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Premium Hamster Food


For those of you who keep hamsters or gerbils as pets, you might be interested in this new premium quality food. Priced at only RM 12.80 for 400g, it definitely pack a punch.



In case you are wondering, that’s Amber – my daughter’s pet hamster and she was the sweetest little Sapphire hammie. She was made beautiful by this wonderful product.

You can now purchase here.


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Little Things In Life

Let’s start off today’s post with a little quote I found on the Internet and here goes…

“I think it’s important to find the little things in everyday life that make you happy” ~ Paula Cole

We tend to have the desire to achieve great things but most of the time great things are accumulation of small efforts through time. This year marks the 7th year that I will be operating this weblog. Never thought I will get past the 5th year but here I am still enjoying this hobby. The thought of not having rabbits in my life seemed to be like contemplating suicide. I do not think I will ever live without rabbits. Perhaps there might be interval in between without rabbits but eventually they do come back somehow.

I sometimes wonder to myself how much one can actually write about his/her rabbits and keep a weblog such as this one updated frequently. In fact, I am not even going to talk about rabbits in this post today and I do not have any rabbit photo to share either.

It is about the little things in life.

I just want to reminisce through the years and try to recall the type of pets that are commonly kept.

Throughout the 80’s dogs are pretty common and most people kept mongrels. A Spitz can be seen as a pedigree back then. Fishes are very common too and I did grow up with a huge Koi pond in our garden. Ornamental fishes like the goldfish, tiger barb, sword tail and gourami are pretty common and I have kept them at certain point of time. I have always like cats too but Persian cats were very costly and they do not look anything like what we have today. Their muzzles are too sharp for my liking. I remembered that I requested my parents to get me one of those cute short muzzled Persian kittens but ended up adopting a spayed Siamese mixed from SPCA.

Pedigree dogs started to thrive in the early 90’s. I remember the Boxers, Shih Tzus, Dalmations and Golden Retrievers being some of the favourites.

And today, we have so many choices and varieties. Whatever the animal you like to keep as a pet, it can be found fairly easily. There are so many new breeds of dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters and fishes. And then there are the exotics like ferrets, civet cats, hedgehogs, sugar gliders, snakes and chameleons. Whatever that you want, name it and most probably you are able to keep one as pet.

But it all starts with the little things in life…

Something as little as a Sapphire Dwarf Hamster…


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Which Do You Prefer, Dead Or Alive?

If asked to pick one from the following, which will you choose?

Picture taken from gas2.org/

Picture taken from gas2.org

Picture taken from zastavki.com

Picture taken from zastavki.com

Both are mustangs in different forms and both are magnificently gorgeous!

I don’t know why but for some reasons, I tend to choose to have the real horse because since from a very young age, I am always drawn to animals. While growing up, most of my friends in high school were into cars and down to the very technical details. As for me, I spent most of my time raising dogs, cats, green iguanas, hamsters, fishes, sugar gliders, hedgehogs and everything in between – rabbits of course!

My rationale, it is better to spend money on something alive than dead!

I like taking the responsibility to keep pets alive and ensuring that they not only thrive but live very long and healthy lives. It gives me a great sense of achievement to have companion animals live through their full lifespan. On the contrary, I totally hate spending money maintaining a car, have it breakdown, burst a tyre and feeding it expensive fuel throughout its lifespan.

We live in a very digitized and materialized world. We move in such a high paced world and have no time to pause for another living being. Most of the time, our jobs tend to take so much time from us that our lives seemed to be drained from all the stresses. We have become people that shun responsibilities and inconveniences. Picking up our pets’ poop seemed to be an inconvenience though we can make a choice to get them litter trained (initial time investment). It is due to convenience that we saw the birth of the Tamagotchi (if you remember), Furby and the many toys that mimics pet animals. They all come with less hassle and just consume little battery power.

As I was walking around the toy store over the weekend, I saw something that reminded me about this simple choice in life.

Between the very much alive and the mechanically alive, which will you choose?

Dead Or Alive?

