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Change is the only constant in life (I think I got that right). How much the kits have changed within a short period of time. Here’s a little photo update.


Tru-Luv Truli



Tru-Luv Trulo



Tru-Luv Trudi



Tru-Luv Trudle



Tru-Luv Symphony & Noir



Symphony has shorty ears. Hope they stay that way...


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Mental Block

I can’t remember when was the last that I have written something good and perhaps pictures speak thousand words. I believe the less I write, the happier some of the visitors of this blog would be – LOL! I have finally decided to go about enjoying my hobby and be more self centered because in the past, I have tried sharing crucial information to help my readers along and most often than not, it back fires.

Some of course are fast learners and they are now doing very well on their own. I am very happy for them. As it stands right now, I must say that Malaysia has some awesome rabbits. I do not mean mine as there is still a lot of work to be done here as far as I know. We have new bloodlines in our shore and some are not to be reckon with. I am really glad and excited at the same time.

All four of Wilma’s kits turned out to be boys. I plan on only keeping 1 or 2 out of those so for those who are interested in getting a buck as pet, do email me at truluvrabbitry@gmail.com. I cannot promise anything for now but I will place you on the waiting list and get in touch with you. I really need to strike a balance in the numbers that I keep. I definitely need more does right now. I am suppose to tattoo the boys today but somehow I am procrastinating. Also, they seemed too small for me to tattoo them right now. Hopefully next week, I’ll get down to doing it.

Holly Hope’s litter turned out to be a boy and a girl. The girl is growing up looking exactly like her at this age.  They are really cute but I just hope that they look more of Balian than Holly Hope herself.



Magique - has a cute folded right ear

Cute little guy...

As for Sibylla’s litter, I really like how cute they are right now. I hope both of them are does as they look like keepers right now. It will be very nice to have a typey broken choc here.

Tru-Luv Noir

I must say, the coat is so black that it shines!

Tru-Luv Symphony

Another cute little one...

Sleepy head...

BTW, I was told that my blog is extremely “poisonous” and most will buy any lop ear rabbit on impulse. Please do try refraining yourself as Tru-Luv Rabbitry do not support impulse buying. That is all that I wanted to write for today. Nothing interesting to share right now – LOL!



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Truli, Trulo, Trudi, Trudle, Magique & Mystique

Tru-Luv Truli

Tru-Luv Trulo

Tru-Luv Trudi*

Tru-Luv Trudle*

Tru-Luv Magique

Tru-Luv Mystique*


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Family Portrait Day

I miss Clark terribly today while spending time in the rabbitry. I really wonder when I will be able to get another just like him. I miss his crown mostly. He has the best crown definition in my opinion. To distract myself from the sadness, I decided to take some photographs.

Have a nice Sunday everybun!

This Fred boy can pose nicely if he wants to. He doesn't do it often but when he did, it was a sight to behold!

Got kinda bored with single bunny photos. I paired them up. From left to right: Kit #2 & Kit #1

From left to right: Kit #3 and #4

The Tort Family

The cute family...

Seem like I am not the only person having photo shoot with my furkids, the Chestnuts had a session with theirs too. Check these out:

Mishu: "What's up?"


Truffles: "Huh?"

Lovey Dovey...

Thanks for the photos lovebirds!


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Photo Updates

Ivy Crescent's Thunder

Miler's Clark

Tru-Luv's Fred

Wark & Miller's Carmel

Ivy Crescent's Haley

Sonshine's Brown Sugar

Holly Hope

Tru-Luv's Sibylla

Tru-Luv's Wilma


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Happy 2nd Birthday Holly Hope!

Come every 17th April, a flashback brings me back to that faithful day when this little cute doe came to me in the midst of all adversity. Her survival was truly a great labor of love. Such a tiny little babe all alone in this world. After 4 litters and 4 beautiful kits in Truffles, Balian, Sibylla and Knee-Yo, she has indeed came a long way.

