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Car Keys Sold Separately

A friend staying nearby needed some Timothy Hay and told me to toss them into her house. After she assuring me that it was alright if the packaging might get damaged in the process of flying airborne, I agreed to play “target practice” with two mini bales of hay.

Two hours later, I pulled up at her front gate, got off my car and took two packets of hay from the trunk. As I walked nearer to the gate, I heard my car doors locked and thought nothing of it. I must have accidentally pressed the lock button while holding the packet of hay.

I then put one of the packets of hay on the ground and raised both my hands in preparation to toss the first packet into the house. As I toss the packet of hay into her house, together with it flew my car keys!

I was like….

Oh No!

I touched my pocket to feel for my mobile phone and then remembered it was charging in the car! I thought at least if I am stranded, I could call someone to come rescue me. And perhaps I could use the umbrella to reach for my car keys. I reached for my car door and realized it was locked!

No phone, no umbrella and car keys in someone else’ house!

All I could do was to toss the other packets of hay in while my brain seek for ideas.

I walked across the road and saw some fallen tree branches. Took the longest one and was able to retrieve my car keys.

I laughed all the way home thinking along the line of “Car Keys Not Included”…

or should I say, “Car Sold Separately”…

This must be the funniest and silliest bunny related incident ever happen to me so far. Never a dull moment…


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Truth, Cock & Bull Friday

The amount of bullshit that is going around these days are totally appalling and I cannot help but to sympathize all new comers in the rabbit raising hobby. Day in and day out, new comers are flooded with information and misinformation by “seasoned” breeders and “self proclaimed” gurus of the “industry”. Like the usual, I would love to take on the role of the “bad guy” to clear the air and help confused new comers understand. And as usual, a picture speaks a thousand words and therefore, here are some photos to pick your brain. I did not say that knowing the truth is going to be easy and you still need a little brain power to reason before getting the answer.

I have made this a little more interesting whereby you are asked to judge based on whether it is the TRUTH, COCK (maybe, possible, iffy) and BULL (total Bullshit that is).

Are you ready?

Are you really ready?

Are you absolutely ready?

Are you absolutely really ready?




Have you got all the answers?

Are you sure you have all the answers?

Are you absolutely sure your answers are correct?

Are you absolutely really sure your answers are correct?

Do you want the answers?

Do you really want the answers?

Are you absolutely sure you are ready for the answers?

Are you absolutely very sure you are really ready for the answers?

Let’s do one more….


Are you ready for the answers?

Are you absolutely ready for the answers?

Are you really absolutely really ready for the answers?



Get Set……………………

Are you sure?

TruthYou want more answers?

Are you sure you want to know more?

Are you absolutely sure you want more answers?

Just one more…….


Nothing More….Nothing Less…..


HelloooOOooooo…… like since 2007?

When are you born again? Yesterday?

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Chow Down Monday


Order here today!!!


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Specially for all bunny lovers!

With a blink of an eye, this weblog will be turning 5 years old soon. Throughout the 5 years there has been many struggles especially in getting good rabbit products to support the hobby here in Malaysia. Fast forward today, I am thankful for the genuine people I have met along the way and are sincere in providing us with good stuff. We are really doing this for all of you who have read my blog and supported TinyCritterz.com since its establishment. We are always looking for opportunity to provide our best in this circle of RABBIT SUPPORT system.

We also know how precious your pet rabbits are to you and have always tried our best to ensure all of them get the best while helping you to save on some cash. Therefore, TinyCritterz.com have come up with a few FREE SHIPPING options to help both you and your bunny/bunnies. The least you could do is show us your love by supporting us in this journey together.

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The Hay Story

For the past 5 years, I have written and shared my experience raising rabbits. There are also times when I recommended some products for the good of all rabbits in general. For the past 5 years, there has been some unexpected changes. Some changes were mild and does not affect the rabbits while drastic changes like rabbit feed could be a huge set back for the rabbits. Through all these changes, only one thing remained constant throughout these trying times – TIMOTHY HAY! The constant supply of fresh Timothy Hay kept every Tru-Luv rabbit healthy and happy! It is a huge bonus for them to be given quality rabbit food but the fact remains that Timothy Hay remain as the most important part of a rabbit’s diet!

Throughout the 5 years, some of my readers have fallen in love with my rabbits and the few that I have parted with are now in the best care. I can only thank those who have believed in Tru-Luv Rabbitry for their support. The fact remain the same, Tru-Luv Rabbitry is not a bunny business. For those who have pet rabbits, I am sure that you will agree that it is very hard to part with our beloved rabbits and that remains as my #1 concern. Being selective to who I share my rabbits with has brought about many rumors. One of which will go down history as the most absurd – Tru-Luv Rabbitry neuter its rabbits at the age of 8 weeks old! I can only pray for wisdom on the receiving end of that rumor! I sure hope I can perform neutering on a 8 week old bunny. That is just impossible! It is very common for the forerunner to be the target of jealousy and envy. After 5 years, Tru-Luv Rabbitry is still very much alive and kicking.

