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Must Reads for Show Breeders: SOP & Crown

I think it is time that we get more exposure to the rabbit show world. There will be one alleged 1st National Rabbit show coming up in July and I believe by writing this article may get you people who are interested to know what will happen during the show (if it is of standard). As of now, there is no information of who is the judge or whatsoever. But at least having the public aware of these information may help ensure a quality judge whoever it may be.

I hope it is an ARBA licensed judge nonetheless. I would really love to know his/her professional opinions about my rabbits. Come what may, we shall have a good time filled with fun and laughter.

Rather than rewriting whatever someone else have written, I am just going to put up links so that you can enjoy good information without any modifications. What I am going to share in this show series would be in parts. I know sometimes the internet is so overloaded that we do not know where to start.

As we all know, there are 43 breeds recognized by ARBA. Holland Lop is one of the 43. Each and every breed recognized by ARBA has got their own STANDARD OF PERFECTION. What I am going to share in this series is only applicable to Holland Lops.

I would like to first introduce what is the Standard of Perfection. I found a very good explanation over at Hillsboro Hollands and here is the link to Holland Lop Show Standards.

And after you have read through the overall standard and the points given at show, I would like to share with you yet another good link. This article is written by Phil Batey, the Miniature Lop extraordinaire and legend in UK. And for your information, the Miniature Lop in UK is equivalent to the Holland Lop in US just that the UK version is 0.5 pounds lighter. Which means, they are at the smaller spectrum.

Phil Batey had written this article and he included photos to illustrate each point. This article has been translated into multiply languages and is widely use as a guide. Most breeders know that a good CROWN is the hardest to achieve and this article tells us how a good crown should be. May you find the article useful too in your quest for the CROWN fit for a king. Ruskin Miniature Lop – Slipped Crown.

I hope to post something about Chest and Shoulder later.



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