I too can’t believe that is has been 2 years now. Holly Hope holds the future of chocolate babies in the TLR herd. If I want to continue with working with chocolate Hollands, I’ll have to get some nice chocolate carriers from her. We’ll see how it goes and if it is all meant to be, it will happen.

Till whatever happens, do happen, Happy Birthday Holly Hope!

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Chestnuts Visit!

Today TLR is very honored to have a very special couple visiting and taking photographs of the rabbits. As I have mentioned many times before, friends are the most important part of this hobby and along the way, I must say that I do not have many friends in this hobby but those that I have the privilege to befriends with are very special to me. I really appreciate the CHESTNUTS dropping by Meadow Haven. I do hope they both enjoy their short stay here (wasn’t that short actually). Love the chat. If you like what you see, please visit their site and hire them at http://www.chestnutpictures.com/. I highly recommend them to everyone! Although I watermarked the photos with TLR, they are the rightful owner of these photos and due credit must be given to them.

Thank you Chestnuts and I am sure my dear readers will be very happy to see these beautiful photos!

The kits:


The Cute Kits!


Good one by Shahfiq!


Papadoom - Macho MAN!


Don't you just wanna squeeze em!?


Thunder’s fur is growing back nicely. But I must mention that no matter how he is being shaved, this boy’s bone is super thick! Absolutely LOVE this little guy!


Just look at the STUMPY legs!

Holly Hope:


She out of condition due to nursing. She is absolutely broodish!


Skor is pretty awesome and it has been a while since he last posed for me but he did quite a good job naturally.


It has been difficult to get photos that could see his eyes


Wonders if Darlie needs an ambassador. I am sure Skor would fit!


Not too bad eh? He's for sale, inquire within!



Doing the side winder!


Side profile. Isn't he a cutie!?


Clark periscopes - You pointin' that bazooka at me?


Looking rather serious


Love this guy very much!


I have been asked which is my favorite rabbits among all that I have. My heart is normally partitioned equally among all living things that I care for. But there is a little bit more for this wonderful doe. She’s AMAZING! Adesh and Shahfiq had fun capturing her on stills. Take a look at all the poses that she could come out with. Absolutely adorable!


The best periscope captured on still thus far in my herd!


Her all time favorite pose


She's being cheeky here. Check out the tongue!


Another one of her favorite pose!


What a beauty. Depth of chest and sheer BONES!


A natural!


Don't you just love the photos and the bunnies too?

There’s somebun missing. We shall know what’s up tomorrow!

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Live Report: Holly Hope

She got through the stress from all the fireworks and crackers. There were massive celebration everywhere when the clock struck 12 midnight.

Here’s the live report from Meadow Haven:

(UPDATE) 4.00 p.m. : I woke up from nap to find wiggies!!!

3 kits in total once again. 2 seemed to be alright but 1 seemed to be a little peanut/runt.

Isn't that a lovely nest?

Isn't that a lovely nest?

1 Broken Black for sure

1 Broken Black for sure

This little one reminds me a lot of Holly Hope. It's getting a lot of my attention for sure. I hope it thrive...

This little one reminds me a lot of Holly Hope. It's getting a lot of my attention for sure. I hope it thrive...

Broken Black? TLR trademark lives on...

Broken Black? TLR trademark lives on...

I can't make out the color but most probably Black? Looks a little chocolate to me...

I can't make out the color but most probably Black? Looks a little chocolate to me...

I can now go enjoy my dinner! Thank you everyone for your prayers over this end. Baby drought just broke…

(UPDATE) 12.00 noon : More fur in nest box without any action…

6.30 a.m. : Nest box lined with fur

8.30 a.m. : More fur in nest box, Holly Hope has bald patches all around and babies kicking mad inside

Nice nest!

Nice nest!

A lot of fur

A lot of fur

Stay tuned for more updates.