Since this is not a bunny business as in I do not make a living selling Holland Lop rabbits, I embarked on a different route/journey last year. Somewhere in April, we saw the birth of http://www.TinyCritterz.com. Today, I would like to thank all our customers for your wonderful support and believing in TinyCritterz.com. What I recommend and carry on this e-store are the essentials and all that you need to keep your pet rabbit healthy and happy. These are the exact products that I use for all my rabbits and the results clearly show in the many photos that you have seen on this website.

I would like to take the time to promote the Timothy Hay that we carry at TinyCritterz.com. For the longest time, it never fails to baffle (shock/surprise) me why are rabbit owners spending so much paying for GRASS! And with that in mind, I have devised a solution for the benefit of all rabbit (or pets needing Timothy Hay) owners. The solution is simply AFFORDABLE HAY!

Please visit our e-store for more information – http://tinycritterz.com/webshaper/store/viewProd.asp?pkProductItem=33&pkProduct=39

Benefits of buying from TinyCritterz.com

1. Your rabbit eats what every Tru-Luv Rabbit eats!

2. The hay is QC approved by Tru-Luv rabbits, and hand packed by myself (REALLY!). You are buying from someone passionate and truly cares for your rabbit(s) as well.

3. We ensure only fresh Timothy Hay your rabbit will love!

4. Lowest Prices in town because you have decided to share the cost with other rabbit lovers!

5. You need not buy in huge amount and risk the hay getting stale and moldy!

6. It will be delivered to your doorstep!

7. We accept the convenience of credit card payment!

8. The Timothy Hay is imported from USA!

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to show your rabbit some LUV! Or at least show this poor bunny man with blisters (from packing hay) some LUV ya’ll!

Freshly New ARRIVAL - Bunnylicious!!!!


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True Love’s A Gift

Stumbled across another song that mentions “true love” and this time by 2 of my favorite artistes of all time – Mariah Carey & Ne-Yo.

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Chopped Hay Is Junk!

Everytime I pick up the last strands of hay from the package, I realized how much loose hay and powder I have. As of late, I found that there are people repacking all these loose hay to be sold. Very enterprising. Unfortunately, loose hay does not serve much purpose for our rabbits.

Rabbits should be given strands of hay that will upkeep the motility of their guts.

So the next time you see chopped hay being sold, bear in mind that it is like someone selling their shredded paper which serve no real purpose. Stop wasting your money and time on those useless chopped hay. The only good thing I see in them is that you can fit them in the bowl.

Let’s come back to the real and actual reason we feed hay to our rabbits. It is all about stomach motility. Cellulose and fiber that helps a lot in the rabbits’ stomachs.

Have you ever seen the rabbit’s anatomy? They have very long intestines that needs long strands of grasses to help “flush” those “blockages” and poops out. Chopped hay is no different from just feeding pellets which are made of hay too.

Just get fresh hay in strands will ya?


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What Does It Really Mean Breeding The Best

We have heard it a million times. Breed closely to the standard of perfection. That is just about a very small percentage of what breeding the best is all about. Breeding closely to the SOP is just in the form of outlook as in how a rabbit should look like on the exterior. Ever wonder about the inside?

Even the famous computer manufacturer would want you to know what’s INSIDE right? That’s why you see the I*tel Inside whenever you purchase a computer. That’s because as nice as the exterior looks, your computer should have the substance to help you browse through Facebook in the speed of light. LOL!

The quality of rabbits do not depend on the type of food given or how well they are groomed or conditioned. Everything lies in GENETICS. With good genetics you get resilient, tough and very healthy rabbits. And how far are we trying to achieve this? You’ll be surprised if I say to the point where the rabbits can be champs eating junk pellets. Yes, that is exactly what good breeders are trying to do. The rabbits should be as good inside out!

There are many diseases that a bunny owner fear. We often hear about the silent killer called G.I. Stasis and others similar deadly problems in our rabbits. These are but a few problems that has not been bred out. I believe very much that well bred rabbits should be free from it should be the priority of breeders to get strong rabbits.

If you think about it, it totally make sense because if you breed something that heavily depends on let’s say a certain brand of food, what happens if the rabbit goes to a place where it is impossible to get hold of the same brand? It will certainly not thrive. Therefore, adaptability must also be a trait breeders strive for in their breeding programme.

It may sound cruel to discard the weak but if we think hard, it is totally necessary. For example, I am sure most of us like our lamb chops in certain texture. If the farm produces lambs with bad flesh, most likely it will cease to exist. And likewise, you wouldn’t be patronizing products from it as well just because you want the farm to continue its operations.

When we start off producing the best, in the long run we get to minimize out input and still maximize the output. That is what it means to breed the best. We minimie in terms of labor attending to sick animals, minimize medication and also the mortality rate. With that, our products are of quality.

With that said, there are may factors to determining quality in everything. We have been emphasizing the importance of Hay in our rabbits’ diet. It is not wise for us to go to the extreme of feeding our rabbits just hay and at the same time, it is also not wise for us to go to the extreme of feeding just pellets as well. But for now, I would like to touch on the topic of hay.

