobie in the kitchen and she was acting quite normal. I gave her some alfafa and she started chewing on some straight away. After a few syringes of water I decided to put her back into her cage.

And there, right after stepping into her cage, she “released” a huge puddle of PEE and proceeded to hop onto the litter pan to deposit some small black cannon balls.

But I am not taking any chances. She is pregnant and needs a lot of fluid for her kits and herself so it will be a sleepless night for me being awake to ensure she is fully hydrated at all times.

All friends of Tru-Luv Rabbitry, please pray for me. Let us all pray that 2008 will not end with a bad note for TLR. That’s the last thing I want happening in Meadow Haven.


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