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Holly Hope Day 31: Disaster Strikes


My Statistics is all time HIGH today. I am not too sure and correct me if I am wrong, readers of this blog seemed to be excited whenever I write about controversies and bad news. Thank you for patronizing.

But I have many concern friends and readers to thank. Thank you so much for all your prayers for Holly Hope and everybun at TLR. I really appreciate it. My sincere thank you to all of you. It has been a rough journey so far and you all are the ones that kept me inspired and kept on going. My sincere apologies for being too straight forward and also for posting very explicit contents. This is the true experience of a Holland Lop breeder in Malaysia and all these that I am facing is not even close to 10% of what other professional breeders are facing. Not that I like them happening but that is REAL Holland Lops for you – BELIEVE IT OR NOT. I told ya’ll that you’ll never be profitable with Holland Lops didn’t I? If you don’t believe just try to observe what breeds the guy next door is working on…

In life we win some and we lose some. But in Holland Lops, we lose most of the time.

I would like to thank everyone for their prayers but I am extremely sad to inform that it is just not happening. I wouldn’t want to dwell into details so please do not ask. All I can say is that, I woke up finding a DOA in the nest box and Holly Hope was still in labor.

Will rush her to the vets in a while.


I did not bring Holly Hope to the vets because there is nothing much the vets could do. They have only have 2 choices in my opinion – cut her up and get the kits out which is highly risky or administer oxytocin and risk rupturing her uterus.

I am extremely relieved that Holly Hope expelled 2 DOA kits when I came home this evening. It is a real pity that the kits did not survive because they are beautiful well formed kits. These were the babies I felt inside of her since day 10.

Binky free beautiful babies

Binky free beautiful babies

The reasons why I am extremely grateful & happy:

1) Holly Hope is alive!

2) Holly Hope is alive!

3) Holly Hope is alive!

4) Holly Hope was able to conceive after 8 months which by all standard could be a miracle to some professional breeders

5) She had 3 kits, 2 were normal size and 1 could be a peanut or runt

6) The kits may be broken blue (BLUE?!)

7) I passed my exam! (nothing to do with it)

8) I learned to palpate with this litter and I felt exactly 3 babies!

With that said, here were some extreme cases that could have happened:

1) Hemorrhage

I have heard of does dying from childbirth complications that caused hemorrhaging. I was glad that this did not happen to Holly Hope because if it did, I’ll have blood all over the place and what a mess it would be.

2) Retained kits

There is a possibility where Holly Hope could have dead kits in her. She may die of toxic poisoning from the rotting kits in her. If the kits do not rot, they will be mummified and she will not be able to conceived anymore.

3) Stuck kits (mid way)

The first thing I check when I saw her straining in her nest box was to see if there is any kits mid way her vent. As I was in a rush this morning I was glad that I did not find anything stuck half way. If not I’ll be in great trouble. It will need at least 2 people to help pull the kit out.

As I am typing this update, guess what Holly Hope is doing?

Let's Do The Bunny Dance

Let's Do The Bunny Dance

I FeeeEeel GooOOod....(few ounces lighter)

I FeeeEeel GooOOod....(few ounces lighter)


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Holly Hope x Clark: Gestation Day 30

I was looking forward to see a fur filled nest box when I rush back from home this evening. Instead I was greeted by a very pregnant little bunny that showed me nothing but a “as a matter of fact” look. In my heart I was saying, “Holly Hope, no action yet?”.

This evening she seemed to be more restless. I just hope that when I open my eyes tomorrow morning, I’ll see some healthy kits before I go to work. Here are some photo of a very pregnant little bunny:

Keeping her chin up! Notice that belly?

Keeping her chin up! Notice that belly?

She's always lying down in this position

She's always lying down in this position

In order for the waiting to be shorter, I am going off to bed now. I hope tomorrow morning come quickly just like how I would like the kits to be delivered – smoothly and without complications.

And by the way, I spotted Thunder over at BinkyBunny.com.

That's Thunder of the left side bar!

That's Thunder of the left side bar!

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