I believe we all know that hay comes in season. They are harvested in different seasons and that determines the quality of the hay as well. Same species of hay planted and harvested at different times may yield different results in terms of quality. It is said that most hay that are harvested during Autumn have the best quality.

So what actually determines the quality of hay and how do we judge as consumers. There are generally 5 determining factors namely time of harvest, the leaf & stem ratio, color of the hay, the smell of the hay and the presence of foreign objects (I once found a huge locust in my bundle of hay). Four out of five points that I have listed above could be ascertain by the consumer. It is quite difficult for us to determine the time of harvest unless we have seen how the hays from different harvest times look like.

Hay with a lot of leafs on thin or fine stems are considered as good hay harvested at good time. I am sure some of us have had the experience of getting a bag of alfalfa filled with thick stems with little leafs.

Fresh hay should be brigh green in color (though some are known to have been dyed). If your hay is light golden yellow, most probably it has been sun bleached and this reduces palatability and carotene. Still, it can be used nonetheless. Dark brown, black and brown hay should be avoided as these may be indication of rain damage or heat damage. Heat damaged hays are brown in color because of microbial (mold) growth. It means that the hay has gone moldy.

The smell of hay is another good indication of its freshness and I am sure this can be easily sensed.

And of course foreign objects can determine the quality of hay. Having poisonous plants in the packet of hay is highly undesirable while getting a locust in the hay may be an indication that it is so good that the locust can’t resist it (no scientific evidence on the latter though and the rest are sheer common sense).

Our rabbits has been domesticated for many years and to emulate their wild cousin in captivity would be something quite ridiculous. Little or more, we should believe in that there could be a slight alteration in their digestive system. And another factor to consider is that, we will never be able to stimulate the natural form of diet in captivity. Thus, we have pellets to balance things up. Pellets are of course made of hay. If you have researched on the way rabbit pellets are made, you should know that basically alfalfa is being grinded into fine powder, added to fillers and more materials to form the pellets. In feeding pellets, we can be sure that our rabbits are able to consume nutrients in a consistent manner unlike being dependant on hays which varies in quality based on the determining factors discussed earlier.

But of course, it is undeniable hay works in more ways than providing nutrients. They also act as roughage and helps in keeping our rabbits’ teeth short through the chewing process.

Coming back to the point of breeding the best, what I can say is that, the food does not and should not make the rabbits but, it matters what the rabbits make out of the food.

Lastly, I would like to share with you a story told to me by a dear friend I call Keat. It was told to him by a farmer.

Once upon a time, there was a shepherd with his flock of sheep. One of his newborn lamb is not doing well. He can hardly walk and his mama sheep rejects him. So old shepherd gave it a shot of whiskey. Sure enough, the lamb got stronger. The shepherd didn’t mind cos he now has a drinking buddy. Come time for slaughter, that weak lamb is not the biggest & the friendliest. So he survived the trip to the stockyard. Next year, all the lambs are sired by this handsome ram.

Shepherd now realized, he got nothing but a whole flock of whiskey drinking sheep. So, moral of the story….

We all have whiskey lamb for dinner! LOL…

That was my version of the moral to the story.

The real moral of the story is, the shepherd has bred weak genetics into his flock. They can’t survive without Whiskey!

And how true it is…


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Golden Triangles!

The term Golden Triangle was the name given to a number of countries in the Southeast Asia Region in the 50s. These countries are known for their huge productions of opium. Today, the word opium can be used quite loosely to describe a certain addictive. I can refer to my daughter’s pacifier as an opium because it gives her a natural high and the moment she gets the pacifier in her mouth, she falls asleep. It is quite similar to someone taking opium back in the 50s. Since hay is the most important part of a rabbit’s diet and they smell OH SOOOoooOOooo GOOooooOD, I am using the term opium to describe how it relates to rabbits. And sometimes they do look like some kind of “weed” too. LOL!

I am not using this post to promote drugs. I would like to teach the general public how one can recognize a rabbit owner through certain common habits that they exhibit.

The followings are the characteristics of an “OBSESSED” rabbit owner:

1) His/her house smells of grass

2) There is a certain smell that only you (as a guest) can smell the moment you step into his/her house

3) He/she talks, eats and sleeps RABBITS

4) He/she always surf in rabbit forums, websites and blogs

5) He/she spends tons of money buying grass (no one can explain this phenomenon)

6) His/her neighbors suspect him/her of being marijuana dealer (seeing him/her with packs of grasses of all kinds)

7) He/she always have fur stuck to his/her shirt at work

8) Contrary to popular beliefs, he/she do not like carrot that much

9) And this is the ultimate, you can always find a big box of grasses in one of the rooms such as this……


On a lighter note, I was trying to arrange the hay nicely in the box above when I found my little girl helping me with feeding Skor his first strand of Bermuda Grass:


P/S: These are hay for ruminant household pets such as Rabbit, Guinea Pig & Chinchillas. So please don’t jump into conclusion and accuse me of having “WEED” or “BONG” ok?


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