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Thunder’s Newfound Tuxedo Suit

Thunder’s fur has grown back again and he is as handsome as ever.

The Bulldog with Stumpy legs is back!

90% coat is back...



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In The Midst Of Black & White

Clark says, "Bonjour"

Carmel, my all time favorite doe

Haley in her best behavior!

Sibylla proving to me again that it is very difficult to capture photos of black rabbits. I just can't get it bright enough to see her eyes. Darn!

Massive Thunder!

Holly Hope looking good despite going through a major molt

Java (Brown Sugar) acting like a puppy!

Little Barney was the last rabbit I manage to capture photos of before my camera ran out of batts!

Little Fred has good bones. The ears are expanding but I can assure you that he does not LIE...

Little Wilma is definitely a normal. I am looking forward that she'll be a good brood doe.

I think Little Betty should stay here a little longer because she's different each time I take a good look at her. LOL!


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Happy Bunny Weekend!

The kits are really growing up cute and cuddly. There are a lot of differences with this litter as compared to previous litters when they were at the same age in terms of appearances and feel. Groomed a couple of bunnies this morning and just had to take some photos too. Here are a couple of photos to share. Happy weekend everyone!



And also, the many faces of Clark…

Whatcha staring at, mate?


Stay where you are!

There is a reason why Holland Lops have this “bulldoggish” look especially around the region of their faces. I have written something similar but I believe some of my readers are still unaware exactly what contributes to this “wide” look.

If you would like to evaluate or find the reason why your rabbit have a narrow look, take a front profile of it and do the following:

Draw a triangle through the tip of the eyes and join up at the tip of the nose

Realign the 2 diagonal lines

Short diagonal lines are indication that you have good width of head.

And NO, I did not ask you nor condone anyone discarding any rabbit with longer diagonal lines! So before you twist the intent of my post, just need to get that clarified to shut you up! SheeeEEeeeeesh!

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We’ve got Thunder’s babies!

I am so happy to announce that we finally have babies out of Ivy Crescent’s Thunder. YeahoooOooooo…

I just love that sight!

Another good news is that, wordpress.com has added statistics for the Home Page and I am getting more accurate hit counts to my blog now. YeahooOOOooo….


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Chilling With T & C

T & C? Term and Conditions? Of course not! It is Thunder and Clark and coincidentally, TC can also be Timothy Chan. Yeah, that’s me!

I’ll just let pictures do all the talking.




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Watching The Sunset

I brought Thunder out to the park today and he watched the sunset with me. Thank God the only thunder around was him. The weather was superb and as you can see, he enjoyed it very much. I love taking his pictures. This guy is so cute he could stop anyone dead in their tracks.

And naturally, he attracted the attention of many both young and old.



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Natural Beauties!


Thunder says: Hear Ye! Hear Ye! We would like to thank thy SB, P & D for dropping by to baby us all today! Special thanks & gratitude goes to SB for holding on so tightly to the heavy piece of black thing that has a fat telescope protruding out from the front, while following our every move tirelessly and clicking away (what a mouthful-that’s what the cheeks are for)!

Please note that Master Tim did not make us pose in these photos since we are given full authority over our publicity budget & planning. These are our own very creative poses. Not everyday is show day here in Malaysia!

Ivy Crescent’s Thunder






Ivy Crescent’s Haley





Miller’s Clark




Miller’s Carmel






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The Stage Is Set: Photo Session Test Drive

We’ll be having the official photo session for the new quad (and hopefully we’ll have time for the current residents of TLR) tomorrow morning.

I have prepared a spot where the photos are to be taken. It is at the brightest spot of the house. Fingers crossed that it will be a success! Stay tuned for loads of photos tomorrow!

Here are 2 unofficial test runs using my non-DLSR camera. LOL!




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