Dead Or Alive?

On the left is what I saw at the toy store and on the right is one of my daughter’s pet hamsters.

That goes to show that until today, I still choose and prefer LIFE!

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We Interrupt This Program For

I guess it is time for a product review.

What do we all know about Hamsters? Many people love them because they are cute especially with all the accessories like tunnels, running wheels and connecting fancy enclosures just to name a few. I believe those of us who have raised Hamsters at any point of our lives also know for a fact that they do have repulsive urine odor.

Having had success using this product on my rabbits, I decided to try it on my daughter’s classroom pet hamster. The idea of getting a “smelly” Hamster made the missus a little uncomfortable but surprisingly, she was the one who noticed the absence of odor when we started feeding Hamtaro the Natural Pet Deodorant Pellet For Small Animals.

Meet Hamtaro, Beth’s little classroom pet and fellow resident at Tru-Luv Rabbitry.

No more odor!

No more odor! And your hamster will beg you for more!!!

Hamtaro loves the mushroom extract pellet and we enjoy having him around the house without the repulsive odor that comes along with any regular Hamster. It really makes it a pleasant experience raising Hamster with this wonderful product.

Give it a try today by purchasing it online at TinyCritterz.com for only RM 20 (excluding shipping)!

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Stompie In The House

Since young, I have always taken interest in keeping pets. I have different experiences raising many different kinds of domestic pets. My daughters has taken the interest in small animals as well. Like when I was much younger, watching the TV can inspire a child to be curious and inquisitive about a particular pet. In the case of my eldest daughter, she has been watching Nickelodeon’s Little Bill and on some occasions, she gets to see Elephant – Little Bill’s pet hamster.

Back when I was younger, I have raised Syrian Hamsters and they are good pets to have for about approximately 3 years, which is their usual lifespan. Now, there are so many variations of hamsters and just like rabbits, they have developed into a few different breeds. As I was toying around with the idea of getting my daughter a little pet of her own (besides her Sea Monkeys), I came across a very cute capsule that I thought was a perfect little enclosure for her own “Elephant”. She was so excited to get her little “Elephant” and decided to name him “Stompie”. Lucky thing “Elephant” is a male hamster and I would prefer my daughter to get a male hamster as we do not wish to have any accidental babies. I have been told of instances where female hamsters bought from the pet stores where both genders are kept together with the male produced little pinkies after they are being brought home. We do not want that to happen so we have decided to get a boy instead.

The very Cute Apple Land Hamster paradise. Only RM 25 at http://www.TinyCritterz.com.

Stompie is a very pampered little Roborovski Dwarf Hamster. It is known to be a quick runner so I had to teach my daughter to handle him carefully. Currently we are using Versele Laga’s Hamster Nature and Hamster Crispy food. Like the Versele Laga Cuni Nature, there is a lot of mixture of ingredients making it very interesting for little Stompie. We also purchased a couple more interesting Hamster food for Stompie as treats as well.

Hamster Crispy is such an interesting mix!

We also got Stompie a little cooling sofa. It is pretty neat because the back of the sofa can be opened so that a little ice pack can be placed underneath the sofa, keeping little Stompie cooler during warmer days.

That's Stompie sitting on his COOLING THRONE!

So in the end we have a few happy campers. Both little Stompie and my girl is happy to have each other. And Stompie has been inducted into the Tru-Luv family.

The Smile on that face - PRICELESS!

Products Featured here can be purchased through the following link:-

1) Hamster Apple Land Enclosure – http://tinycritterz.com/webshaper/store/viewProd.asp?pkProductItem=69

2) Versele Laga & AB Hamster Food – http://tinycritterz.com/webshaper/store/viewCat.asp?catID=23

3) GEX Cool Sofa for Hamster – http://tinycritterz.com/webshaper/store/viewProd.asp?pkProductItem=68

*NOTE: If you have any suggestions for Hamster products that I should use and carry at TinyCritterz.com, please feel free to email me at truluvrabbitry@gmail.com.

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